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15 May 2012 15:45:00
Ed ive heard that Douglas and Debuchy are almost certain to sign, can u add to this? Think both would be fantastic signings if its true. {Ed013's Note - Not sure, I will do some digging to see what I can find}

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Have you Found anything? {Ed013's Note - Douglas is definitely a target and is leaving FC Twente for the Premier League so Newcastle have a very good chance but nothing is confirmed. There is no timeline on Debuchy but a bid of around 6 million is expected to be accepted}

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Cheers Ed.
Really hope we sign them both as i think they could help push us on even further.

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P.s. We should snap Debuchy up before the Euro's as he'll probably be starting for France at rb now that Sagna is injured. If he impressed more clubs will be interested and his price will go up.

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Alan sed his probs going to sell off over the best players if teams put high bid for the magpie will fin about 10 next season

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Like when carroll, nolan, barton and enrique were sold and we ended up finishing 5th?

ashley may sell for a big offer but he replaces well.

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That was a great season ;)
If anyone doesnt want to be part of what we're doin they can go and make sure the door doesnt hit them on the way out, but its gonna take a big offer, then graham carr will find us a great replacement.

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Douglas has multiple agent which is slowing down talks greatly, still very keen on the big lad and hope they can get it sorted asap as he would be awesome alongside Colo!

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Apparently we have signed these two my grandads next door neighbour is an ex pro and he has a couple of friends in the scouting dept at newcastle and he says apparently its a done deal

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Transfer news:
douglas free
Clyne-2million in compensation


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I heard Douglas is potentially waiting on Ajax - should Vertonghen and/or Alderweireld leave he could well go a Brazilian Centre-Back really going to be any good for us in the Prem? Previous Brazilian defenders have been awful (albeit not necessarily for us)

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What about the earth shattering claudio cacapa, what a player he was.

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15 May 2012 17:43:14
A lot of reports going around how we could lose tiote and ba this summer.

Tiote is good but not amazing....he breaks up play alright but offers very little else....even his short passes go missing often. He also tends to get booked in the first half and is not as effective after as he has to be too careful. Don't want him to leave but if he does and we get 20mil+ no big deal.

Ba I can see going.....nobody knows his exact release clause but Pardew confirmed one exists on BBC Radio Newcastle last week. I don't want him to go either but we cant rely on two African Strikers as our main men with the African cup of nations being a biennial event.


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Think thats rubbish about Tiote, without looking through rise tinted specs hes 1 of the best DM in europe at the moment and offers far more than just breaking things up, however give me Diame from wigan for free and 25 mill and id be tempted

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Tiote offers cover that our defence needs, and he does it very effectively. as a defencive midfileder that is his role and it complements cabeye to allow him to push forward more.
A lot of Tiote yellows have been soft, and it also a massive decrease on last years total he got.
And at his very best Tiote runs the midfield.

Ba, yeah he got the release clause, which the club are trying to get rid off. but its not that simple from what weve been told. even then it would cost in excess of 10 million to buy him. that is based on the rumoured 7 mill clause, agent fees and also insurance, due to his knee. so all in all hes a big risk to take, we were lucky to get him on a free.

Agree its no the best having our main stikers likely to go to ACON, which is why i hope we bring in another striker

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Tiote would of picked up more bookings this season than last if it wasn't for ACN and injuries.
That's why we really should sign Debuchy as he can play DM and we should use Abeid more.

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I'd say let Tiote go for 20mil, n use some of that cash to lure Hazard. Yes i'm wishful thinking again!!!!!

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How dare you post on a newcastle forum tiote isn't amazing, hes an absolutely fantastic player and with tiote playing newcastle only lost 5 games, he breaks up play as well as anyone in the premiership and is a fantastic passer of the ball, not only that he has a fantastic shot left or right foot, he's an absolute beast who has proven he can put the likes of rooney in his back pocket for 90 mins, losing him would be an extreme loss and would take a big player to replace him

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Tiote is one player who has to stay. We wont realise how good Tiote is until he is not there. He is top draw and would take some replacing.

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Tiote has already said that he is commited tonewcastle,so he won't be leaving yet!

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How dare you post on a newcastle forum tiote isn't amazing, hes an absolutely fantastic player and with tiote playing newcastle only lost 5 games..

We didnt lose too many without him then

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Not only does tiote break up play but hea an expert at retaining posession while doin it, most players wud just try nd take the ball nd put the man in row-z, he makes sum class takes nd comes away with the ball almost everytime, thats invaluae wen hes in a team of such creative players. If we were to get a repacement id take diame but hes no were near as creative, like to see them in the same team with cabaye just in front.

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The fact remains our record is equally as good with and without tiote this season...picked up the same points per game when he plays and when he doesn't

not the end of the world if he goes...all players are replaceable at the end of the day


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I agree when tiote breaks up the play he doesn't put in row z....but not many defensive mids do...

he keeps hold of the ball too long and turns into trouble.

I am not saying he shouldn't be kept....just that he could be replaced.

He is still young and learning, he will be even better in a couple of seasons. Just think he is worth less than 25mil but good press he gets could help us get over the odds for him.


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Tiote is pure class. There's a reason all the top teams want him. Cisse's awesome, Colo is incredible but Tiote beats them all, purely world class

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Tiote can be replaced. Im pretty sure Carr could find a player who can do just as gd a job as he does.

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15 May 2012 14:37:55
i can reveal Aidy White DOES want to join NUFC but he does not get on with young James Tavernier who he knows from leeds youth team and has demanded him leave before he joins! i would rather have White than Tavernier all day! {Ed013's Note - Aidy White would not demand a player leaves before he was to join. He is a young promising kid and would not want a reputation as an arrogant player}

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And Tavernier is held in high regard by the non starter this story.


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Very good mates with Jacko, Tavs agent and he says they won't offer him new deal equal or more to what he has, as they have to for anyone under 24, so he's 99% sure to leave, two or three championship clubs interested, only one named was Ipswich. 110% gen.

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15 May 2012 07:37:23
newcastle are set to buy Marvin Martin from Sochaux for 7mil and Bas Dost from SC Heervenen for 10mil also mathieu debuchy 6.5 mil and jan Vertoghen 12mil with smith guthrie lovenkrands gosling edmunson and Best going the other way

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35.5m, really? Don't get me wrong, I'd like it but can't see it happening.

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If we spend that ( and tbh do not think we will ) then tiote will go for big money...

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Martin has stated he is going lille to replace hazard

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Edmunsson left a few months ago

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Jan Vertoghan is going to Spurs. Also said he wants Champions league football. ot sure about the rest though.

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The same Bas Dost who has already agreed to sign for Wolfberg on a 4 year deal for 6.5million Euros!

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We wont pay 12million for a player who's only got a year left on his contract.. he's allowed to leave for around 8million cant see us throwing an extra 4million away.. stop talking rubbish you only get found out

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Deluded smb's again !! yawn

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On Wiki says Newcastle

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