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15 Jan 2013 20:33:00
Tottenham are back ln for Cabaye!

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Can't understand why they would be, they have huddlestone, sandro, livemrore, parker, dembele, sigurdsson they don't really need another cm

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So are Arsenal, but he wants to stay at Newcastle.

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Me and my Manchester United supporting friend say why are Tottenham linked with so many midfielders it really annoys us. They have like 10 and most of them are good

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15 Jan 2013 19:35:37
NUFC just made offer for Massio Haidara (left back) according to tv.

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The same story also quotes him as stating he prefers a move to Italy and that Roma have bid as well. I would be surprised if we got him. Pleased, but surprised.

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Roma are his preferred choice. But, whilst there is real interest from Roma, there has been no contact or formal i'd for the player from Italy. Newcastle are apparently the only club to have actually bid for him.

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15 Jan 2013 18:56:20
Newcastle look set to release Colloccini on Thursday if they cannot convince him to stay. They will say it is not a footballing decison, and are still offering Colloccini to re consider and even take a career break.

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So we are just going to release our captain. Seriously. You cannot seriously think anyone is going to believe that.

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They should at least keep him till we get a replacement. and retain his contract or let him out on loan

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Sorry my heart's with the toon colo must buy himself out of contract stupid to let him go for free

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Who says? Seems unlikely for Ashley to let £10mill go down the pan...

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Can't seeing MA being that compassionate that he'll throw money away.
although a token bid may be accepted from San Lorenzo.

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15 Jan 2013 17:22:09
Read that Siem De Jong is available for around 9million. What a great buy he would be for us attacking midfielder who scores goals, yound with potential increase in value. What do you all think ?

All seems quiet on cb front. Pardew said the other day there were three or four deals warming up (one was obviously Remy) lets up the others are approaching boiling point. Still need cb and either two strikers or one plus De Jong.

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I'd love to see him in black & white, but he's captain of Ajax and I'm sure Europe is watching, he's that good. He's Kevin Nolan exemplified!

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Its all gone quiet on cb because taylor suppose to be back on saturday. Just like a new signing hey same old crap {Ed001's Note - I was told you were out in Russia chasing a centre back, I would assume Chris Samba. Not sure how true that is, but it would make sense as he wants to leave. His wage demands were out of the budget though, by a huge margin apparently. So that would also suggest Samba, as he is on a massive wage out there. I don't know who else it could be out there, I don't know a lot of Russian league based defenders, so I could be miles off on my assumption it is Samba. Oh and you have taken another look at Sheff Utd's Maguire.}

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15 Jan 2013 17:05:10
Newcastle United are interested in bringing in 2 Belgians from the Eredivisie.

Toby Alderweireld from Ajax is the man Alan Pardew want's for center back whilst Dries Mertens of PSV is the Magpies first choice for striker.

Bids have been lodged and the toon army are awaiting news on their success.

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I hope your right bud, that Dries Mertens is some player, scores from everywhere and anywhere!

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Don't forget we've also apparently made a £9 million bid for Siem de Jong who is, by the way, the older brother of Luuk de Jong who we tried to sign in the summer but he turned us down to go to Borussia Monchengladbach.

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If we brought in those 2 players i wouldn't really care about anymore coming in, two absolutely world class players but the price theyd demand is about £16mil+ for the both don't really see this happening

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15 Jan 2013 15:36:23
Reports in Italy are claiming that Newcastle United have made an offer in the region of €3million (£2.5m) for Nancy left-back Massadio Haidara. FIFA agent Oscar Damiani, who acts as an intermediary for Nancy, said: "It is likely that he will eventually go to England. The cost is still around €4-5m (£3-3.4m)."

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The player himself has said he prefers to go to Roma because he prefers the Italian league! But his agent is talking to both clubs

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Report out in the last hour stating he has chosen to join Roma instead of us. He says "he likes the Italian league better".

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15 Jan 2013 14:11:08
tim krull to ac milan 8 mill euros and jack butland coming in for half that

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Its 12 and we turned it down

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Krul is worth considerably more than 8 million euros, and jack butland is valued at around £6million so could you be more wrong?

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Its 8 million for a player who wants to leave, he's been made to look a fool this season with our defence

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Doubt if AC Milan will pay what we want for Krul, but Butland may be insurance in case they do. Everyone has a price to MA.

