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17 Jun 2013 13:24:35
newcastle are lining up Brown Ideye and Darren Bent as replacements for Cisse. Ideye is being looked at by a number of premier league clubs but he has his heart set on newcastle, while Darren Bent would welcome a move back to the north east to get into the england squad for the world cup 2014.

Tom Ince, Mamadou Sakho, Siem De Jong and georginio wijnaldum are all being chased to help strengthen the squad for the upcoming season.

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Although I would love for this to be true, we won't bring in that many players, maximum 2 or 3. it is unlikely Ashley will spend that much money.

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Bent back to the north east to be in the england squad? haha you g0rdi3s are clueless he left the north east as one of the reasons to get into the england squad you forget he was knocking them in for fun at sunderland and still was getting overlooked for england, goes to villa and gets caps

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Currently watching Brown Ideye play against Tahiti, and he looks nowhere near the part we need, looks pretty useless to me. Wouldn't be happy with either of those signings at all, but I don't see anyone else coming.

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And where are Villa NOW!!

Enough Said

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Enough said

VILLA finished above newcastle

Enough said


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Villa are on the up and are signing some very good young players

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Villa will fall on their face. don't have a squad capable of lasting the whole season.

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Bit of a dangerous statement that dave think the young lads at villa are blending together well at the moment which can't be said about Newcastle's although not a lambert fan the guy knows the time of day and is heading villa in the right direction if the fans can be patient think he will do well for villa

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Bent is useless and past it, if he is the type of player we are looking at we are in for another relegation battle. Between him and kinnear we are turning into, if not already a joke club.
I want our club run correctly not by some person who is only in it for himself, and doesn't want steady progress to bring us to a top 6 club where we should be year in year out

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If Villa keep Benteke they'll do well. Their young squad will only improve and they were already starting to gel towards the end of last season. They'll finish above us this year.

And there's no way we're going to sign that many players, the ones mentioned would cost a load.

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17 Jun 2013 11:33:25
hi a big rumour going around newcastle is scott parker is coming to newcastle from spurs so looks like we will get another over the hill player just like bent will be when he signs for us.

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Some people have short memories.

Scott Parker has already played for Newcastle, if you knew why he left you would know that he is not returning.

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It's what we need.

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Another mackem who should be checking his own club out

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Do we really need? Ie if we play the players we have got in they actual positions then there is no need to buy another defensive MF player.

Sissoko and Titoe in the middle with Cabaye with a free reign? Or Cabaye as Sissoko in the middle with 2 strikers up front, onw who drops into MF?

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Parker is terrible. The most overrated player around. Can no one remember his last spell here?

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I heard Parker was attracting interest from the maccams £4M is what I heard.

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Parker slides around the field like a little kid on the dancefloor at a wedding.

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17 Jun 2013 11:05:27
brown ideye the dynamo kiev forward, would prefer a move to the premier league and newcastle have been one of the teams that have shown interest in him but no offer has been on the table. he is 6ft and has scored 29 goals in 55 games for the Ukrainian side.

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I'm pretty sure his agent' said Ideye would like to join us multiple times and he's just waiting for an offer to be made.

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Apparently he's got his heart set on NUFC

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They don't take a hint. Of a decent player wants to join the should go for him instead of waiting around for players that have rejected us.

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