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15 May 2013 22:27:08
a friend who is a spurs fan said that
cabaye came close to joining them last
summer for 12 mil but cooled there interest
and ever since he's been in a sulk he didn't
join them, might explain his rubbish form. I
wonder will he have the game of his life on sun.

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His form is more down to the fact we have over used him and expected him to fill the boots of everyone who has been injured.

Cabaye has played a hell of a lot of football this year, he is bound to be laggy

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I am pretty sure there was a rumour doing the rounds at the start of last season that cabaye turned spurs down.

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15 May 2013 22:06:50
I think Pardew is going. He has cancelled a previously booked radio interview on tv radio Newcastle on Friday, which was supposed to be a season review question and answer session. Think he ll go after the Arsenal game. The question is who will come in?

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He looked like a bloke who know he was done after the QPR game. This makes sense but maybe he just didn't want the abuse he was sure to get before the Arsenal game. Hoping to beat the Arsenal to quell the grief.

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Rafa the gaffer

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I received a text this morning from an agent mate who said he is negotialting his settlement and terms.

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Of course you did

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If a new manager comes in my money's on Girard, the Montpelier manager. He's learnt English, has expressed interest in the job and he won the French league with Montpelier with 2 or 3 good players, essentially the equivalent of a team like Everton winning the league, plus Mbiwa's already worked under him at Montpelier.

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He won't go
1. it will cost about 8-10m
2. ashley will be looking for stability
3. if we do sack him that will be half of our transfer budget gone

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He is going. Its obvious. All Newcastle Media is being controlled at the minute. Nobodys saying anything. There is now way Pards will get a payout like that either. I've heard its 1 years salary. He will be gone shortly after the Arsenal game.

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Got to agree about the local press being controlled. They did a survey on how we the fan thought the season went. A series of questions. They haven't posted the results on it only touching on it saying it wasn't good for Pardew.

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The reaction to a poor season has always been 'Sack the Manager!' and 'Sign a Centre-Forward!' Since Joe Harvey's side won the Fairs Cup 1969 we've had: Jim Smith, Iam McFaul, Colin Lee, Bill McGarry, Arthur Cox, KK, Dalglish, Rude Gullet, Souness, Saint Bobby R, KK again, Shearer, Kinnear, Hughton and now Pardew. No particular order, and I'm sure to have missed a few. And in all that time we've never (in my humble opinion) ever had a solid defence. We've had lots of good strikers - make your own list up - and one or two good CBs, but no manager has yet built a really sound back four with back-up. Result? 44 years of something between crap and utter crap, with a brief period of hope when Sir Bob started to build a young English team. But even he made some boo-boos - Bramble, Bowyer etc. Could it be that stability really IS the answer, 'cos chopping and changing demonstrably hasn't worked? Whether Ashley does it or not, sooner or later a boss is going to have to ignore the fans and back a manager long-term, despite the noise from ignorant loud-mouth 'fans'.

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'All Newcastle media being controlled' - are you sure? Perhaps you could give us ignorant ones the benefit of an explanation as to how, and why, this is being done?

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And another thing. What does an 8-year contract mean, if he can be sacked with just a 1-year pay-off?

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RE: Mbiwa, the manager will come because the player worked under him!

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The 8 years refer to the payout the club gets if another club wants to hire Pards. He'll have got a pay rise and it protects the clubs asset (whilst they thought he was good).

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Start with a good manager in the first place not a succession of deadbeats.

Stability is only worth it if you have the right person leading. Stability for stability's sake just breeds mediocrity and complacency. Swansea have it right.

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15 May 2013 16:02:13
Newcastle are one of several clubs showing an interest in young Huddersfield fullback Jack Hunt. Swansea, Norwich and Fulham are also keen on the £3 million rated defender.

There could also be a bid of up to £4.5 million tabled for West Brom midfielder James Morrison.

Newcastle are not intending to part with any of their players currently under contract but Yohan Cabaye has been linked with a move to Arsenal and Gabriel Obertan could make a move to Bordeaux

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Not sure on jack hunt but I can defiantly confirm Newcastle have interest In James Morrison and are ready to offer up to 5.5 million pound to purchase their target, Newcastle also interested In Jordan Rhodes and Thomas ince with gosling and Williamson looking set to depart

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Newcastle also looking at David Ngog and Alex McCarthy from Bolton and reading

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Newcastle also set to complete signing of junior hoilett from QPR with Danny Simpson departing

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James Morrison? Well that IS exciting!
Can't really wait for that one.

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David Ngog,

Another player who couldn't hack the PL, when will NUFC learn, this type of s**t will make us worse!

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15 May 2013 15:23:49
ESPN reporting that Newcastle are in talks with Manchester United over a shock bid for Wayne Rooney.

The website states that they are in small negotiations, however no bid has been placed.

What do you guys think about this?

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Its on one of the official sports direct websites - - I think its just a publicity stunt by Ashley.

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Lol, perhaps when we have a russian billionaire

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It' obviously rubbish, it was started by sports direct's news site or something

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The Sports Direct website is a privately run company and has no control by Ashley, it's just some divvy writing rubbish.

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I would love Rooney with us

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The site that came up with the rumour have just issued a statement apologising for making up the rumour

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If that does happen it would be awesome, he did say he wants to stay in the premier so there's a slight chance

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15 May 2013 15:02:32 is reporting we are preparing a shock bid for Wayne Ronney. Just thought I'd share this for a laugh.

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Stop it your making me cry. ha ha wow just before season tickets go on sale how convenient!

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I guess Rooney, Carroll and Cisse would be ok?

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I rwnewed my season ticket 3 weeks ago

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15 May 2013 13:34:33
Pardew to be sacked after Arsenal game and Benitez is coming in! Jinxsy in Wallsend

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I doubt it

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Why do you think that Benitez is coming in? Wouldn't complain, but think we'd be lucky. I can see Ashley wanting to possibly get rid of Pards on the back of recent results, but don't know if Benitez would accept Ashley wages or transfer budget. Ashley either has to back or sack Pards now. We can’t have another summer of not buying, it’s too risky, we could well be relegated next year if we do that and Ashley will know it. So he has to give Pards more money if he believes in him. On the other hand he spent a lot of money in January and Pards hasn't delivered so far, so he has to trust Pards with any money he gives him. Must be one or the other, can’t just not spend and see how we get on next season again. So I can potentially see Pards getting replaced, but Benitez would be so expensive and the most expensive option to Newcastle. It would be a statement if Benitez came in however that he really wants to take the club forward now and back into Europe regularly. But Benitez would probably be on about3 or 4 x more than Pards. (Although Ashley was prepared to break the bank to bring in Harry Redknapp not so long ago). P. S. Odds are changing for the next Newcastle manager daily, so someone’s putting some money on somewhere.

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Who started this Benitez-to-Toon rumour? Is there anything solid behind it?

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This is old news mate. Heard this 2 weeks ago.

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Benitez is coming in. and how do you know that for sure Jinxsy?

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Would hate benitez at our club, overrated, don't like him, makes s*** buys as well, martinez a good option, trys to play football

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No answer from Jinxsy.

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This is rubbish.
Pardew did spend money in January, and the players played well for the first month, but the riggers of PL football took its toll. with a full pre-season behind them and the experience of half a season in the PL they will be better next season.
I say, Back Pardew, we had some bad luck this year, everyone praised him to high heaven after last year, I agree we where poor this year, but injurys suspensions, the fact we had more games to deal with and the same size squad, he was fighting a losing battle. stick with Pardew, and for once us fans need to support the manager and continue to get behind the team, he will spend money and make the team much improved for next season.

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