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16 Jan 2013 23:20:20
heard from a great source my uncle peter beardsley neighbour that working on 5 signings bit will only bring in 3 signings all depends on the value of players, mbiwa, haidra, ambeuyang, gomis & de jong there the top targets if they don't work end up going for graham, sissoko, okoro, bendtner, me i was right about ba leaving, debuchy coming in and remy wouldn't sign only offered 50k a wk.

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Only 50 grand week not bad if ya cn get it

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Everyone knew Ba was leaving, Debuchy was a pretty clear one as well, and we offered Remy 40k a week and was about to sign before QPR came in so unless you said it before they made an 11th hour bid all of this news wasn't something you needed to be psychic to know. With all that in mind your first part of the post is just a re worded article on nufc blog who mentioned all of those 5 players and the ones below bar Bendtner and there is more chance of us re signing shearer than signing that donkey.

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You sausage you haven't a clue, i said last summer b4 debuchy was even mentioned by the press that we were looking for him got that right, said in november that ba going arsenal, chelsea or psg was right on that.. and remy was simple all about the money any fool would know he wouldn't sign....comprenda.. understandaa..

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16 Jan 2013 22:44:28
All this whining about prospective targets has, I think, stopped people from truly appreciating what a coup getting Debuchy is. An absolute class act; to me, France's best player at the Euros. Sure we have problems but lets look on the bright side for once!

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One transfer in - no matter how good he is - is no cause for celebration of any kind seeing the situation we are in.
Take your rose tinted specs off and start putting some reality ones on.

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Yes. we have no problems at CB (Colo wants to leave - Willo is Championship level at best and why we are leaking goals ) or up front (having sold or top scorer) or CM (which is why are top long ball team in Prem). We have bought a top full back who is going to solve ALL our problems. Get real

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We have two senior strikers, one out of form and the other is Shola... We have Williamson who is a living joke, Colo who has been patchy and wants to leave, and our squad is about as hefty as Kate Moss. I'm ecstatic we got Debuchy, but why didn't we get him in the summer? And that positive does not outweigh the fear of relegation.

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When I read Remy had signed for QPR, I wept. The world is a different place now. I now have to look across the dinner table at my girlfriend at night and wonder if she's going to run off with the spotty ginger teenager with one eye and a small weener because he has an extra 20 in his wallet.

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My guess is she will if you're crying over Loic Remy...we dodged a bullet with him I think

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16 Jan 2013 20:34:55
barcelona after krul

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Considering they have already got victor valdes ( one of the worlds best keepers) and they are barcelona, they could get any goalkeeper in the world why the hell would they go for krul

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Go out and spend big money and get Dreis martens this lad is class has pace skill and can score I would even say he's better than hba if Ashley is using us as a cash cow this fella is the golden goose

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Yes but that would require ashley to care about the club not just profits. He tries to run the club like a business not a football club which is why we have so many problems. Success as a business requires minimum input for maximum output where as success as a football club requires maximum input for maximum output i.e. you've got to spend money to make money, unfortunately that means less short run profits which Ashley doesn't umderstand

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Victor Valdes is an awful keeper, but yes, Krul to Barca isn't really on the cards.
Mertens better than HBA..? No chance, Mertens is a class act and a front 3 of Mertens-Cisse-HBA should be illegal because of the destruction that defences will experience.

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To the person who said they have valdes; his contract is up in the summer and man utd have been linked with a move, i'm sure barca will have drawn up some possible replacements and krul is almost surely on that list!

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To the person who called Victor Valdes an awful keeper... seriously?! If he was as you put it awful how has he ammased 349 league appearances in probably the best team in history, the only reason he doesn't play for spain is due to the fact Casillas is about.

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He wants Newcastle stay.

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Thought it was ac milan who were watching krul

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Have you ever seen Victor Valdes in goal? He's one of Barca's weakest areas, the only reason he's in the team is because he's actually a really good footballer.

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16 jan 2013 19:37:35
Newcastle to offer qpr 3 million for djibril cisse

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Never in this world

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He's 31 for a start don't be silly

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What !!!
The man that's getting kicked out for Remy

I hope not

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Clinical striker and good back up.

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The only deal what we are going to get is a payday loan of wonga

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Cum on newcastle we can get good players

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16 Jan 2013 13:15:03
I have heard that even though the media claims we are looking at bafetimbi gomis of lyon we are actually looking more at fellow team mete Lacazette 21 year old pace and a winger/striker represented france all levels apart from senior. he could fit into either 442 or 433 formation.
Also heard we are looking at antione griezmann of real sociedad who is a similiar player and had interest from arsenal a few seasons ago.
On the defending news haidara look a possibility for cover and pieters has been lined up incase a move for santon comes in. for a full time centre back who knows? mirin, mbiwa, okore could be any or none. prob none judging by previous transfer windows

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Come on stop kidding yourselves! This happens during every window, we bid for decent players then offer them peanuts so they don't actually wanna sign for us. At least then cashley and owl heed (llamearse) can keep all their money but still say they tried to bring quality players in. They keep spouting it every window and most of our fans still believe it. Wake up and smell what they're shovelling!