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He's also contributed to the poor defense. conceded goals after a few bad clearances.
still young and hopefully will learn. would like to see him more vocal with the defence. he's the person who has the best view of where things are about to go wrong.

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Krul had a purple patch in his short career last season
When things went well
Lets see what's he's like when the chips are down

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15 Jan 2013 13:49:10
Reports are coming from Marseille (Aniga) that Remy has not made up his mind yet.

The QPR and Newcastle deals are still open and supposedly there are other English clubs interested now too.

The deal is maybe not as cut and dry as first reported.

Watch this space.

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I would love this to back fire on the baggy eyed Andrew Lloyd webber lookalike but I can't see it now, i think it's evident remy is motivated by money, can we blame him? Not sure, if he is a football man through and through he would come to us in a flash, 52k every week, the best fans, nice ground good training facilities, I would like to think it is not just about cash, but over the next few days the truth will come out. Lets see how close he got to signing.

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Read online that, besides having more competition for Moussa Sissoko from other Prem teams, that Newcastle put in a 9 million pound bid for Siem de Jong from Ajax. Anyone hear anything regarding this? Class signing if true

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I would love Remy to choose Newcastle over the corrupt and desperate Redknapp !
He is the type of signing Newcastle need, pace, power, and can play in various attacking positions.
If he chooses QPR, then we must look t other targets and get bids in quick.
We also need a solid Centre Back.
Normally i can accept when a player knocks us back for the real top sides, but to go to that crook Redknapp, whom exposed BA's release clause really annoys me !
ED have you heard of anything else that may be happening on the Transfer front for us ?

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If Remy goes to QPR fair enough. They're going to go down so we'll just poach him on a free in summer. Job done!

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^^How are you going to get Remy when you go down with them?

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Why would we want the mercenary in the summer? he snubs us now and we get to make him even richer with a signing on fee in a few months? nah thanks

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15 Jan 2013 12:54:48
French sources claiming remy has turned down qpr and is now on his way to Newcastle for a medical after agreeing to sign. Maybe not the greedy bas***d everyone thinks he is?

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As much as I hope it's true if he wasn't he wouldn't have considered QPR

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This would be really funny the way so many people have been slagging him off just to then sing his praises as the best thing to come out of France since the croissant. Football fans, fickle.....nah don't be silly.

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Maybe it was a ply by his agents to get an extra 5k from us,,, i might have worked

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Just spoke to one of the lads on the maintenance at SJP

Remy is having a medical tonight at 8pm

Announcement in the morning at an eleven o'clock press conference

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Where do you get off on making this crap up? He has gone to qpr, the unveiling will be at lotus road tomorrow newcastle have even said they are "extremely disappointed as the player made every indication he was going to sign" sorry people but its over loic remy is a qpr player

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Remy has completed his QPR medical, Harry Redknapp has confirmed it

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15 Jan 2013 11:37:10
Would love to see Tomkins come to us in this transfer window but that looks even more a distance now as West Ham have just confirmed that James Collins has been sidelined with a Hamstring injury so now they only have 3 fit defenders so the chances of Big Sam letting him go now is basically Nill. But I do hope we sign him in the Summer.

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15 Jan 2013 11:37:06
Id just go for graham instead of waiting round for these players to make there minds up. he's a local lad and he can score goals. yes he's 27 big deal id still have drogba lol..Would love bony though top player

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There is NO point in us signing Danny Graham. May as well use Sammy Ameobi in the same way. Danny Graham will not add anything to our team except numbers.

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He is younger them shola and to be fair better.. Give him a three and half year contract

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Agree don't see what Graham would add, we need a player who can firstly play out wide then centre halfs, then a centre mid and last another centre forward, we don't have money to waste

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No we have players who can play out wide we need a striker who can score goals as we don't have one, just a bloke who scores a few lucky goals last year and has been shown up for the average footballer he is. I thought Ba had a bad first touch but Cisse could not trap a fart in an astronouat suit.

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He scored 15 goals last season ! give him a shot.

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May as well use Sammy!! Have you been to SJP this season? He is so raw & has just about the worst control I have seen in a pro footballer + how many goals has he scored? His best effort was hitting the post at Man you with what I can only describe as the most feeble shot I have seen this season. No question Danny Graham would be a better option. I may be wrong but I predict he will end up in the lower leagues

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Please god no not graham....anyone who admits watching geordie shore needs their heads examined!

