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15 Dec 2012 22:41:54
Great looks like we're gonna have to wait till january to get our season going if mike ashley spends. We're lucky not to be 20th. QPR won today and will have momentum to beat us. draw is not good enough for game v qpr. arsenal and man u will tear us apart. if we could score set pieces, we would give arsenal, man u and city a good game but no pards just wants to play hoof it to williamson and header it back in to the box even if hes got 3 players around him and see what happens. If you had to tell an alien about the premier league, it would never believe that we finished 5th last season.

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It's simple. We need more creative flair. So far the only creative players we have are Cabaye and Ben Arfa who are both injured. Personally I think we should sell tiote and use the funds to buy Younes Belhanda or another good creative player, Belhanda's just a personal favourite but he is exactly what we need: fast, strong, skillful, creative and I've seen us linked with him but only once and it was quite a tenuous link

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Ashley is gonna take us down again

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I'm starting to question my sanity, but I think this start to the season might be a blessing in disguise. Hear me out.

Nobody wants our good players anymore because theyre not playing well so we can hang on to them over January. Yet we've had a chance to showcase some of our not to so good players, ie ranger, the ameobis, squidward, etc. And remind the world about xisco. With a view to flogging them off in January. Good opportunity to get rid of some dead wood and free up some money for wages. I think we all have to admit that nobody is coming in till people leave. We have a good squad size I think, but talent levels drop off a bit past the first 11.

But after all, who knows.

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Sounds good BUT remember who owns us! he wont get any decent players in as he is to greedy and we need to get ridof the puppet? remember he has took all his teams own and we are going down.

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The sad thing is that if we go down ashley will spend more to get us back up then let things go back to how they are now

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Well if we go down none of the good players will stay this time i wish ashley would sell up

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It could be too late to bed players in and for sure other teams way ahead of us will also be looking at payers and we can but will not compete for signatures

Great business Wigan Villa Swansea WBA Fulham Norwich W Ham all ahead of us
For sure when Ashley's gets things wrong he really does get them wrong.

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15 Dec 2012 19:11:58
Can anyone tell me what the point was in signing lots of promising young players when none of them are being given a chance to prove themselves or improve? Is it just Ashley and Pardew's excuse for not making any decent signings in the summer except Anita who I think is doing well but isn't quite good enough yet, although that's probably because he's still settling in here

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Is that the same Anita who was the best toon player on the park today...?
The kids are not ready yet, the game in France last week proved that massively!

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Anita's not bad by any stretch of the imagination but I don't think he's at his best quite yet. I said we made no decent signings EXCEPT Anita who's been good so far but like I said could be better

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Let's get real - Anita is NOT a good signing. He is too small and lightweight for the Prem. But he is trying hard which makes him look good compared some of our more established 'stars'. We failed to invest in the summer when we had something to offer -a club on the up We have suffered ever since -injuries have meant no settled side. we are now a long ball team with no midfield creativity - a poor defence and no leders on the pitch

Who would want to come in Jan ?

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Anita is class, end of. He works hard and is good on the ball. End of

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Agree. Lot of time for anita. The Dutch league is nowhere near as physical as the prem. Anita has been so important to us without cabaye, his work rate is much higher than any others at the moment. He just needs the ability to produce the defence splitting pass. He'll chase any player across the park all day, can't believe people don't have love for him. My feeling is he'll be a fan favourite by may! C'mon vurnon, I'm backing you mate!

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15 Dec 2012 18:40:55
I new Simpson Williamson and Jonas were not up to much but the big dissapointments this season have to be Tiote and Cisse, if we had signed them in the summer we would have been calling them bad signings, they certainly havnt lived up to last seasons players

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Agree with tiote, but cisse is a team player unlike ba. Cisse been put out on the wing so ba can be in the middle, you don't hear him moaning unlike ba. Look to the end of last season cisse in the middle and we had ba moaning. Simply ba is not a team player he just cares about raising his stock

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I've not seen our heard owt about baaaaaa moaning. Just paper trash.

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Havnt seen much of Cisse on the left, noticed Santon there and I believe Jonas made a guest appearance there once. Cisse has spawned chance after chance in the area

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Cisse has done well enough to score 4 goals from the right anyway wrong formation for a quality player like him

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Cisse will be back to his usual self when ba's stopped being selfish, and cabaye's back to supply him!

