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17 May 2013 18:51:18
only a rumour lads but McLaren is the man being touted as next Newcastle manager. the guy is not a bad manager but his style of play is awful to watch good luck if this rumour turns out to be right

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He plays hoofball and he won't come there's more chance of SBR becoming nufc manager

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Ashley must be wanting to sell umbrellas from SportsDirect!

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Pardew has just come out and said he 100% here next season after a good chat with Ashley. Just shows the ambition of Ashley for the club.

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Ashley said he wants newcastle in the champions league, we need stability and pardew got us 5th last season. Be positive.

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We have lost like 15 points eg lose to Wigan, West Ham, Reading, drew with West Brom, Sunderland (away) should of got something against Manchester United at Old Trafford, and Swansea away, good for 70 minutes at Arsenal, just really we were awful against Liverpool, Sunderland, City. Europa League balls us up too and it takes time for players to settle like Mbwia has been poor but so was Colo at the start and even Evans from Manchester United and now they are great players. We are 2 strikers a winger and a centre back short and two or three more when we lose 4 or 5 in the summer, eg Williamson, Simpson, Obertan, possibly Shola and hopefully Jonas.

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Stability means 5th or there abouts every season, not flirting with relegation the next. Where in Pardew's CV has he ever been consistently good?

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He also nearly got us relegated. So what is there to be positive about? It's no coincidence his previous record at other clubs are very similar.

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Picked up 4 wins and a draw with late goals

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In Moyes second season for Everton, they finished 17th. We have had one good season and one bad season under Pardew, you could say one was lucky and the other was unlucky. I think he definitely deserves another season!

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Yeah can hardly wait for another hoofball fest every 90 mins with 10 men in their own half and 3 x DM's at home!

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McClaren being touted - who by? McClaren?

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In the last 2 days the odds of rafas next job being Newcastle have reduced from 7/1 to 2/1. There's a chance. Someone's putting money on it.

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No no no not the brolly man

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Pardew was voted Manager of the Season last year by th League Managers' Association and by the Football Writers Association. And you think Ashley's going to sack him, pay out a fortune in severance pay, and then appoint McClaren? Wake up, lad!

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It wouldn't be a massive pay out to get rid but certainly wouldn't want McLaren.

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MA isn't stupid, and wasn't stupid at the time of giving AP an 8 year contract.

If he doesn't do the job MA sees fit. He can sack AP and we only pay out a year and a half to AP.

But i'm sure AP isn't on a lot anyway, due to the fact MA paid AP gambling debts off before he became manager.

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'MA paid off AP debts' - and your evidence for this statement is?

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I would take saf and avb and no one else I think we should get behind pardew

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Get behind Pardew -why? the guy is doing untold damage to the club. I could name at least 10 better managers

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'Ten better managers' - go on then and give us all a laugh.

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1. Moyes
2. Villas-Boas
3. Hughton
4. Martinez
5. Laudrup
6. Mackay
7. Rodgers
8. Benitez
9. Clarke (Steve, not Lee)
10. Pocchetino

And that's just in England.


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Thanks, Willis, I'm enjoying a laugh. So you didn't mean managers we could actually get? No chance of Moyes, Vilas Boas, Laudrup, Mackay, Rodgers, Benitez, and the rest are hardly an improvement. So what was your point? - we should swap Pardew for just anybody? I don't know how old you are, but get your Dad to count up the managers we've had over the last 40 - odd years without any success to speak of. Don't you think that chopping and changing just to please the brainless mob has been a recipe for failure? Now, I'm not a great fan of Pardew but I say that he should have more time to build a team. It was always the case that Ashley's plan for a sustainable future would take a long time to settle. We're at the start of a new transfer window and if Pardew gets the players HE wants - as opposed to those Llambias drops on him, then next season could see you neggers eating your words. Well, I hope so!

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17 May 2013 11:03:55
porky pies out rafa in all agreed

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Would love it to be true
And you would know - because?

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Bet Victor's top 5 are Lee Clarke- 5/4, Rafa- 2/1- Steve McClaren- 8/1, Laurent Blanc- 33/1, Roberto di Matteo- 33/1. So it looks like the best bet is Clarke or Rafa.

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How about Les Ferdinand 66/1?

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Steve hmm he should be like 30/1 at best. Then Martinez and Poyet should be somewhere

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I said Rafa was coming in 2 weeks and I still stand by that.

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Les ferdinand, good shout.

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Has Ferdinand got any managerial experience at all never mind at premier league level.

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Would love Rafa to come - but can you honestly see it happening!

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Rafa only manages top clubs?

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Rafa quoted saying he wouldn't mind a project to develop a club into winners, although still very much doubt there will be a vacancy in toon.
Pards seems confident he will stay in the job, hopefully Ashley has given him reason for false optimism.

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I cannot believe lee clark is linked with job, if he wasn't born up here, no one would want him.

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Think it's more likely Steve Mac was here to talk about dutch players tbh

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