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Worst control?? Rather have Sammy Ameobi than Graham any day. Have you seen Nile Ranger?!?! Worst load of rubbish in the football league and for some reason he's still on our books. Get him out

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15 Jan 2013 11:09:04
It seems as Newcastle are being shrewd again
Remy is no more than a smoke screen as his wages were
Always to high
The plan is to go in for Bafetimbi Gomis
Furthering this up with a bid for Yannick Djalo
Giving us pace and power we need
We will be targeting two CB's
Shock news though is Pardew has enquired about
David Beckham - supposedly backed by Ashley going against all principles as he sees only the £ signs from shirt sales
Watch this space
Old insider

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If we are being shrewd - why is it all over the press
It will have just forced the price up of any new moves as other clubs know we are desperate running out of time and have bid £9m+ for a player

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Cant see us getting gomis yannik and esp beckham ! think we are in for just more disapointment.

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Well thanks for ruining that smokescreen for the club.

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You cannot be serious.

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When we don't get someone its not a smokescreen its just a truth that some people don't want to beleive, we can't compete financially with some prem league clubs

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Why would we sign djalo when we could of had him for free a couple of years ago plus he had a trial at villa and did not succeed so what makes you think he will be good for us

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15 Jan 2013 10:55:21
Set to bid for Butland, already planning for life in the Championship after relegation when Krul will leave.

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Butland only wants to go somewhere, where he will be getting first team action. He wouldn't be first choice over Krul so unless he goes unsold in January and we lose Krul in the Summer he wouldn't come to us.

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Krul is wanted by AC Milan.Sky

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Apparently its because AC Milan want Krul...

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Why do we need another keeper - just got rid of Fraser Forster for £2m, have Harper who is a good understudy for Krul

we need strength in every other area before a new keeper

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15 Jan 2013 09:35:35
Siem de Jong to the Toon? Or so the Daily Mail rekon, therefore more likey BS. Would love this to happen though he is world class. HWTL


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Would be a great signing not an out and out striker but scores goals when you need them and he'd settle faster and link up well with Anita

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15 Jan 2013 00:09:31
Lets clear a few things up. There is a lot of rubbish being written in the press at the moment, mostly due to the fact that thet haven't got a clue what is going on. Most clubs do not conduct their business in public anymore (with the exception of dirty arry), and keep their cards close to their chest.

Remy - Has several offers on the table from various clubs. NUFC have been talking to him, and i dare say he has chatted with the French players already at the club. QPR would like to sign him, and are apparently offering a lot more money. He therefore has a decision to make. We have done all we can, if he chooses us, then great, if not, then he probably wasn't the right player for us anyway.

Ben Arfa - Nothing story, dredged up from an old interview, and also mis quoted as he never once said he wanted to leave the club in the summer. Nonsense journalism, trying to sell papers, or earn clicks to their tin pot websites.

Collo - Terrible situation, which you can only feel sorry for the guy. I can see this being resolved by allowing him time off when possible to go back to Argentina to see his family. If not, then he will probably leave in the summer, but will go with our thanks and best wishes.

Pardew - Last eason could do no wrong with the fans, this year can do no right. This year we have been crippled by injuries, and the failure to strengthen the squad. Pardew does not buy players, so he can't be blamed for that, he didn't injure the players so he can't be blamed for that. Criticism of his tactics etc may be valid to a degree, but lets judge him on that when we have a full strength team on the pitch. Anyone who wants him sacked would do well to remember the mess we were in after continually sacking our prevous managers. Last seasons manager of the season has not become a terrible manager in the space of a few months.

I would like to think that most level headed fans think along the same lines as me, but perhaps the people that comment on these sites are not the level headed type. More the type that knee jerk, and rant, and probably don't even go to the games (with a fair few makem persons thrown in).


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Most sense i've seen on here for a while

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Your opinion. Whilst the club (as normal) advise they have the player again our methods and conviction in negotiation are pathetic

Yes this lad can choose and will more than likely go for the money as most players do.

Chances of NUFC ever signing a player in a competitive market have gone so we need find a few like Michu etc

Let's move on and get another striker but essentially a CB NOW

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One of the most sensible posts I've seen on here!

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Agree with this post, as for QPR and Remy "Arry" is up to his old tricks no more than 2 weeks ago he said he would not be wasting money on signing players and that the club has too many players on high wages, however as with Pompey he just can't stop spending, £70K per week is too much for Remy and if QPR want to pay him this then let them.

