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15 Jan 2012 21:35:15
FACT Edin Hazard is playing for Lille as we speak against marsaille so he is not at the training ground

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He's not but he WAS

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He was at the training ground but now he is playing for lille and he was never in a million years going to sign for us nor did we bid for him

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He was probably at the training ground to see Yohan Cabaye; his old teammate

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True hazard was at long benton yesterday but only visiting

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From a toon player! Fans of Newcastle...Prepare to be amazed, Probably the hottest prospect on the market comin to toon for 12m Euros...If i'm wrong then i'll eat the Stadium of s**te! Without any condiments...Sad thing is tho it's the funds from the sale of Colo that have funded it and that leaves us weak in the rear! Shaffted as usauall

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Can we please get this correct...... Sky Sports were reading out rumours they had read on Twitter and this has now gone crazy with this rumour

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All that said Hazard would fit into Ashleys policy, perfect stepping stone club with guarenteed football and regardless of a big fee, still profitable, hopefully cabaye put in a good word haha
Signed him for the toon on fm11 20+ goals 20+ assists wn the league bought for £17m sold for £50m to man utd

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Jesus christ, some of the rumours on here haha! Hazard was indeed at the training ground, but only because he was visiting Cabaye for his birthday.

And to the person saying we're signing him with funds raised from selling Colo. You my friend are deluded.

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Lads sort your heads out. hazard was not even at the training ground (confirmed by pardew). why would lille let him travel to newcastle on their own matchday? they wouldn't.
he was due to watch the game as a guest of cabaye for his birthday but didn't come as he had own club commitments.

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Lets see. eden hazard will choose nufc over chelsea man u man c arsenal and spurs who have all expressed interest in him. here comes the white coats my friend

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15 Jan 2012 20:51:50
I'm mates with Mark Douglas of the sunday sun and hes heard that the toon will sign Benjamin Corgnet from Dijon in the summer

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Apparently deal is done

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Yes i can defo see that happening.

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15 Jan 2012 20:15:14
Ed what's the rumours about Eden Hazard? You think that we'd actually be able to sign him? Also I heard that Erding and Cissokho should be signed by next week. {Ed001's Note - SSN say he was spotted at Newcastle's training ground, but that is it. I really can't see there being any chance of Hazard joining Newcastle.}

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It pains me to say it but what with some of the biggest teams in europe after his signature we cannot and will not get him! great player though!

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I think it was just for cabayes birthday nothing more

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And pardew went on to say in his after match comments that he was to expencese

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It was cabayes birthday yesterday so y wouldnt he have flown out then instead of today when he has a game tonight

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Come on get a grip we have 0% chance of getting him.

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There is a chance he would sign...his mates are here (cabaye and marveuix and ben arfa) so would settle up here! Prepare to be surprised toon army!

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We have every chance,,,mark these words...his best mate has told him to give us the option (cabaye) who went off with a imaginary injury today cos he was drunk as a skunk last night

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Cause Marveaux and Ben Arfa played in Ligue 1 they're his friends?

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Real tough nut cab aye,can give it,but cant take it,physically,or the drink!

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15 Jan 2012 19:28:32
ed any players been linked with a move today? {Ed001's Note - today, nothing mate.}

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15 Jan 2012 14:24:25
Well if it's true tiote is off to man city for £27.25m, Eden hazzard may well n truly be off to the toon for £25m...

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Not going to happen.

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Stop making c**p up ,its unbelievable

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Yet another reason while we call some geordies deluded

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Yet another reason WHY we call all mackems thick!

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This isnt being made up! sky sports are reporting it!

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Do u numpties actually know what the word rumour means.. Read the post... What does it say... IF THE.....

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Gona happen! Hazard will be a toon player for at least 1 season, then just like the to greener grass!

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15 Jan 2012 13:19:33
In mexico report that eden hazard was seen in the training ground newcastle.
ed: is this true? {Ed001's Note - well yes, but it is likely that he was visiting Cabaye on his birthday.}

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Think that's why cabaye is 'injuried' wanted to go for a pint with Hazard. (this is a joke for those who don't get it) Adstatoon.

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Lille are playing marseille away tonight though... just made up rumours

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So was he there or not

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Eden hazard. really? no chance.

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15 Jan 2012 11:57:11
We're currentley scouting Kévin_Théophile-Catherine. Another French import from Ligue 1 Rennes

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15 Jan 2012 11:19:20
Ed- any news on Tim Krul's possible spurs move?? really don't want him to go :( {Ed001's Note - none, I don't think anything is even in the works for January, they are happy with Friedel, for this season.}

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Krul has said that he will see what happens in the summer

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Garbage..Krul has never said he will see what happens in the summer..what crack have you been smoking..

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15 Jan 2012 02:11:56
News in mexico say that newcastle will have 3 signing, one of them this week (beginning Monday), the other 2 before the FA Cup match.
is said to be 2 striker and one defender.
Carroll say that is very close to being signed.
I am a follower of the team and just say what is disclosed in my country, you should be more informed because they live in England.
I am striker in third division of my country and I am not signed.
! greeting °

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How do

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Hot news cissohko 6.5 million , ravel morrison 1 million , melvut erding 4.5 million all signed by end of week no deal for CB as of yet but this will happen at end of window

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Why is it that people in Mexico seem to know more about what's happening in the toon than people in Newcastle? this must be the 3rd post ive seen saying "News in Mexico."

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Surely Skacel is worth a look or a punt after seeing his hat trick for Hearts...?

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Hi and welcome.

I think your information is probably unreliable. We are concentrating on bringing in a centre back but strikers are lower priority. Looks like we could take Ravel Morrison (who can play as a striker) but he's a young player for devlopment.

Alan Pardew has been quoted as saying that we may look to bring in players now rather than in summer if they become available at the right price. That would be good but prices are usually very high in January, so I don't expect too much.


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Oh, and Caroll won't be coming back this January. Both clubs have said this is rubbish.


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Has been interest given to the premier league and Newcastle, as Giovanni Dos Santos is there (premier league) and scoring the film works well in mexico because Kunnan becker is Mexican.
I follow the team since 2002 I have 17 years.

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