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16 Jun 2013 22:05:37
Newcastle have supposedly completed the signing of French forward Olivier Kemen, 16, from FC Metz. Who will presumably go into the development squad in his first few seasons at Newcastle. He's played for France U16 and U17 so far.

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We don't need a boy we need to stop selling and start buying some quality players, I sure joe kinnear will iinspirer the worlds greatest to join, what a total waste of time, very disappointed

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Stop selling? Who've we sold?

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I would love to know who we have been selling too?

Does releasing Nile Ranger and Danny Simpson count as selling out best players so that greedy ashley can line his pockets?

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Defo a SMB on this page again check out your owe club frist since Yous are selling your number 1 keeper this week

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And we have a good keeper IN Westwood as a replacement and are after a good yound dutch keeper as backup plus we getting 10m for migs so don't see your point really SGB

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06 Jun 2013 16:59:11
Ed, Any news on anything at all? It seems really quiet. Not sure what to make of it, is it a new tactic, last year we (NUFC) said a lot and got not a lot through the door. Could we be playing it quiet so we don't give anything away and then a few players are signed in one go? we need new players so I'm sure we will sign some. {Ed001's Note - the arrival of Kinnear has obviously been behind it mate, I haven't heard anything regarding players. }

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16 Jun 2013 21:37:06
So the football genius that is Joe Kinnear now has final say over transfers. fantastic! Obviously Cashley did not want to fork out to sack Pards so he brings jokeinhere in and completely undermines Pards so that he resigns and there just happens to be a replacement ready to step into the managers seat. Same old stuff as with Keegan, undermine, resign pay out £2m in compo instead of much more if he had sacked him. Message to all rich Arabs and Russians out there PLEASE save our club. By the way well done Sir John you got it dead right in your judgement of who to sell to didn't you. not. Fed up with this mess at our club.

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So I guess that no work has been done on transfers or will be until JK starts. Then he needs to review what we have, agree a budget, then sell to raise some funds and then finally get some journeymen players who will take us down - so no activity this summer then!

What an embarrassment our club has become

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Lets wait for the pro Ashley brigade to shine some positivity on this latest stunt.

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Kinnear has spoken about getting rid of any players that are not good enough and helping out with recruiting players that will improve the club.

Lets be honest, we could do with a good clear out, if he gets rid of Shola and a few others then I will be happy enough.

It does not sound like he is going to be a Director of Football, more like a transfer advisor.

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I cannot see the thinking behind this one at all, The guy will collapse a few months into the job as he's a complete head case. I despise Kinnear. If we needed a director of football why didn't we get one who is involved in football today, not some over weight nugget. I have my suspicions that Fat Man Ashley gave him this role so he didn't have to pay compo for last time Kinnear was here.

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Cannot see the thinking? Here's one way to look at it. Llambias cocked it up last summer because he's useless and knows nowt about football. Ashley discusses this summer's plans and realises Llambias still hasn't got a clue, so he has to bring in a DoF. But Pardew might walk. so bring back good old Joe, ready-made replacement. Looks like a plan to me. Not a GOOD plan.

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It doesn't take a genius to tell Ashley who isn't good enough for this club (eg Shola). Any knowledgeable Toon fan could do it.
. and it certainly doesn't need a loud mouthed buffoon like Kinnear to do the job.

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I'm not a Newcastle fan myself (Just nosing around) but Ameobi seems like a loyal guy who does his best. Is he that bad? Would you like Carroll back? (I'm a Hammer)

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Ameobi is one of your best players mate, you are in for a long hard season, oh and while were on read the league table the right way up.

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16 Jun 2013 18:02:25
Just my thoughts but.
Kinnear takes the job
Hasn't talked to pardew yet though
Pardew not happy
Who's there to take the job?
Joe kinnear

Forget ambition and pass the ball players arriving. If the rumours of JFK returning as director of football are true and I think it is (3 year deal ) apparently, then there will be a backward trend in our playing style.

well the fat man does it again, what the hell is this one all about? Kinnear as football director! I do not understand this one at all what the hell does joe kinnear know about european football ( I think you could write it on the back of a postage stamp ) which is newcastles transfer stratergy ( he has the final say ) to do that you would have to know the players! are we going to change our stratergy joe kinnear in his day was all about home growing players who had a spirit and heart who could fight literally! a believe neither, this is to muddy the whole transfer policy in preperation for a bumpy season get ready lads MARK MY WORDS JOE KINNEAR WILL BE THE NEXT NEWCASTLE MANAGER!

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Ashley does it every time he starts to get the fans on board - I'm sure he does it to wind and p**s the fans off on purpose

Relegation here we come

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Another fine mess why do we always get in the news for all the wrong reasons can't see any quality players coming. does Ashley basically want to wreck this football club. please someone rich out there buy the fat man out.

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Hi why is it both north east side are a joke both selling there better players and buying rubbish.

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What better players have we sold

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Another fine mess was from Laurel and Hardy, Ashley, Pardew, and Kinnear are The 3 stoogies, but just as entertaining ha, ha.

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What player's u going to be sold ashley sell sell sell. cabaye, cisse, ben arfa, tiote, and buy over the hill striker in bent, all kinnear is ashley's puppet.

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I for 1 don't want kinnear here. But he is and there is nothing we an do about it. let's get behind the club now and stop being negative all the time.

It might work ( I hope it does but I can't see it)

Every body far too quick to jump in and say we are doomed

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What a crack pot theory.

Do you really think Pardew is going to walk out on a contract with 7 years to run after the season he has just had?

Try and make sense.

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Dont bring us into the selling our best players argument, we are getting rid of the dead wood & bringing in hungry young continental players. actually I can't see many clubs lining up to buy your best players in fact I am struggling to see who your best players are.

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16 Jun 2013 14:51:22
Newcastle want Darren Bent for a nominal fee and a drop in wages so expect NUFC to make a move for him in the coming days. Bent wants a move away from villa park and would welcome a move to newcastle as he wants to play in the world cup 2014 for england.

Also expect Newcastle to make moves for either Siem De Jong or Georginio Wijnaldum, also Tom Ince, alex pearce and potentially Wilfried Bony, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang or Loic Remy who has a release clause of 8m

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Keep talking the tablets we are creating a team that can make top 10

Ambition is On a different level

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Would like all of those but Ashley won't spend more than 20 mil even if the sell players of 20 mil each. Can see us being in the same position next season.

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Forget ambition and pass the ball players arriving. If the rumours of JFK returning as director of football are true and I think it is (3 year deal ) apparently, then there will be a backward trend in our playing style.

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If the club has ambition then why appoint Joe Kinnear as Director of Football and in charge of transfers - who would sign for us now!

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We'll probably sign Carroll or Crouch now.

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If we were going to sign any of those class players. wtf top it off with Bent.

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We will sign players from Championship now with JFK in charge roll on the good times of relegation and our manager getting sent to the stands every game.

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Who would want to sign for Llambias? Take him out of the equation and things can only be better. As for the playing style going backwards, that's what you've been moaning about for two years now. A change can only be better, not worse. If Joe signs quality players, that is. Give the bloke this window before you all start your usual whining and moaning.

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