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Do not agree to some extent with your Pardew comments. Those of us who actually looked at NUFC performances without being caught up by the hype could see we were very very fortunate last season. Agreed it is a results game but apart from Stoke/Man Utd at home we rarely played well and in most gamed were outplayed even against QPR both tmes and Blackburn away. Most teams we played had a host of chances and more posesion yet the results masked the deficincies of the team and squad, OK it worked last year but AP should have been looking to evolve the team this season. Also his pandering to Ba meant a poor start to the season, Cisse losing all confidence and then further compounding it by playing Cisse out wide instead of having teh guts to say to Ba you play where I say or deciding which was his main striker and leaving the other on the bench so a proper midfield player could play in midfield instead of facing up to the obvious that everyone else could see that Ba and Cisse could not play together. Spire Toon.

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Quite clearly we have not ''done all we can'' to sign Remy, I would not be surprised if our offer included incentives which made up half of his pay.

Pardew has injuries - all teams get injuries and we are no special case, if you finish the season 5th then you attract players and build on it, you plan for injuries, this is what good teams do. (If my memory serves me correctly it was those fans you are berating that called for those signings in the summer)

You also seem quite happy for Newcastle to wipe 10 million of the books and let Colo leave in the summer, excuse me but Colo is on 60 to 80k a week and you are telling me he cannot afford to have his family and any treatment here? If we let players go for free every time a foreign players wife wanted to move home for whatever reason we would be in big big trouble, he has a contract... end off. Are we in business to give San Lorenzo 10 million hand outs or what.

I agree with you on the Ben Arfa paragraph, I found the rest condescending tbh. Maybe you think you are a better Newcastle fan than most because you do not complain when the club gets into trouble. You assume the fans are not loyal because they are growing tired of Pardew's results this season, there are no excuses for our position in the table with injuries or not. Remember this, the fans are club loyal - not manager loyal... we are not a cult of personality.

People complain and call for improvements because they care about the club, since when did giving someone a pat on the back for bad performances ever work?

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I for 1 think pardew did excellent last season we did probably better than any 1 could of expected now with all injuries bad luck players off form we find ourselves at the wrong end of the table I just wish we had bought in the summer what we should have done but what bothers me is the pardew affect he has always done well then it all goes belly up ( relegation ) I hope we get this all sorted players in or our luck changes and pardew does another excellent job washy toon

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Quite clearly we have done all we are prepared to do with Remy. We have a good offer on the table for him, the ball is in his court. If another club want to pay over the odds for a player in a huge gamble to stay in the league then let them. We have more quality in our squad than QPR, and will bet with anyone that we finish well above them in the league this season. They will go down, simple as.

We have had injuries to key players. The 'key players' being the important part. In an ideal world we would have signed more in the summer, but if the targets we want are not available then i would prefer we didn't just sign anyone as a desperation purchase.
Debuchy - couldn't get him in the summer, get the player we want at a reduced price a few months later. If we had gone out and signed our 2nd or 3rd choice then, we would not be able to sign the 1st choice now.

Collo - Where did i say we would take a 10m hit on him? The club is a business, and therefore decisions will be made with money as part of the process. If he is insistent on leaving, then he needs to be the one that accepts he will lose out money wise (buying his contract out/taking a huge wage cut to go home so that Lorenzo can afford a fee).

Fans are entitled to their opinions, however i don't get the fans that almost actively promote a negative attitude to everything relating to the club. Instead of getting behind the players we have, and stop worrying about who we have 'missed out on'.

Whilst giving someone a pat on the back when they have played badly doesn't work, neither does booing them or shouting at them. I for one would prefer that people inclined to behave like that just stay away.


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A football club is meant to move forward and build on last season, we have went backwards and its the boards fault. We were extremely lucky last season that we didn't suffer from any injuries but this year we have eurpoe so we needed cover. The embarrasing game against Brightoon the other week showed how poor our back up is, we didn't even have enough players to fill the bench and we are a club who finished 5th last year. Mike Cashley is worth of 1.5 billion he spends millions in casinos but he won't put money into the club, we don't expect to pay over the odds for players but there are players out there we can afford that can do a job for us. All other clubs seem to sort out deals quickly and smoothly where we take an age then it falls through at the last minute, what does that tell you. The club also keep us in the dark and don't let us no what is going on, we have two vital games in the coming weeks and if we don't get 6 points i think we are in serious trouble as the teams around us are improving.

