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15 Jun 2013 21:45:51
Cabaye has just RT a message saying from a PSG fan saying that if he goes to Monaco to f**k off. Read in to that what you will.
Johnny the Geordie.

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Just like ay every club there is an person
Nothing to read into that

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I was reading the replies to that tweet, the guy that tweeted that is a complete person.

I think Cabaye retweeted it to show him up.

I have my doubts that Cabaye would want to leave, Debuchy just signed a few months ago and they are practically a married couple. lol.

I see no negative points either way, if he stays we keep a very good player itching to improve on last season, if he goes then we get a big fee.

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15 Jun 2013 19:49:03
Newcastle have a 5.5 million bid rejected by villa for Darren bent. villa want 7 million
villa apparently have said they will eccept cisse in strait swap
you heard it hear first I think this is going to happen

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Dont think so mackem

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Lol best one yet, we'll swap a £10m striker for an older £6-7m one. right, whatever.

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Really hope we do get Darren Bent he's the type of striker we need, but there's no way cisse will go to villa.

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Sorry Lads we need better than Bent
We are going backwards

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We wouldn't do a straight swap for Cisse because it would leave us in the exact same position as before.

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Baring in mind where we finished last season, he is a realistic option, can't see Bony etc coming to us, last summer yes, this summer no

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This is not going backwards get rid of shola for 3million buy bent for 5.5million so that's a spend of 2.5 million and buy another top class younger striker for round 10 million. Strike force of a top 6 club cisse, Bent, Ben arfa, and.? 10 million man Bony, Remy or PEA

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3 Million for Shola? What Universe are you living in? He's getting on, not that great and, well, need I go on? 3 Million!!

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Who is going to pay 3mill for shola get real also shola is not on big wages loves the toon is a happy squad player he will be at sjp till he retires exactly like taylor

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Need to stop playing Fifa, Remy, Bony and PEA will go to a club in Europe

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3M for Shola has to be the biggest laugh of the year

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Sunderland would pay 6million for shola just to stop him scoring against them if be happy at 1.5 though for him that would leave 4 million for bent

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Did he score in the 0-3? Thought not.

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15 Jun 2013 19:04:42
rumours in france cabaye has passed a medical for Monaco all over French papers.

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15 Jun 2013 18:19:29
Douglas to sign after 1st of july. Done deal and has been for months.

Also what does anyone feel about a cheeky enquiry for Nani?

Apparently available for 8.5 million. wages are 80k plus but could be a good buy if we could attract him. he's waiting for juventus or a big spanish team and only fenerbache have enquired up to now.

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His form is so poor at the moment, don't want him.

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I take jason puncheon on a free for left winger in a 4-4-2
Toon jegz

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Nani, he's been missing first team football and if we could offer regular games and gets his wages down to maybe 65k I'd get him. But must keep deals quiet otherwise clubs will come in and offer 2x the wages. Also they need to buy players that will challenge for the first team

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The reason nani is on sale is because he wants more wages not because Man United don't want him

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Jason Puncheon signed a contract with us till 2016 back in march

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He won't leave Southampton for us

They did better than us last season, simple as

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Aye like Nani would go to Newcastle

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Nani would be a massive improvement on Obertan

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My nan is better than obertan

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15 Jun 2013 16:27:30
Aubameyang to sign along with Siem De Jong in the coming weeks.

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Would be marvellous. Just have to hope
Pardew doesn't play them as wing backs!
With those 2, easily a top 5/6 team even if Pardew doesn't want Europe

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That's what I think

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I would be unbelieveably chuffed if this happens, however i'm rather skeptical.

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A russian side has bid 22 million for aubameyang and with de jong costing over 10 million we have no chance of getting them at those prices

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Agree with 2nd post!

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Can't see it happening

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Would be very surprised if this happens! There hasn't been much news from Newcastle about anything, and PEA is being linked with many top clubs!

I hope it's true! But won't believe it till I see pictures on the official Newcastle website!

