Newcastle Rumours Archive November 17 2011


17 Nov 2011 17:12:52
Rumours that Virgin are to buy a football club soon are rife.
They have withdrawn from F1 sighting they have interests elsewhere!
And Branson is a Toon fan! {Ed001's Note - Virgin has not withdrawn from F1, they sold a major share of their race team but stated that they were not withdrawing. They repeated that on Sunday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, that they had no intention of withdrawing from the sport at the moment.}


Doubt it very much...conventry is a s**thole

Coventry City is the club that they wanted to buy. Eddie Jordan is a life long fan and an old mucker of Bransons - they want the area there.

Bransons daughter supports Oxford utd so who said sir richard branson supports the toon?

I read that there won't be a re-branding or Northern Rock. So if it is TRUE I'd hope its sponsored by NR still.

Get a grip mate aye, who cares whats on the front of our shirts if it helps us finish higher in the league and qualify for europe then a couldnt careless lifes in general has plenty of other things to worry about than a football top it would say Virgin Money or Virgin Airlines or even Virgin Media anyways wouldnt just say Virgin.. and if Richard Branson is a toon fan and he bourght us then he would know how much the St James Park means to us geordie faithfull and more than likely would keep the name St James Park

Have heard it may even be a champioship
club ,any guesses

Is it true Virgin have bought northern rock? {Ed007's Note - Yes mate, for a reported 747 million.}

The question was put to them about taking over the shirt and stadium sponsorships, and there response was they are not ruling anything out at the moment. the deal for northern rock will not go through until the very end of the year anyways so the chnaces are there wont be enough time. but in the end i hope it doesnt i do not want to have to wear a shirt with "Virgin" on it or sit and watch a match at the "Virgin Arena", well have the pissed ripped owt of us.

IF Branson was gonna buy NUFC he would have when it was going cheaper mate BUT i would be great news if he did. The fat cockney has 2 go anyway fingers crosed

I hope this is true would be brilliant




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