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15 Dec 2012 14:36:38
Again I find myself in disbelief at Danny Simpson. He cannot cross at all and good chances go begging each time. Santon should be playing at RB with Fuguson at LB with Jonas covering him, otherwise how is the lad going to learn?

Anita was class again, shame Tiote gives the ball away so much. We could have been 4 or 5 down in the first half alone, and ok we created chances and forced saves but we still did not convert.

I feel it is going to be a long hard slog until January when we can get some new faces in, the sooner the better!


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I agree at least Ferguson can cross. Danny was poor in the Man city 3rd goal build up he just gave up running and marking. Its simple close down and pressurize the attacker dont just stop and watch. The problem is that with the injuries there is no competition for places and the same team is getting picked therefore lacking in motivation especially when some are not first choice first team players. Marveaux should have replaced perch and Tiote stayed on. Perch shoud have come on later to replace williamson who loses his legs at the end. I fear that in January what ever is done and whoever is brought in will not make an impact quickly and like Anita will take time to adjust and mesh with the team.
The team needs to play and pass closer to each other as the forwards wait for the ball rather than coming to it.
Need a result against QPR at home with them surely with a win 2-0 ATM against Fulham. Bring back King ARFA!!!!!!1

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The problem with the 3rd goal wasn't really Simpson's fault as he had to try and deal with silva and zabaletta by himself nobody came to support him so he had to choose between staying with silva and leaving zabaletta open or go to zabaletta and let silva run through the defence

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Simple answer to our problems is buy some new players we need a new RB and CB and a striker I also think we should sell Tiote because he's becoming more of a liability every game and use the money to buy Younes Belhanda because without HBA or Cabaye we have no creativity or attacking flair

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I think the obvious reason why we took tiote off today, was the fear of him getting a yellow and missing the QPR game...

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Ferguson would get blew away with the wind! He needs to build strength first

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Hopefully Pardew will be able to get some cash to spend on the players. The fact is that we all knew the areas that needed to be strenghtened in the Summer, a centre half, and RB and a creative midfielder.

I honestly think we should sell Ba, Tiote and Simpson and then get Mville, Debuchey Sissoko and a striker.


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The problem is simple the squad size. It can never be to big as Swansea Norwich and various other teams have shown numbers= competition which raises a players game and motivation to get into the team. It helps with squad rotation and experience for the youth. However this season we entered Europe which some how meant that we needed fewer players ??

I understand and respect what Llambias is trying to do financial fair play , breaking even and reducing the debt etc but we have to splash out on decent players.

Now that its January where the bulk of business has to be done in order to rescue our season the majority of players will have to come from France so that they can get up to speed quicker and gel with installed players easier i.e language and pace of the game.

Defense is the problem the team aren't falling back like they did last season and are not attacking with pace as a result instead holding back as they are clearly worried about the defense.

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15 Dec 2012 13:38:47
Tiote is at it again, I can count 5 times he gave the ball away that led to very dangerous Man City attacks.

The last one led to Tevez running clear on goal which forced a corner, Garcia then converted that Corner.

It is all good and well having a midfield enforcer but there is nothing to say a defensive midfielder should not be able to control himself on the ball and pick out clever passes. (Like Anita)

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He also seems to have been given a shoot on sight instruction. not sure why, apart from the goal against arsenal, his shooting is pretty woeful at the best of times.

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He's becoming more of a liability every game we should just sell him. Chelsea are apparently interested and in the summer there were rumours of them offering 20m for him

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We would be lucky to get 10 mil for Tiote

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I think at best we could hope for 10-15m for tiote and Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U have all been rumoured to be interested in him

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Why do we have such fickle fans, last year we were saying tiote would demand at least 20-30 mil no we're saying he wont even demand 10, hes had a poor season but so has everyone, we do not want to sell our best players no matter how poor they are playing that is not going to help

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It is not fickle to want what is best for your club, we have atleast 4 players that can play defensive midfield.

Tiote is the one that can raise the most cash, would we really miss Tiote that much? Anita can play beside Cabaye with Bigi as back up.

The money from Tiote is badly needs for other areas we are short in.

What is the point in having 4 defensive midfielders and noone challenging for centreback spots.

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15 Dec 2012 10:58:23
Newcastle want replace demba ba with vitesse striker wilfred bony stumbling block is vitesse want get in champions league unlikely they want sell big offer could tempt face competition from chelsea and fulham cska Moscow also intreasted another Target for Newcastle is Pierre emerick-ambamayung

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