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1. The way I see it, if remy was worth 80k a week as reported, then clubs like Chelsea, man you and city would be after him. They weren't, which suggests that qpr are vastly overpaying.

2. How anyone can say the injuries aren't that big a deal is beyond me. Yes you should plan for injuries by having reliable back up players- the problem is theyre injured too! E.g Ryan Taylor, haris vuckic, dan gosling which means you have to drop down to a lower level of player or play people out of position. I will concede we should have got more defensive cover last window though.

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Wow. So many differing opinions. We are a divided Toon Army aren't we?

I have been reading these threads for a while now, all very interesting and to be honest quite funny too but the general consensus is that no one posting on here really knows who to blame. Really though, is there any blame to be dished out? OK, so we don't hear about every single detail of a transfer or contract negotiation but where do you? Oh yeah, good old media friendly Harry Redknapp is quite happy to divulge any and all information to the press, he'd probably tell The Sun his wife's bra size if he thought it would help. But apart from him and the clubs he has been at, who tells their fan's everything? No-one. It's the way it goes now, its business. I don't discuss my employee's contracts with anyone but them and that's how it should be. I don't care what Remy has been offered at QPR, if he wants to sign for them good luck to him, he'll need it. Redknapp is a club destroyer, he throws money at players and agents and when it doesn't work he throws even more money in. I for one would not want that. I'm completely in favour of Ashley's model, don't buy players where there is no resale value, don't pay ridiculous wages to players that will very rarely show any loyalty regardless of how much they earn. Protect your investment.

As for our oh so many Pardew haters out there. You might say that you have never liked him or that we were lucky last season or haven't played well since Hughton left but in reality were any of you saying this last season when we were challenging for CL and finished 5th, I highly doubt it. Ok last season lady luck did shine on us a little but I feel we were due a season like that, don't you? We did play well last season and it wasn't just ˜odd games', the way the team was set up and played made it very difficult for teams to break us down. Couple that with our attackers being in much better form and Papiss scoring for fun and it makes for a good season. Ok, had Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton had better seasons we may not have made Europe but that's the way it went.

The bottom line is this season hasn't gone our way. We didn't strengthen in the summer as the targets we were in for didn't pan out, a shame but not Pardew's fault. We have had more games with Europe and we have had too many injuries to cope with that, for me that does not mean go out and throw money at players because they are available. Let's just have a little faith in the system that Ashley is going with. Believe it or not, he will not want this club to fall flat on its face, again! If things don't work out this window it will in the summer. I know that's no good for all you ˜it needs to be fixed overnight' fans, but guess what, football doesn't work that way either. For a prime example of this, look at QPR, they bought 11 players in the summer and look where it got them! Reading bought 8. Man City have been lucky enough to buy some of the best players in the world and that only just worked for them.

Sorry to drone on and on.

Loyal Toon fan.

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Well said CHRIS I have just seen that if we don't get everyone of our three possible signings names not listed we will sign six to seven players in the summer pardew + Ashley want to push for c/l I agree with you don't want to see players on stupid inflated wages not showing any commitment so if we get young unknown players what have skill and do want to actually play football not just here for ££££ good stuff I would rather see this and if it means the club is making £ good bit of business as long as there's a good replcement

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"A football club is meant to move forward and build on last season, we have went backwards and its the boards fault."

If all clubs are building and moving forward only some can be successful others not. Yes we want to be successful but we also don't want a bunch of mercenaries at the club. Money can't buy loyalty, so over paying, unless you have pockets lined with oil will always end badly.

We get players who want to play for the club within fair play rules, is that such a bad thing. Yes this season has been disappointing but building takes time and needs consistency from owner, manger and players. Injuries have let us down but let's not be too hasty, I don't want us to slide back to the dark days of a new manager every season and paying exorbitant amounts for players who add nothing to the squad.

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14 Jan 2013 23:48:01
if the remy deal fails we should go after wilfried bony of dutch side vitesse, at 24 he would be ideal and he is 6ft powerful in the air, he has scored 15 in16 games for vitesse this season and says he sees his future in britain. with our african players he could see us as an ideal move.

Believable9 Unbelievable6

Would be a good signing but vitesse are pushing for Europe this year so they may not want to sell up or at least not on the cheap

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Ya i think he is one of the best prospects in europe the african hulk and has replaced drogba for the ivory coast, watched him on youtube outstanding, screw remy this kid is the real deal

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