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15 Jul 2012 22:50:30
well looks like Debuchy will not take part tomorrow, although I hope he signs tomorrow. ESPN 6pm. WE HAVE OUR LIFE'S BACK LADS!

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Debucy signed yet like yet, i havnt even heard tht weve agreed a fee yet

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Hey we all make mistakes, cut the lad some slack, even if his was turned by agents he wasn't the first and won't be the last. I was far from pleased when he left but he's still a Geordie who belongs in a NUFC shirt not a red scouse one.

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Lives even

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15 Jul 2012 21:56:48
well the andy carroll saga was put to bed very quick, liverpool reject are deal to loan and buy, says it falls short of their valuation. SOURCE BBC SPORT FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Club have said they would prefer to sell and carrol has stated he would prefer to be loaned all we can do is see....think carrol holds the cards tbh

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And BBC only gets there information for the Newspapers!!

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15 Jul 2012 21:40:59
With local journalists reporting that we have a summer transfer budget of £20 million, this is how I would like to see the money spent:

Debuchy - £7 million
Douglas - £5 million
Anita - £8 million
Carroll - Loan

Also, with the money brought in from the sales of Best and Forster, I would like to see that money used as the compensation fee for Hoilett and sign him.

My team for next season:


Debuchy Douglas Collocini Santon

Tiote Anita


Ben Arfa Cisse Hoilett


S. Taylor
R. Taylor

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Ba n carroll on da bench..... No chsnce

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Hoilett hype alert...again

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GK Krul

RB Debuchy (If we get him)
CB Taylor
CB Big Col (The Rock)
LB Santon

CDM Tiote
RCM Ben-Arfa
LCM Cabaye

St Carroll (If we get him)
St Ba
St Cisse

Play the top three in a triangle formation with the support play from Debuchy and Santon down the wings and Ben-Arfa will be electric. Also with the passing from Cabaye, and finishing from the front three... Champions League next season??

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Ba on the bench - the same Ba who objected to playing out left? Aye reeeeeeet. Get a grip FIFA fantasists.

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15 Jul 2012 21:18:39
newcastle to sign andy carroll on loan with view to permanent deal demba ba going to liverfool for 7.5 million i was with andy last night in low fell he was unhappy with what rodgers said about him and doesnt like playing up front with suarez as language barrier between them

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If that was the case, I'm sure he would love playing up front with cisse, who barely speaks a word of English

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Lie. Liverpool wouldn't want Demba Ba. Carroll is a lot better than him. Ba is terrible.

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Haha, I'd have Carroll back, but not a starter for this new team. and Ba is not rubbish... Ba is much better than Carroll...

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Liverpool can't get Ba for 7.5 as the release clause is only 4 champo league clubs.

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15 Jul 2012 21:09:36
Expect mathieu debuchy to join in the next 24 hours. Andy Carroll signing will follow in the next 48 hours. Expect the transfers to be rounded off in the next week with a move for dedryk boyata, a younger player who is flexible across the defence who graeme carr thinks could develop into a top prem center back. Should be available quite cheep as city have enough good young defenders and experienced ones. Curtis Good will also sign for £400K in the next week.

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15 Jul 2012 20:15:22
Andy Carrol can fit into the Toon Squad as i said before about CB we might have 50+ games Ba still has a dicky knee AC off the bench and starting in some games would be good...I dont think Ba is going anywhere

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15 Jul 2012 19:40:28
sky sources : newcastle united make loan offer to liverpool for striker carroll .well well the big mans on his way back its not a surprise thoe

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15 Jul 2012 19:38:29
Carroll to Newcastle is such a pointless loan move if it comes off. Cisse and Ba are better IMO and we'd be much better splashing out on a young striker. He's hardly going to get a warm reception after his showing at SJP last season, he'd be better off going to another club entirely.

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No way is this a pointless move. Carrol could fit straight into the team, we could play over 50 games this season. Top teams (of which we are aiming to be) need 3 good strikers to rotate and for cover. If we lost Ba or Cisse early in the season we would be cream crackered. Dont forget we might lose BOTH to the ANC

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Disagree I believe Andy will give us an option to change tactics if need be against certain teams the ability to be able to lump it up to him might not be attractive but will win us games

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He is young at 23 - proven prem goal scorer - 18 mil minus the 25% sell on clause would make about 13.5 mil. Happy days

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Carroll is a well better player than Demba Ba.

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Liverpool have rejected Newcastle's bid to sign striker Andy Carroll on loan, with a view to a permanent move (bbc).. toonshack

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How the hell is Carroll better than BA? BA can make goals out of nothing and his movement is way better. Carroll just stands there with his hand in the air.

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15 Jul 2012 19:04:02
Andy Carroll back to the toon

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15 Jul 2012 18:56:46
Breaking news: Newcastle ask Liverpool for season long lone for andy Carroll with a view to buy.

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Ed's Did you see this Carroll loan deal coming ? {Ed002's Note - I thought Liverpool would start negotiations with player plus cash.}

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Its on safc banter site saying they should bid for him...

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Safc banter site also says berbatov coming aswell.......

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Is it me or are the Mackems after everyone we show an interest in?

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15 Jul 2012 18:50:39
newcastle made offer to liverpool to take andy carroll on loan for the season with view to permanent deal ...geordie tom

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15 Jul 2012 18:35:35
Newcastle make a loan bid for andy carroll source TV buy buy demba ba it looks

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Bye bye even

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15 Jul 2012 17:03:03
Gabby Agbonlahor to NUFC for 8 million

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Would love for gabby to come to nufc but it is never gonna happen

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No chance, would fit in not needed - made up

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Dont think so at all safc can have him.........clint demsey twice the player and more physical......

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Agbonlahor gone to heavy lost alot of his pace and not a good finisher, should get hoillet could play him as a striker and hes free.

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Holliet is not FREE...his compensation is 4 million roughly then you have to pay his wages and he,s asking for real big wages have you been down a hole the past 2 weeks......

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