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17 Jun 2012 12:34:17
Debuchy is a done deal.

The offer of £6.5 million was accepted by Lille in early May and terms were agreed with Debuchy (or his agents to be more precise) just before the Euros.

The contract (3 years) is signed and the deal will go through after the Euros once Debuchy has passed a medical test.

Newcastle moved quickly after Sagna's injury put Debuchy as first choice French right back and subsequently in the shop window but have kept the deal quiet to not unsettle the player during the Euros.

Interest from Man Utd, Inter Milan and Chelsea is real but has soon wavered once the deal had been revealed to them. {Ed026's Note - Obviously exciting news if it's true. I've not seen anything to indicate a deal has been done and I believe the player has said on numerous occasions he'll decide on his future after the Euro's. Like everything else we'll see what happens in a fortnight or so.

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Debuchy's comments were (as often done these days) taken out of context/lost in translation. He actuallly said he will talk about his future after the Euros.

The decision is made.

The coments from Lille (rearding wanting to keep Debuchy) were much the same. They wanted to keep him but the offer met a contract cluase of 8 million Euros and so had no choice in the matter.

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I hope this is true, but Henri Bedimo is claiming hes all but secured a move to the premier league with newcastle and liverpool interested, and liverpool with johnson, kelly and flanagan cant see why they would sign him, Although hes 28 2 years over our cap, maybe this show wev moved on from debuchy? Just a thought.

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Oops, forgot to mention Henri Bedimo is a full back currently playing for french champions Montpellier.

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I hope to god you're right, but where did you get all this from?

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Hope this is true but but we dont offer 3 year contracts anymore do we? isnt it always 4-5 years to make sure weve got them tied to contract for a good length of time and means there sell on price after 1-2 years will still be very big depending on performances?

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Debuchy isn't 28... he's 26.

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Why have Inter apparently had a bid rejected today if this is a done deal?

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No, not debuchy Henri bedimo who has apparntely all but joined a club and one of the clubs interested is us full back from Montpellier. Set to make a decision next week

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They havnt kept the deal that quiet if you know

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Bedimo is a left back not a Right back so Liverpool could still be interested considering Aurelio has left.. plus he's 29 and there is no way we will pay 5million for a unproven 29 year old

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If this is true, they'd hardly accept a bid from Inter!!

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They haven't it was rejected

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Exactly !!!! If they've rejected Inter, there may be some foundation to Debuchy already having signed for us.

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If he'd already signed for us Inter wouldnt bother bidding.

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They would if they wern't aware of our deal.

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"If he'd already signed for us Inter wouldnt bother bidding."...for gods sake catch up man...

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Once again ,they made the bid because they are unaware of the deal already made with Newcastle because it's hush hush. {Ed026's Note - Not to be funny but so hush hush that Inter haven't heard about it but you know the ins and outs...?

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Ed I'm not the original poster but was just putting my two pence worth in lol.I have never claimed to know the ins and outs that's down to the original poster i would guess ,I just tried to make a point ,so give us a break eh. {Ed026's Note - point taken

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Thanks ed xx

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17 Jun 2012 03:47:26
Hey Ed, Is Douglas off our radar? {Ed026's Note - There are reports that Newcastle have lost interest in the player and moved onto other targets.

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Thank god for that.

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Wage demands too high for the toon

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Douglas, you don't mean douglas maicon, do you?

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I would've loved to have him, he's a monster

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Nothing to do with his wages, its all to do with the fact he has about 20 different people representing him and will all want a cut of the deal so we weve pulled out as it will become to expensive and too complicated

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17 Jun 2012 00:27:35
Ed? Do you know who are current favourites for Matheiu Debuchy? He looks brilliant and is 40x the player Simpson is, Simpson is not good enough, he did 3 or 4 goal line clearences and magically becomes a good RB, well he isn't Santon did 2 or 3 goalline clearences in the last 3 or 4 games and got no praise because unlike Simpson, Santon can actually play football. {Ed026's Note - I only know of Chelsea, Newcastle and Inter's apparent interest in him. He looks the real deal and I'd hope with the Cabaye connection and the fact he's mentioned previously being interested in signing for Newcastle that they can get the deal done. We won't know anything until after the Euro's though.

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