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17 Jan 2013 22:38:18
Pardew in for Hooper 10mill deffo

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Don't be daft. Maybe he's a decent buy for 4-5million but not worth 10m by any stretch of the imagination.

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Be a great signing but can't see it happening TBH

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Good shout man but don't think hooper will sign big champions league match coming up so can't see celtic leaving him go, but i'd go for watt from celtic only 19 looks good and can finish..... {Ed007's Note - There would be more of a chance of getting Hooper away from CFC than Watt. Man Utd and Liverpool. amongst others, have been told he is not for sale. He is a fantastic young player and is quite rightly regarded as one of the best young players in Europe.}

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Tv report that Pardew is after 2 players and we need then to stay up ....they showed the interview with him
If that's the case why on earth did he say 4-5 deals were ongoing and hotting up only a few days ago

You can't trust a word he says as its all spin and no substance

There will be no futher signings this window

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U joking? Watt finished once.. Unproven we need first team players {Ed001's Note - Watt has done more than that, hence why he had his pick of the Prem League clubs before choosing to join Celtic. That lad is a bit special.}

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Yes Pardew did say we were after 4-5 players a few days ago, but considering two of those targets, Remy and possibly M'vila, are going to QPR that would mean it's now 2-3. Use a but of common sense, or has thot all gone out the window now we're in "trouble". Keep the faith, I know its hard, all this negativity isn't helping our cause.

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Hooper is too similar to Cisse for me. We need someone who will create chances up front as well as take them. Hooper is better playing off someone.

Agree with the Ed, Tony Watt is a very special talent up here and will have loads of top clubs sniffing around him. Would be better foil to play with Cisse than Hooper. I do think he would play well with Cisse as he and Hooper look a good partnership and as I said previously in my post I think Hooper and Cise are very similar.


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17 Jan 2013 15:33:21
just heard newcastle have made contact of markovic of partizan belgrade a lot of top clubs looking at him including chelsea. llorente in talks with juventus fee only 3.3mil top alot of clubs be after him for that price.

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17 Jan 2013 10:36:31
just heard 2 in today both cb from holland set to be here late morning fees agreed

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Give it a bit time it will be out soon this time no mistakes there coming into newcastle not london only found by mistake were on standby to do our little bit scans are booked for 6pm

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What players?

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I'd love to believe this, but I'm too jaded. We're going to bring in two cb from holland? Yeah, and I'm the ghost of Jackie Milburn

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I heard this's Mike Williamson's cousin, Steve Van Williamson - he's supposed to be proper bo!

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Heard the other one is Michael Van Boumsong

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Can't see anyone coming in - sooner the window closes the better as its getting depressing

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Well today's nearly over

More disapointment on the transfer front

I agree :-( shut the window now, saves the major heartache on the last day, which will be followed by last years pree release, " well we tried to bring in fresh faces but its difficult in this window to find quality and value for money "

Listen Ashley, we don't care, get your cheque book out !

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If you we're on standby to do scans then you would know the names and post them - says it all doesn't it

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A good friend of mind who has connections to nufc has told me it's denise van outen were looking to sign and also rip van winkel.

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If NUFC don't sign anyone else are people renewing their season ticket. i'm seriously considering not renewing

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Has anyone else (at the club even) considered this if Collocini HAS to leave?!

He earns 60k a week with us, he wants to go back to Argentina but can't buy his contract out and San Lorenzo can't pay a fee (but can afford your wages) - Okay Colo, you can go home but you will earn 5k a week and San Lorenzo can pay us 55k for 4 years (aka 11.5m) - doesn't solve our current situation but we would receive a good players salary every week instead...just a thought

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Remy was booked for MRI on Tues so means nowt

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Heavy snow for newcastle, norther england.hows these arrivals-departures going to happen?whatever is planned snow will cause problems.

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17 Jan 2013 09:19:49
announcement TODAY from NUFC re Signings this space.....

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On transfer clockwatch on tv this morning reported that a package for Bafetimi Gomis was in place and this would be done in 48 hours. However this has since been removed.

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Yeah.. Colo leaving no doubt.. We should 12m for zaha. 4.5 for jones(i know makem) but fast young and strong. And 6m centre half ftom ajax

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It will be about Colo leaving and no one coming in...

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If that is true I may literally eat a hat!

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Strong rumors that it is Darren Bent.. Anyone else heard this??

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He means pardew may say something regarding transfers as he has press conf for reading game. i bet it will go we have a few irons in the fire but we will see.

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Gomis not going anywhere happy to stay put.

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I'd rather have Xisco on the bench than Ranger
The guys not worth wasting our time on

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At least Xisco can sing the "thong song" to the crowd and that will cheer us up a bit

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Why does Ranger get all the stick?? He just needs a bit of pitch time and he'll be fine

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17 Jan 2013 08:55:09
Swansea are going for Ken Jone from Stoke which may pave the way for Danny Graham to leave.

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So what danny graham, s a geordie he's not good enough for newcastle we need proper signings

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I would say Danny Graham is good enough to play for us, he has fast, got a good shot on him and is strong.

why not give Xisco a shot, we have never seen him play properly. So what if he has not pace, no skill and is only used to pick up the last ball, that Shearer did TBH

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Graham is better then shola...

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Think danny graham is exactly the sort of player we need. Honest and hard working and would actually want to play for our club. The sort of players that everton sign and look at them!

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Agreed, Graham is what we need and unlike Remy is proven in the EPL.
Spire Toon

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Graham is unproven in the premier league as well, one season proves nothing just look at andy johnson.

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If danny grahams the answer we might as well pull out of the premier league and save months of agony we need to move forward last year we played football now were going back to hit & hope or hoof it long to shola we might as well get carroll back and confirm we've given up on football and go and play in scotland - thank the lord he's going to the smb's

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Why replace a goal getter with a player who supports newcastle but isnt what you would call a goal getter??

Makes no sense at all.

I like Graham, Do I want him to replace BA, NO!

Would I have him as an extra striker once we have replaced BA, YES.

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As an avid toon fan, Danny Graham, really? A Swansea sub to come straight into our first team. No offense meant to Swansea or D.Graham but we should be aiming higher. Take him over Aliadiere any day mind.

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17 Jan 2013 08:28:30
I have heard on the grapevine, from an avid Newcastle fan that your guys are putting together a package to sign shane long from my beloved west brom...mixed emotions on this one he is pretty avergae but could do well with a run of games

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Hope not!

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Excellent, can play on the left of a front three, be over the moon with him.destroyed us at sjp last year when they beat us.

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16 Jan 2013 20:57:18
Ed, what is happening with Moussa Sissoko
know we have been linked with him for
a while and he is available, rumour we wanted
to wait till summer, but will the current
increased interest in him force us to buy
him in this window, would love to see him
join us looks like he could be a cracking
player! Also fit's our profile, young, cheap,
high potential and high future re-sale value! {Ed001's Note - I was told it was him that wanted to wait and move on a free. Right now he is busy looking for the best deal available for a summer move. Mind a good offer now would get him, his club are trying to sell him, so it would make sense for Newcastle to jump in now. Especially with the need to get a boost after losing Ba and the league struggles this season. I don't know why a move hasn't happened, he was watched repeatedly, Newcastle know he would be willing to sign for them, what are they waiting for?}

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They're waiting for the final minute of the window so they can make a late smash and grab deal that will inevitably fall through but they can say they tried. This mob are so predictable. Ashley and Llambias are gamblers - I bet they've got an internal bet running as to whether we go down or not.

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