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16 Aug 2013 14:48:59
J. Voosen off to the Toon for 5 million, kinnear in talks eith Genk at Mo. My dutch friend is a Genk fan


Actually it's 10 Million

And In 7 Years, he's played 180 games and scored 82 goals.

Considering it's a lower league, hardly a goal scoring record Newcastle should be looking into.

Especially when we could have bought Bony for a similar price.

Everything I've seen of Vossen shows he's too good for the Belgian league. He'd be a good signing, not the fastest but a clinical finisher and has a good idea of where to be and when to be there. Also that's 82 goals in 180 games at only 24 and he scored 17 goals in 21 games last season so that should give you an idea of how good he is plus these days being Belgian seems to be a sign of quality.

The chronicle have already said we have no interest in him

He's a donkey! Nice one Joe - you've managed to get a donkey across the line you muppett! Baz

Bony was around 13 million. Fee mentioned for this player is between 5-7. Hardly similar price

Except bony didn't want to come to you.

He will be better than shola

Isn't Genk in Belgium. If so how does your Dutch friend know?

Fee is reported around 10 million, who ever thought they were smart trying to make me sound dumb, mentioning it was 5 million, maybe you need to learn how to use this thing called the internet.

Another name to your list and be prepared for more let downs!

You made yourself look dumb enough - Getting his name wrong, implying a dutch friend would have an insight despite the lad playing in Belgium. Its really not important about the fee, everything else was wrong.

And another decent english player leaves tottenham for a more than decent price and we weren't interested one bit, how can we talk about wanting a more british team and constantly pass these players up.

Also Vossen seems a decent player to me based on videos and stats but that's all we're going by. We have not much of an idea how good he is, but I seriously doubt we will spend over 7mil on a player who's a "donkey". Bony didn't want to move to us, but moved to swansea. yeah that makes a whole heap of sense.

Holland is rihht next to Belgium, it's perfectly possible and reasonable that there are Dutch people who are fans of Belgian teams. I'm English, I'm a Newcastle fan but I also like the Bundesliga and in particular Dortmund (and no it's not just because they're good at the moment).

Is it genk or gink

If yous are looking for a cf check out aron johannsson of az Alkmar. 26goals in 38games. jurgen kinsman raves about this boy.

To post above: I would love johannsson from AZ, but its just a proven fact that NUFC won't sign Americans, and its completely beyond me. Altidore has been CRUSHING the last year for club and country and they didn't even make a bid, despite having a need for depth, and now he's at 5under1and. I would love the move for Aron, but it won't happen because we're too busy dealing with moves that will not happen in France

I live in England, which is right next to Wales and Scotland. Do I follow there leagues? Do I heck! But by your logic I could tell you who Irish team Sligo are buying as ita close by.

I'm a Celtic man so does that mean am not allowed to check out my fav epl team.

Benteke has 72 goals in 174 aps while jelle vossen has 82 goals in 180 aps

We can't even afford a box of Belgian chocolates for the tea lady never mind a Belgian striker.

I like that post above mate




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