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17 Apr 2013 20:19:26
2 first teamers leaving in summer. Krul to AC Milan and Colo to San Lorenzo, along with fringe players Obertan, Williamson, Simpson, Gosling. The likes of Amalfitano, Abeid, Tavernier will all be given one more season and Paul Dummett and Ben Arfa will be given new contracts. In will come Fraser Forster, Mamadou Sakho, Siem de Jong, Lukoki and Andy Carroll (if we can't get Aubameyang).

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Honestly don't think Krul will leave us

Colo - I think he has been gone since Jan

Obertan - No one cares I've seen a better one legged goal keeper play football

Willo - haha about time

Simpson - I wish we would give him a contract, he's not a bad player he's good cover when needed

The young ones
Amalfitano he'll go on loan some where
abeid - loan out
Travernier - class act I think, just needs to learn the game. You can see he has the ability, needs the match time

HBA - As far as I knew he was all ready on 60,000 a week, which is out wage cap, and he still has a few years left on his deal, I can't see us giving him another one this soon

Forster won't come back home (yet, maybe one day)
Sakho - one very class act, just I can never seen him wanting to come to us when he plays for PSG, except we can offer him a lot better wage because you don't get taxed 75% in England as you do in France
De Jong - I F'ing hope so
Lukoki - looks good, but still too young to tell, would be nice to have his pace downt he left as it is something we lack (but I would rather give the left wing to Santon and give Hadaira (spelling) left back next year)
Andy Carroll - with everything that has been said I can see us moving for him first, but there is the Liverpool price tag on him of 17million and we all know Newcastle by now, we will offer 7-10 at the very most for him back


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I don't think HBA is quite on £60,000 I believe there is only one person in the squad who is on that much and it is Colo who was reported at about £75,000 a week.
As for simpson being a good player not a chance he is woeful provides absolutely nothing going forward can't cross for anything and is extremely negative when he gets it, the only decent thing i've seen him do for a while was that through ball to sissoko which was then squared to cisse against benfica if I remember correctly. As well as that he is constantly caught out of position defensively and doesn't seem to be in the right frame of mind ever since january with his new girlfriend tulisa and is constantly reported on being on nights out and ending them very drunk. Rather see tav pushed through and simmo shipped out.
As for the transfer talk we will have to see.

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Di Canio doing wonders for Sunderland

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Krul, colo, ben arfa, cabaye to all leave, de jong? no chance your not a big club to get these players, do you think liverpool will sell you carroll back for 17m no chance they won't take a 18m loss to you lot they will sell him to west ham for 10-12m

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Cabaye to spurs - 8 mill plus Townsend

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Good luck with that.

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I agree
I can see these players leaving

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Westham can have him for 10 - 12 million, when playing for newcastle he was worth at the time no more than 10 - 15 and we got 35!!!

Liverpool will not see it as a complete loss, they got 50 mil for torres, they spent around 60 mil on Suarez and Carrol combined so as things stand they are in 10 mil in the black.

Carrol of late is not really worth more than 5 - 7 million, he's had a couple of decent games in the last month but that's it.

Liverpool will be lucky to see 10 mil for Carrol.

In terms of Finance, Westham really don't have a chance of getting him.

The new rules come into play which basically mean you have to be earning a profit because you can purchase players ''or something like that anyway'' Westham at the moment aren't making a profit, they are still recovering from the relagation which is understandable, they also financed deals for Carrol, Jarivs, Diame along with the other players they signed which has put them further in the black.

Realistically it will be Newcastle Or Westham however I doubt either will get him.

I could think of many players in the 7 - 10 mil bracket which I would be more excited to see play for us than carrol.

We buy Carrol, Its the beggining of the end. Pardrew has already show his very basic and predictable hand this season but playing the same formation week in week out.

We know a 433 worked last season but we have 2 major players, BA and Ben Arfa playing consistently which we don't have this yeah and when Pardew played GUTI in CM and still thinks he is capable leads me to think he has no clue.

For me we should look at getting rid of Guti, Colo, Obertan, Williamson, Gosling but I would keep Perch, he has kinda grew on me a bit since his disastor season and has shown he is capable more or less anywhere he is played.

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Get rid of Guti, are you serious? Apart from Colo and Taylor, Jonas has the best player at this club for the last 5 years. He has been consistently performing at his best since KK signed him and he gets nowhere near the amount of praise he deserves. He's a Newcastle fan through and through and leaves his all on the pitch, every time he plays. Everyone talks about HBA and Cabaye as the main catalysts but Guti is just as good as any player Pardew has brought in.

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17 Apr 2013 10:48:41
Leonardo confirms PSG are interested in Cabaye! Shall we say goodbye now? How much would you be happy with for the dreamboat? players involved in a switch?

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Kevin Gameiro plus cash

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Sakho and Gamiero plus cash

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Take him in a wheelbarrow after sundays performance

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Hopefully we can keep him, but if they offer 25 mil plus then we will sell.

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Gameiro, Sakho and Menez swap.

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Ibrahamovic plus thiago silva will do

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Gameiro sakho menez straight swap.

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Whoever made that crack about his game on Sunday take your head out of your backside. He's our best player, would be really bad to lose him, though I wouldn't say no to Sakho, Gamiero and some £££.

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Gamiero and sakho plus cash? I would be very happy just with them 2 players. I don't think they will offer cash as well

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£25m? Come on lads get real

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Would Cabaye go?

He will get taxed 75% of his wage. that's why so many French players want to be anywhere but france

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What on earth am I reading on this, people talking about sunday and wanting him to go. Cabaye is a sensational player and one or two bad games this season mean absolutely nothing, by far and away our best player. He is one of the first players on the french team sheet these days and I personally would accept nothing less than £25 mil and certainly wouldn't accept Gameiro who is more than unproven as a swap. Sakho and Veratti would suffice but that will not happen. He has had a good season so far bar a few games and has scored some priceless quality goals not to mention some of his passing, the fact man united and psg are interested should indicate his class.
If i'm seeing players like alex song move for 17mil I certainly think cabaye is worth every penny of a £25mil price tag. Fickle fickle fans on here.

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Not sure about fickle fans but with the new rules coming in next season you won't see many big moves about and hopefully this will put a stop to the silly wages being paid out this is one thing I respect Ashley for is getting rid of the big earners only collo left and balancing the books really well should stand Newcastle in good stead for the future as long as they don't capitulate over the last few weeks of the season and go down.

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Your all talking out your arse
He may be our best player, but he is no world beater
15m at best

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Not gunna get anywhere near 25m

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10-15m at best for cabaye, not the player he was last season like most your players because half them want to go because you a ruining there careers as you do most players

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