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Why are we just looking at this late stage we should have had these players watched like the supposed scouting team are supposed to be doing all year, god money for nowt.

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Gomis would fit in well at Newcastle, I suggested over a year on this forum that we should be looking at him, signing potential is all very well but proven players are what's needed, just think back to when Ossie Ardilles was manager, a very young team who although had potential nearly went down to the third tier. buikd for the future by all means just don't forget the present!

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Lacazette is one on the top young players in europe, he aren't comin to us

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We all know it will come down to the last day of the transfer window, when ashley will hear about a good player (Bryan Ruiz) signing for another team, and pretending to put a bid in and have a private helicopter on stand by, No-one is being signed and i seriously fear we will go down

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Lacazette would certainly fit the profile of the sort of forward we're trying to sign more than Gomis. We tried to sign Gomis the summer he went to Lyon so that's probably why the link has emerged.

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We're being linked with every player under the sun who can lace a pair of boots on.
How many do you HONESTLY think are coming here?
That's right - none of them.
Get real - Ashley won't spend - his wallet's guarded by Securicor.

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I hope you are right about Gomis. Great player, but he is probably Europa Cup tied and is playing for a team in a Champions League slot. If we are spending a lot of time going after this kind of unrealistic target we will end up getting nobody through the door come February. We have done our best business with the less high-profile targets, so I hope the staff have a host of targets not being discussed in public. We must have a striker that can contribute immediately and some defenders. If we stumble now, relegation is a real possibility. MA can't want what that would cost with the new contract likely to create an even greater divide between PL and Championship.

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16 Jan 2013 12:25:39
Ed, do we no longer have a interest in PSG's Kevin Gameiro, has been rumours for a while he was available, he seems to have what we are looking for, quick, skillfull and knows where the net is, he has still managed to score a few for PSG even though he has limited game time now due to Zlatan and Levezzi {Ed052's Note - Gamiero wont be moving in January. He has done well this season even with few games. A move in the summer could be possible tho, to where, I am not sure. A number of clubs have had interest and will become interested}

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I am not sure I would want any PSG strikers at our club.

When Ibra does not play PSG are terrible in the striking department.

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16 Jan 2013 10:17:17
remy to sign in the next 6 hours after agreeing terms with newcastle. rejected qpr after terms coulndnt be agreed

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No mention of this anywhere. The news are still reporting he is going to sign for QPR

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It has just said on tv he's signing with QPR

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Really?? Where did you get this from? There is no mention anywhere on the internet.

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Mackem me thinks, stirring the sh=t.

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Owld saggy face said last night he had passed medical and agreed personnal terms with QPR

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Roll on 4PM! Hopefully Remy sees sense rather than the golden carrot being dangled by 'Arry, would make a change at least to see a player move for the fans/stadium rather than the signs...


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Qpr hav officially signed Remy- source qpr official website

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Joey Barton you need to stop posting on our forums and about our club

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He has just signed for QPR. I'm a Norwich fan & I think it's pure greed . Newcastle are a super club & should be top 6 . How can he go 2 QPR

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MONEY and GREEDY agents bending players ears
Arty the used car salesman
Loves doing deals
He will bankrupt qpr like he has Pompey
Fernandes will be selling his f1 cars shortly on arrays forecourt

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16 Jan 2013 01:44:40
Ed, any news on the Gaetan Bong bid? Since the news broke that we made a bid, nothing else has been said, mainly due to the Remy saga. {Ed001's Note - the clubs were in talks trying to agree a fee last I heard, but I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it.}

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Like all our supposed transfers - going, going, bong!
That's probably the last you'll ever hear of him until he signs for Chesterfield or similar in 2014.

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15 Jan 2013 23:32:21
pardew turning to aubaueyang and defender mbiwa but needs to step up and buy players.. mbiwa looks good but loves going forward alot and getting caught out alot.. we just need players quick harry redknapp wants 6 in before the window closes and remy mvila signed by thursday......

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Pardew said last week that all transfer matters are delt with by llambias and chief exec, but redknapp gets on a plane and gets deals done, every transfer window im always gutted, ive a feeling this is going to be no different.

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Why do every other club seem to be able to conclude transfer deals in a mater of days yet we seem to go round and round in circles and still can't get players over the line, looks like every other transfer window to me know one of any note coming in and probably more going out the door.

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Mbiwa is way out of our league

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No chance we will bring in players no one else wants cheap mike asley is no bothered about this club he will still make profit from us best fans in the land

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