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Sunderland are now interested in PEA
will be pi$$ed off if they get him

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Spurs are the most likely to land PEA imo

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Let me tell you there's no way PEA will go to sunderland, we've actually got a chance but I fear he will go to a club in CL or EL

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If he rejects us he'll reject them. No hope of them getting PEA if you're going to talk nonsense like that then just leave

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This is the problem, realistically he should join Spurs but they are after so many striker who actually are better than him, Sunderland have actually enquired about him, we haven't (typical)

If we really do want him we need to show a strong interest, because he just might like the idea that Sunderland are changing everything, if he rejects one north east team, he'll reject the other unless he signs for one of us, I think it's first come first serve

Anything can happen, I think we should get Bent, he knows where the goal is and will be more than half the price

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Pea is like most players his agent will get him the best deal wether its sunderland or Newcastle doesn't make any difference to the player who pays the most is where he will go bit like remy in the bag then slipped away all for the sake of money

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We had two bids rejected for PEA in january.

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Sorry to sound dense but who is PEA?

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15 Jun 2013 10:57:53
Cabaye fee agreed 28m Monaco Watch and see and Cisse is on his way
Which gives Ashley 100m before season tickets sponsorship and tv for 1013/14 let's see what he does with it

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Club have rubbished the claims so I hope it is just paper talk, as I would like Cabaye to stay. Didn't see any quotes from Monaco or any agents.

As for Cisse I would like him to stay too, I just wish he would time his runs better. I know people think if the ball was played on the floor he would be more effective, but I feel that is letting him off lightly. He must take responsibility for being offside so much.

The thought of all that money to spend sounds great, but I doubt we would see much of the Cabaye / Cisse TV money etc. being forked out in one transfer window. I feel with the lack of European football and doing so poorly last season, we are limited now to the type of players we can lure to the club.

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28m, wow I hope so.

I may be on my own here, but that is brilliant news.

If we are going to cut out the longball nonsense, then Cabaye was going to become less useful anyway.

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Club sources have denied this story.

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Cabaye is a quality passer, short and long balls, either way he would be good in the side. But for 28m euros we could sign Siem De Jong and Aubameyang or Bony

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Cabaye can't take a corner to save hid life thou
Wasn't interested last season either
I say sell sell sell

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Cabaye 28m? no chance try 15m

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15 Jun 2013 10:37:58
Colo staying put for another season just waiting for pardews 'its like a new signing for us'

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I posted this comment a couple of days ago: Pea, bony and remy in a 4-3-3, selling Cabaye and Cisse to pay for it. Also Colo is staying and Douglas on his way next week. Pea agreed in Jan but st. Etienne wantedto wait until season finished roll on 1 july until its annouced

Said colo was staying, now wait until next week for PEA, my mates girlfriend works in HR at the club

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Considering most of us expected to lose him and have to find a replacement, yes, figuratively speaking it is like a new signing.

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Basically we will pay him 80K a week, San Lorenzo can't and no one else is in for him. Loyalty my. !

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15 Jun 2013 06:32:38
Reports in France that yohan cabaye passed medical at Monaco. think we were always going to lose him, least he gone to France where he won't hurt us!

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If true witch I doubt! Don't worry, over rated! Free kicks, good. Corners? Open play? Easy replaced IMO

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Take this with a pinch of salt at the minute. but wouldn't be surpised by the end of the transfer window it would have to be near the 20mil mark

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Cabaye on his way along with Cisse, but PEA and Bony and Remy in the way for an awesome 433

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Take the money and run after the season he just had.

He can have play a beautifully weighted pass on occasions, and the odd good free kick, but that is about it.

I am sick of him wasting our attacks by shooting from stupid distances, he is not frank Lampard.

I just pray that the money gets reinvested back into the team.

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This all started from a tweet, I can't find anything.

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Pea, bony, remy. go check yourself. do you know how much wages that would be. more like the 2 ameba's and graham comeing home. might get 1 against sunderland at least

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That will be great just look
Debuchy, Colo, Douglas, Santon/Haidara
Tiote, Cabaye, Sissoko
Ben Arfa, Bony, Remy
That looks like a canny good team to me agree is you think so to

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Deluded Geordie you'll never get bony cabaye and Ben Arfa want to back to France

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