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16 Jul 2013 23:32:28
Heard from a bloke, who has been right about signings in the past. That he knows of a scouting report on Jeremy Menez (PSG) at newcastle. Not saying were going to sign him, but he has been looked at.

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Would be a good solid signing If PSG make an offer for Cabaye it'd be good business to get say £10 million and Menez for him.

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Sakho, Menez and £5m for Cabaye and we have deal, for goodness sake Illarramendi costed Madrid £28m Cabaye must be similar, and in a better league.

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Cabaye is worth 10 -15 mil and no more, he only had a half a good season.

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Would take Sakho and Menez. There's also Gameiro to consider. Probably the best club to deal with if Cabaye wants to leave. Plenty of options.

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Sakho and Menez are both worth upwards of £10m. No chance.

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If wee had the option with PSG for them to take Cabaye, and us to land Menez and Sakho, i'd honestly snap there hands off.

One brilliant player in exchange for 2 brilliant ones. that's a good deal.

But I can't see PSG doing that, then there is the wages to match for the players. Could we do it?

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In response to 'Cabaye is worth 10 -15 mil and no more, he only had a half a good season. '
So did Gareth Bale and he's reportedly worth £60-£80 mill.

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Gareth Bale has had two brilliant seasons. Cabaye had one very good season and one poor one.

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Cabaye couldn't tie bales boot laces

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Bale always has a good end to the season. He does nothing before Christmas! If he performed the same before Christmas as he does after it Tottenham would be in champions league.

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Bale can't tie his own laces.

Bales like hot and cold water.

When he hot he is fantastic, when he goes cold it take him far to long to find his form again and is mostly crap.

Bale for me is great but is another ashley young, ONE BIG DIVING CON!

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16 Jul 2013 22:32:48

Liverpool fan here. Working in Newcastle at the moment and staying in the Hilton at Gateshead. Just went to grab a drink at the exec lounge on the fifth floor. Joe Kinnear (fat, loud, cocky tw*t) was with an entourage of people and a bit tipsy.

When I walked past him to go upstairs I heard him say "I don't want the job if he remains in charge". Read into that what you will, but assume it can only relate to Pardew or your chief scout (forget his name).

Didn't catch much more of the conversation but he was being a lary tw*t.

I use the LFC rumours site all the time, so thought I would pass on


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We don't want JFk having a job either

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Youre right in what you're saying liverpool, my brothers deputy manager there and he texted me just turned 1am saying jfk was there talking rubbish with several other suited muppets (his words) but censored by me, jfk wants to bring in a purely footballing coach who has no say in running the club

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Oh dear, and no reporters in sight.

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Sounds like a cpl of peas escaped there pod and had a few to many themselves judging by this drivel

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Good rumour. Very believable.

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16 Jul 2013 22:06:26
joe Kinnear stayed in Newcastle tonight could a deal be on seems a coincidence that danny graham is back in north east leaving sunderland training ground with no injury worries

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Danny graham is back for family reasons

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Danny Graham is going to Hull apparently and I hope he fits in there better than he did at Sunderland.
Very hard worker, you lot should have snapped him up.
Good luck to him.

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13 games, ZERO GOALS for Sunderland, why ohhh why would someone think we would be interested.

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16 Jul 2013 09:34:34
Newcastle having to stall on dealings as life is being prepared for without Cisse, Cabaye and Ameobi leaving

Strikers are a priority and newcastle are wanting strength as well as pace
Yilmaz and of course still Remy

Shaqiri from Bayern or victor Moses
Szabolcs Huszti of Hannover and Eriksen

Lescott and Kouyate

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Yilmaz? Shaqiri? Eriksen. ?

Come on now. We wouldn't pay £10m+ for Bony. There is no way any of them are coming here.

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We're stalling on dealing ls because people are leaving? Stop talking wet!

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Shaqiri and Eriksson would be great signings, don't think we'll pay for them though. I don't really rate yilmaz, plus he's on like 150k a week wages at galatasaray

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Would love Shaqiri but it won't happen

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We won't get Erikson or shaqiri they will go to bigger clubs or stay. Looks like parses isn't getting much money so I doubt we will get anyone of that caliber

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What a load of rubbish. Yilmaz will cost 15mil no chance. Shaqiri is an upcoming superstar no chance. Husuti no chance he would come here. and the last one Erikssen is wanted by the top teams in the world like Manchester United Dortmund real Madrid so again no chance. All would cost more than we would be willing to spend your post is all made up rubbish.

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You can tell things are slow, we just getting wild conspiracy theories. come on now

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Stick to playing football manager mate. The likes of Lescott and Shaqiri won't take massive wage cuts to come here.

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Would love moses, but there's no chance!

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Worse rumour ever.

Lescott been asured he is in citehs plans

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Shaqiri? get your head check out man!

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We have money to spend
Don't believe all this rubbish that Ashley won't spend
He is in for the long term and the premier league is generating more and more wealth
These are the clubs most prized targets and are willing to pay to get them in
We will be challenging for top 4 this season
Newcastle are biding their time for the sales of the key players to leave
Good times

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Wow, this really is silly season.

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Top four haha brilliant.

The only reason Ashley will be here for the long term is because there's no chance of anyone buying our club.

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Oh really, is that why we have the worst manager and D. O. F in the league?

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Knowing JK we will end up signing Dick Van Dyke!
That's if we can afford him!

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In the last hour layouts has stated coming to England to finalise deal,
Between us and saints
He stated prefer the toon

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Pardew just been on TV on stated no offers had been made for any player this summer

What the hell is going on!. and does that mean that JK has told fans a pack of lies a couple weeks ago about making a signing in his first week

What a joke

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Think Yilmaz is out of our reach. Remy would be too if he didn't have a court case hanging around his neck.

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16 Jul 2013 00:34:07
Remy in within next 48 hrs. Done deal

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I hope so

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Everton looking at remy too as martinez looks to replace jelovic

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Toon eere intrrested in jelovic b4 he went everton. wouldn't be surprised

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Remy? have you lot forgot he would rather have an extra hour in bed than sign for the toon

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