Newcastle Rumours Archive February 17 2014


17 Feb 2014 22:38:57
Apparently the ex WWE wrestler Vince McMahon is interested in buying Newcastle. Quite a few rumours going around.


He actually owns wwe, and is a billionaire, still he would be a disaster, he has failed at almost everything outside of wrestling he has tried and lost millions including setting up a rival to the NFL

Can't say I have seen any such rumours anywhere but hope he body slams the fat man on his way to board room!

Money, ambition, little bit mental sounds like the perfect guy to own a football club.

Apparently he's the one who promoted WWE to what it is now, and he likes english football, 1. 1billion dollars net worth, could he be the man to revive this football club?

He's not that rich, the only way this club can be great again, is if some Arab/Russian oil investment multi billionaire person/company buy us. Like sheikh Mansour of Man city. For me mcmahon is not the Man and would probably only use us to promote WWE in the UK

Personal wealth of 1billion dollar. wwe franchise worth approx 3billion.

I'm on the fence with this, he's not that rich (not as rich as Ashley) 1 billion dollars is about £750 mill. As for promoting the WWE in the UK, I don't think he needs NUFC to do that, it's huge anyway, there isn't a person under 40 who has never watched or knows a few wrestlers. He is however, a very astute sports entertainer and if he can drum up interest with the hoards of young uns in the States (and beyond) that may be a little more appealing than having Sports Direct on our stadium and being connected to a company like Cashley's.

Apparently he wants it to create more of a platform for WWE and make it as big in the UK/European market as it is in the states, He also was rumoured to want St James to be used to host some of the WWE events. Basically just another business man with no interest in Newcastle and sounds very similar to Mike Ashley in that he's using us to advertise his other company. Just a side step in my opinion. We need someone who cares about the club, who has real ambition for the club and who is willing to lose some money initially and then reap the rewards.




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