Newcastle Rumours Archive September 15 2014


15 Sep 2014 05:42:59
Apparently talks held between Ashley and Pardew mean that Pardew will not be sacked and given until Christmas to turn the fortunes of the team around in addition Graham car is being blamed for some of the signings that have been recently been made, so once again the blame lies elsewhere as neither of these two fools will take any responsibility for the poor state of the team.
Only a rumour but this wouldn't surprise me at all

We the fans are keeping Ashley and Pardew at Newcastle and some fans for obvious reasons cannot attend matches however I for one starting Saturday will not be going to any more matches until Pardew's been sacked.


Sounds right, Carr will go somewhere else and do a great job.

Pardew will stay and get us relegated.

It looks like Pardew is staying, as we say in Oz 'Strewth'

Vida: respect; your second para says it all. You may be late, but staying away is the only action that makes sense.

Seems a bit early to blame Carr or the new signings, big problems are CBs, none of them Carr finds or recent signings, and the failure of attempts to sign a top striker. That surely is down to Ashley's refusal to cough up the big money necessary. And where's Chucky? And why on earth did Pardew allow Lascelles to go back to Forest! We need him and Good NOW!




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