Newcastle Rumours Archive January 17 2014


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17 Jan 2014 15:50:08
Reports that a swap deal for Luuk de Jong is going to happen with Cisse going the other way. Kinnear is apparently off to Germany this week to conclude the deal. Let's hope he's ill so the club has to send someone who can at least spell Germany instead.

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17 Jan 2014 13:54:39
The following players will be leaving


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. Tim Kruls house is up for sale Milan or Juv are in for him. Cab and Stanton are off to Arsenal

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Nah. . .

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He Cabaye and Santon to Arsenal rumour was started by a web site who everyone knows has never made up a rumour which has been any where near right. As for Krul selling his house a) where's your proof and b) selling a house does not mean he's leaving.

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Didnt know krul owned his house. thought he was renting. Like HBA rents Micheal Owens

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1) I said Stanton and Cabaye to Arsenal, Krul will go to Milan or Juv.
2) This is not from a website, I don't post like that
3) My source works in the club, knows the players and staff including Pardew and JFK. I can't say there name of obvious reasons.
Ed do you know anything about this?

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Another person who knows someone really close in the club and knows AP and JK. whatever m8. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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