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16 Sep 2013 22:53:13
Newcastle to sign Anthony pilkington in January transfer window. Small fee involved. Inside source


Any quality players will not be coming to NUFC we are happy with mid table
Pilkington is the calibre if Perch and Gosling. Fans better get used to it
Agonising season if HBA Sissoko Collo get injured
The results will tell in the next 6 weeks

Bla bla bla. we have what we have. for crying out loud stop moaning and just support the team. agonising season this, no quality players coming in. what if and buts. sick of reading it now. I thought we were supposed to be the best supporters. not the most miserable. I know its early but are things really that bad. no other distractions this year and our team showed what they can achieve when they are fit and can concentrate on the premier league.


Well said niktoon. the person above was probably saying the same this time last year and look what we did in January. he probably goes on about us selling our best players. 4 games 7 points that's ok for me

Until this a. hole Ashley supports the team And club We will continue raising the issues of trying to get this team into a TOP eight club instead of a POSSIBLE mid table team and watch players being primed for sale

Nick toon have your opinion there are 1000's that don't agree with you

I honestly can not tell you what p me off more.

The fact NOW everyone is supporting the team because they have a few points. Which isn't what we support the team for, its our love for the club, not the points or the money they spend.
Or the people that slated the team, and said sack the manager have so soon changed their tone!

I call Wonderland fans fickle, but as long as Newcastle get points you love them, the second they go on a bad run that's it, sack the manager, the players are terrible.

Either stick by the team, or stay away and don't support them. Simples, then we get no stupid comments/posts/views.
The world still turns.

Im not saying this about everyone, but when I was little I was taught to support the team to what ever end. Forget Cashley and the board (as I have said in the past) there is nothing we can do about it.

Can I just say. I never said sack the manager. and its never for one second been about the points. I supported just the same the year we went down, how can that be for the points? I love this club. I hat what is happening behind the scenes but if the team on the pitch can manage to play football get some results and prove the doubters wrong then why not support them. After al without the players on the pitch there is no club to support. I completely agree its hard to strike a balance between hating Ashley and supporting the team but I choose to ignore what's happening behind the scenes. I can't change that but i'd like to think that fans can change what happens on the pitch. We can't force Ashley out. we have tried and we fail. we boycott games and the club will go under. Ashley won't care. I know everyone has there view but when someone actually shows me why there view is better than mine I will stick to my guns.


Dude the unbelievable (6) says it all.

Oh well I stand corrected. how silly of me.





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