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15 Oct 2013 22:50:14
Pardew now wants english players, eric dier is high on the list for 4.2 mill buyout clause. he is young english and good on the ball. Mbiwa will go back to france after struggling to adapt for 6 mill. Richards is on the list for starting centre back as it is believed he wants to fill void left by terry/rio in england wc team. newcastle and spurs will fight over 4-5 mill rated ince, depends if he wants money or playing time.

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We won't get dier and Mbiwa won't leave especially not for 6mil, much more

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I think everyone wants a good english player but I would rather we looked into the german market. The quality of the bundesliga has really improved over the last 5 years and now the german sides are becoming succesful again in europe.
There are loads of young germans & others nationatiles coming through in teams like freiburg or hoffenheim who need to sell, the quality is there across the board not just the top teams

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Since it doesn't look like Mbiwa is gelling well and well need someone who is young and has immediate start potential after Colo leaves, may I Direct Everyone to John Anthony Brooks of Hertha Berlin? 20 yr old German-American, high rating, got his team in 4th.

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Remembrr colos 1st season. had the turning circle and awareness of a rhino. he is young n showed in champs league how good he is

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15 Oct 2013 16:21:26
The Metro is saying that Man U want Tiote in January and believe that £6million will get him which is unlikely considering that he's under contract until 2017 and Ashley (in fairness) knows how to make the maximum amount of money possible from selling a player

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I know he isn't worth it but i'd only sell tiote for a minimum of 15million. I don't want to see him leave, he's one of the best CDMs in the league who can really anchor the midfield, its just hard to keep him consistent

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Tiote is an excellent "boss" in our midfield and the form he showed in 11/12 was outstanding. I still believe he can get back to that, finding the balance with Cabaye Anita Sissoko, whoever is in the midfield with him is crucial. Man U already have Fellaini Carrick Fletcher Anderson, don't think Tiote will be going there.

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I would bite Man Utds hand off at 6mil.

Anita is better at defensive CM as uses his head and can pass.

Tiote is a waste of space in CM. even when he wins the ball he does nothing with it or gives it away.

It's all about keeping the ball these days and Tiote can't do that.

Please sell him.

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Tiote has a great personality and is very loyal, but he should not be in our team.

He looks like he is playing football with a rugby ball, the guy is obviously not a natural footballer.

What exactly is he good for, apart from chasing shadows and getting booked?

He cannot dribble, although that is not for the want of trying, as he showboats quite often.

He actually has quite powerful shot, but his efforts are normally from long range, which prem league keepers will take all day long.

His Alonso type long passes are rubbish.

Great guy but, average player. He puts himself and the team under pressure far too often with his theatrics and attempts to be Iniesta.

We only need 1 defensive midfielder in the team at a time: Sissoko, Anita, Bigi are all choices for that.

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Tiote is our best defensive midfeilder the issues come from a lack of movement from the rest of the team.
As soon as cabaye gets the ball he gets put under pressure so it ends up back with tiote trying to play hopeful balls forward or 100mph backpasses.
The truth is Sissoko contributes nothing he has pace and power but playing in central midfeilder he doesn't get to use it, his passing is poor & I don't remember him making many tackles yet he's still in the team based on his performace against chelsea which was 8 months ago.

Anita is much more comfortable on the ball so he should play with tiote & allow cabaye to float in to positions get on the ball & pick a pass becuase none of the others can.

Also tiote's only problem is pardew telling him not to tackle ever since last seasons derby sending off. yes he does mistime some of his tackles but at least it stops the danger in midfeild even he gets booked. Were scared of making tackles so were backing off into our own box & putting pressure on the defence which wouldn't seem half as hapless if we pushed up & stopped the danger in the middle of the pitch.

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I could not disagree more on Sissoko. When it comes to the midfield, Cabaye and Sissoko are the first names in the team for me.

I doubt he would be called up for France if he only had a few good games since arriving.

It is not like France are short of midfielders.

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Im not saying he's a bad player but he can't play through the middle, his passing just isn't good enough he might not give the ball away but he isn't looking to create anything either. He should be picking the ball up from deep & running with it but he just seems to stand waiting for it to come to him.

Our whole team is based on ben arfa or cabaye playing well otherwise we have nothing in the middle. there's no point in remy or cisse making a run if the midfield can't pick them out that's why cabaye is so important if he doesn't play the forwards know there not going to get the ball so they just stop making runs with net result being us trying to play like stoke with mbiwa/williamson/debuchy or taylor playing hoofball from the back.

Fans can winge on all day about not signing strikers but the fact is we need cover for cabaye or a least someone who can play a pass, we've been short in the middle ever since guthrie left.

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15 Oct 2013 15:04:56
Alan Pardew says there are too many foreigners and that the club are set for a spree of british players in the January and Summer transfer window.
Here are a list of targets
Sam Byram (6-10million)
Micah Richards (7-12million)
Aaron Lennon (6-12million)
Ashley Young (LOAN or 10-15million)
Wilfried Zaha (LOAN)
Gabby Agbonlahor (4-7million)

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What about Tom Ince? I thought we'd been given the green light to try and sign him. He'd probably cost £4-£8million since he's out of contract in the summer.

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Doubt joe ****ing Kinnear would be able to get any of them.

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Did you forget rooney?

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What about signing gav iscon he will stop all this wind and gas being talked

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Will Hughes and Tom Ince are a must buy.

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No mate, a striker and some new defenders ARE MUST BUYS!

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With Januzaj getting time, I think we should make a move for Zaha this year, with loan to sign option. Micah is ambitious to say the least, but in a world cup year, he may be desperate, so the time would be now (should he take a pay cut)

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15 Oct 2013 07:51:06
Colo a doubt for Liverpool game.

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Remy could be out too, he was in a car accident.

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Remy's accident was before he went to play for France and he seemed ok in the game on Friday

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M'Biwa and Willo should play at centre back against liverpool

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Williamson should play because he's been solid the last couple games but the choice between Mbiwa and Taylor is tough. Taylor can be good but does some really stupid things, look at the City game. Mbiwa can also play really well but there have been a few times where he's looked like he's still not used to playing and living in England. I think it comes down to whether or not Mbiwa's got his head straight after the Everton fiasco, if he has he should play, if not then Taylor should.

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Mbiwa the last run out he has was terrible!

Willo Colo (Taylor)

Mbiwa needs to lean! He's only 24 in a new county, playing a new type of football. He needs time to adapt. But at least we have seen little glimpses of how good he COULD be!

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