Newcastle Rumours Archive September 16 2011


16 Sep 2011 09:02:25
great news this morning folks davide santon is injured sent for a scan quoting pardew its an injury hes had before (cartlidge ) surely when he done his medical before he signed for us they would of picked up on this prob ...dunno how it works on medicals my self but i do know know cartlidge op aint that bad these days (keyhole surgery ) more than likely 3 weeks out i think unless some one can clarify this ...geordie tom


Void comment as you are slating the medical NUFC performed and then admitting u know nothing about what processes r involved in a medical ;)

Latest on this is they have sent him to have fluid drained from the knee and they now believe tiz scar tissue not cartilage so a quick tidy up and he may possibly be available for blackburn game :)

He is gettin fluid removed from his knee. but a torn cartlidge is a bad injury




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