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17 Aug 2013 14:37:19
Metro saying we're after Matri from Juventus who's been made available for just £6 million. He's a bit past it but he would be a good backup to come on and grab a goal when we need one.

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Doesn't fit in with our policy

Too old. and would cost. and not a great scoring record

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He fits with our policy as much as Bent and we were after him. Anyway, £6 million isn't too bad for a backup striker who could get maybe 10 goals a year, he's better than Shola.

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He sounds like the washed up breakers yard type players that Sunderland are buying.

No thanks.

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Look how serious we took the bent chase -says it all about the club

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17 Aug 2013 10:59:46
Jonas fit, santon a doubt. Jonas bound to start at left back now.

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Sad but very true. When Krul gets injured he will play Jonas is goal.

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Does anyone really care Pardew is a number 1 pillock & could play 3 left backs it will not change the score line
I reckon 7 & the only interesting thing will be Pardews comments after the match

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I'm sure he has the post match comments already sorted after our thrashing by city

Something like " we were unlucky - all 6 goals were against the run of play and injuries have decimated us - we looked tired after our hard pre season
Really need a striker and are working really hard to get 2 or3 over the line but its proving difficult "

Does it sound familiar

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You also forgot "And don't forget that we are playing a team which has spent millions on new players and is owned by a sovereign state. We can't compete with that. "
He only needs to open his mouth and we can put the words in there for him.

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Ha, ha, very. em, amusing. Now will you negativos crawl back under your stones and let normal people enjoy their weekend? Don't you know that the Mackem's new signings did them no good today? Oh, deep joy!

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To be honest Sunderland play well and where un done by not marking a corner at the back post. Man city on the other hand are 100 times better than fulham and with our only signing injured untill September we will get hammered and that's not negative most teams will get hammered off city this year because of the squad they have. Only teams like Manchester United and Chelsea will give them a run for there money.

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Above post you started off well about the negatives on here but then you have to go and be childish with your sunderland banter shame you only have half a brain because it looked like you were half way there as for Jonas he didn't do a bad job covering for santons mistakes last season if you had a decent left back then maybe Jonas could do the job he is paid for which is attacking and not covering for 70 to 80% of games

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Above post: you the Mackem with no full stop on your keyboard? I can understand you being a little depressed after yesterday's defeat by a very poor Fulham, but I'm a proud Geordie and I revel unashamedly in your discomfort. You have to learn to take it as well as give it. And my half brain trumps any Mackem.

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16 Aug 2013 23:20:35
Well just read that we are in for Wayne Hennessy of wolves to replace krul. not very good kinnear!


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Why would we replace Krul when nobody's trying to buy him? Anyway I thought we'd lined up Jeroen Zoet as the one to buy if we need to replace Krul

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Why does Krul need a replacement if I may ask, not much of a rumour unless you have one for where Krul is going.

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Readit where? On a bog wall?

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Maybe you misheard it as Joe has been in for his usual glass of Hennessy?

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