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16 May 2013 20:30:52
hearing things pardew sacked after last game, and martinez coming straight in!

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Seeing as we're not interested in cup competitions and he's already relegated Wigan this season sounds a pretty useless appointment if it were believable.
Which I don't think it is.

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You forget that although he got relegated with Wigan this year he's been keeping them up for a good while now and Wigan are a rubbish team so he did the best he could with it.

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Sir Alex said wigan were the best team they've played the past 2 seasons

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Expect a change of management after the arsenal game. Can't see it being martinez though. He's to loyal to Whelan and Whelan and Ashley hate each other. He'd go anywhere before us. Clarke's more likely, even Benitez. Just hope its not some daft London appointment like Curbishley. Also McLarens odds are shortening. That's concerning.

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True he kept them up for all those seasons but who managed them into relegation battles in the first place. Not for me thanks.

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Why does everyone want Martinez as manager?

He has a win percentage of 29%. this is shocking.
Dont even say its because wigan don't have money, that is true, but other teams don't have money and manager to attack the 10-15, Wigan play the PL upside down

Forget that FA cup they won of City, he can't even keep his team in the league. Wigan have always been fighting to stay up at the end of every season.

Most fans are complaining where we are now, well let's go and get him and we'll be further down the table!

As a manager he has lifted two trophies, league one, and the FA cup.

I know its been a while, but I would wait another 66 years before getting any trophies, than let this man run our team.

I mean for gods sake, he has won one PL managers award, this says everything, and that was Apr 2012.

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Martinez has performed minor miracles keeping Wigan up year after year after having to sell the likes of Valencia, Palacios, Rodallega, Moses etc and having little to no money to spend.

How's he's done it with having to play people like Caldwell in defense is amazing.

Even this season which ultimately was a step too far he's beaten megabucks city in a major cup final.

Most importantly Martinez plays football. Another season of Pardew's dirge would drive me over the edge.

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Benitez will be the new manager deal is already agreed will be given 5 year deal after the arsenal game put a bet on now while you can get good odds

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So don’t employ Martinez as he got relegated. eventually with Wigan but Keep Pardew who got relegated with Charlton who had a better squad and spent more money and was taking West Ham into relegation with Tevez and Mascherano AND only just managed to keep us up despite all the quality players we have and money that has been spent? Martinez would get our technical players playing superb football and with better defenders we would not concede as many, AND Wigan have scored from corners this season! So people want Clark who I agree has learnt his trade to some degree but he has no prem experience rather than a manager who has managed in the league for 3/4 seasons? I said it last year and I say it again we were lucky last year and were played off the park time and again even when winning against Sunderland, Blackburn, QPR etc etc our football has been rubbish (most of the time) under Pardew since he joined and not just this season, the results last season just papered over the fact.

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Its rafa not martinez

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To be honest I for one cannot see Pardew going anywhere. but season one 5th place season two yet to be decided. personally I think keep him for now and give him at least another half season. changing managers is not good, it has taken us years to recover from the Sir Bobby Robson sacking!

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Please don't compare pardew to sbr as a manager and more importantly as a man

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Can't believe so many fans are against the Martinez hypothetically being appointed

you all must have been the pro-pardew-ers til a few weeks ago

Martinez is one of the best managers in the prem (well, was). how you can even compare pards to him is beyond me

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It would be much better for Ashley to spend his millions on new, better, players rather than compensation to Pardew. Nobody knows, despite the confident claims on here, but my guess is that Rafa won't be the next boss, simply because he would demand a huge transfer budget. I reckon Pardew will still be here until the wheels come off again next season.

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No it would be far better to keep our players and ditch this manager who would get Barca wrong

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Martinez has never taken a rubbish team to fifth spot. If Wigan are so good, how come they've gone down?Some people would rather have us escaping relegation by the skin of our teeth every season, if CV is all you can think about. I'll say it all again so that even the dimmest can understand it: changing the manager hardly ever works; a rubbish manager with rubbish tactics couldn't have got us to fifth spot last season; any manager needs time to sort the wheat from the chaff, get shot of second-raters and to scout and sign better players - it can't all be done in a flash. I say give Pardew another season, but back him up properly in this summer window.

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'Better to keep our players. ' - really? It wasn't Pardew who handled against Benfica, was it? Or who handed them a goal with a stupid back-pass?And it isn't Pardew who plays 'hoofball' it's down to a lack of ability and/or confidence in some players (defenders mainly). And what's Pardew to do when hoofball takes over and Cisse's winning nothing in the air? You all mock Shola, who can challenge in the air, but the fault lies further back when defenders lie too deep and a huge gap appears between Cisse and everybody else. Sorting out and organising a defence that's hardly had time to be introduced to each other doesn't happen overnight. It's no coincidence that when Colo's playing the back line looks much more solid. But Perch? Williamson? You want to keep them, rather than bring in new and better? You must be doolally, mate.

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Martinez one of the best managers in the league. HAHA you absolute joke!

Dude he has a football team, and by the skin of their teeth they stay up every year. THAT IS NOT A GOOD MANAGER!

Think about it before you say it, because you have just made yourself look VERY silly. that or your football know how is nothing but day dreams and sunshine!

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If Raylor hadn't been injured last season Benny was never going to get a game.

Moments of individual brilliance from him, Ba and Cisse and great slices of good fortune contributed greatly to finishing 5th.

We're not a poor team. We are just poorly led.

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Obviously you didn't take on board any of the reasons why Wigan have struggled, ie having to play Caldwell in defense. I defy anyone to do as well as Martinez has done with no resources. {Ed001's Note - you mean like Steve Bruce, who had Wigan midtable with the exact same resources? Martinez took them into a relegation dogfight and kept them there, his fault they were struggling. Wigan spent a lot more than Norwich, for instance, but they were above them.}

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Well, time marches on and the Arsenal game's been and gone and no Rafa, no Martinez. Somebody was telling porkie pies - now where did I read that expression? Rule of thumb - never believe an unsubstantiated rumour on here.

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16 May 2013 18:43:23
Just heard off a reliable family friend who works at st James pardew to be sacked and replaced with lee Clark

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Is your friend on the board?

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Hope your right, Lee is the articulate manager this club deserves. Mark-m.

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I'd rather Girard, the Montpelier manager, at least he's won something and with a team nobody thought would do it.

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Lee Clarke and articulate in the same sentence?

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Poyet suspended today for discussing his want to be in the prem? A coinsudence?

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Poyet going to fulham

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Sadly not going to fulham

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Poyet wants funds the board won't give him so it looks like everton for him

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Because Everton have loads of funds to hand out to managers don't they. Think before you put tripe like that!

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Think you'll find Poyet is going to Fulham

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16 May 2013 13:52:22
Just seen MA and DL with martinez in a bar in Canary wharf. that's londons finance district for those who don't know.
Where can I upload the picture

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Send it to nufc. com

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Though tit was nailed on him going to Everton?

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I wish

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Still haven't seen the pic. Fantasy?

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