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15 Aug 2013 20:27:59
ba to cardiff on loan?

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The only Ba's in Wales will be sheep.

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Thats not true there's baaaa ngor

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And Abaaaarystwyth

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Good jokes, not (get ready for it) baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad at all.

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Shakespeare the sheep went into a baaaaar and the baaaarman said 'You're baaaaard'. No? OK.

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15 Aug 2013 19:14:00
Gomis likely to sign a new contract with Lyon over the next few days.
Sinclair in talks re a loan move to WBA.
Bent medical at Fulham on Friday

What is going on at St James Mr Kinnear?

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Each day I get up go straight away to see transfer news each time with nothing, its like getting kicked and each day the kicks get harder and harder, i'm gutted, we just won't spend the money, everybody on the cheap,. and we all know wot happens when you don't invest in the squad

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Pardew spent his summer budget in january i'm afraid

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Well he has bought in Remy but now he is out until mid September. Pardew said on Monday that this will be a crucial week for Toon in the transfer market but Joe appears to be AWOL again when it comes to delivering the goods. He's proving an astute signing, not!

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Its painfully obvious the squad isn't good enough and we don't have creativity or goals in the team - signs are ominious for the season ahead

My prediction is we will try for someone on loan on the last day as a panick measure but fail due to time. No one comes in
We sell cabaye in last few days of the window as the offer is too good to refuse - £12m!
Pardew says he's happy with the squad and the summers business and is going for Europe this season

We get thrashed by man city and then struggle all season through lack of goals
Panick buying in January where we pay over inflated prices but doesn't work this season and we go down

Obviously JK master plan!

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Just because we haven't heard anything from Joe Kinnear doesn't mean he isn't doing anything! He could be working on a few deals in secret! The media doesn't know everything!

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To the person who said pardew spent the summer budget in january that was last summers money they spent and learnt there lesson haha they make u laugh! Or should that be cry in our case?

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I hardly think we paid over inflated prices in January. Just how big do people want this squad to be? Anita, Marveaux ad others already don't get starts and Remy has replaced Ba. Poor manager and a joke of a D. O. F yes but squad size not so much.

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Another summer of being mugged off. I suppose we should be used to it now.

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It's the same every time -when someone (Bent this time) we try and sign them. and fail every time

A couple of points to make

1. Why would anyone sign for us like this - I would go to a clud who has made the effort and shown they really want me rather that a club which has prattled about and messed me about

2. If I was incompetent as JK and co at my job I would have been sacked a long time ago - why are we been run by a bunch of amateurs

3. All we hear is talk and no action - I find it embarrassing that we are the only club who hasn't signed anyone permanently this close season - I know we have signed Remy on loan but look at the facts, he is already out for the first month of the season, then when he comes back will have no pre season behind him. When he does come back it will be when his court case comes up so there is a strong possibility that he could be imprisioned - another amateur approach to running the club

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Kinnear work in secret? bloody hell no. he's probably telling all the other teams who our targets are.

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The gutter press, 'pundits', and blogs-for-morons (The Mag, Newcastle Utd Mad, etc etc) all keep forecasting grief for Pardew in a battle with Kinnear but if JK doesn't pull his finger out and sign some class I can see him getting the push instead. There are still some thickos who believe transfers are Pardew's responsibility, but JK was brought in to do better than Llambias, and so far he's done SFA.

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Guys take your heads out of your backsides, signing a player is not as easy as all that I would rather the club be careful and spend the money wise then just go out spend spend spend and end up like pompey if you don't like it then give the fat man £200m and do it yourself oh let me guess you don't have it!

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I don't believe a thing the club says - all it does is lead the fans on and are a pack of lies

Today's is Pardew says they are actively pursuing 2 players nad he needs a striker as we are short upfront
then next sentence he says that he doesn't expect a lot of activity by the club in the last part of the transfer window

Well we have virtually no activity what so ever in the window and plenty of talk

When we are are in the bottom three Kinnear and Pardew will be regretting the total lack of activity this summer because they will be signing on the dole after been total failures at Newcastle

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"All we hear is talk? When?
I've never heard a thing coming out of St James Park. All you hear is rumours.
The club NEVER release statements.

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What about all the Pardew interviews on tv and all those interviews with JK
Aren't they part of the club. or have I missed something

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It's not all Pardew's fault, he only 'knows' what Joking Ear tells him. And still there are people who think Pardew does transfers - he doesn't, it was all down to Llamlbias, now it's The Joke. If Pardew has said anything that's got your hopes up then he's been misled as well.

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Now you know how we felt for the last 2 years till now

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15 Aug 2013 18:52:42
Media reporting that we are in talks with Besiktas to sign Manuel Fernandes for a reported fee of £3 million since he's in the last year of his contract.

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I thought he had been offered around for a fee of £3 million and we said no.

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If we sign him it definitely will be the end for cabaye, Ashley cash him in

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Makums knocked him back 2 weeks ago!

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Thats us all over, Mackems and Fulham turned him down as not good enough BUT Fatty interested because he is cheap.

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He looks a very good technical player, very creative, what we need

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Thats us all over, give me a break you're no fan

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Mackems never knocked him back because he wasn't FREE! 10 players?. all misfits and crap that other teams don't want.

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We need to bring in players like Fernandes as when Cabrye doesn't play Marveaux is the only creative passer we have.

More strength and depth when it comes to creative players. Creative CMs and wingers are desperately needed. Don't even have a first team left winger never mind a backup. Gouffran is having to play out there but he is best at CF. Sammy is an ok backup for left wing but Obertan is a waste of space as backup for Ben Arfa on the right.

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Fernadez was class at everton

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An italy international? a lad who tortured Manchester United in europe 2 seasons back, lads with european experience? my god bitter mag alert! just jealous because you signed a player on loan and that is all apart from he is injured for 3 games

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15 Aug 2013 17:08:54
Bent to fulham on loan according to ssn

Big dave out

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Good. . .

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15 Aug 2013 13:50:35
This Manuel Fernandes, which according to tv we are in talks with him, looks like a very technical and creative player for just 3m as well. Maybe a Graham Carr gem? Fernandes I think would be a very good replacement for Cabaye.

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For only £3 million he's one we should get regardless of whether Cabaye stays or goes.

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Not really a new player, he's pretty well known even to the premiership. He has already played for portsmouth and everton on loan for both. He is certainly a decent player and could be the missing jigsaw in our midfield.
A midfield of; tiote/sissoko and cabaye and then remy fernandes and benny infront of them could cause a lot of trouble, but again its all rumours.

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Where on tv is this been reported can some one please tell me

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Sunderland were linked with him for the last two months, looks a skillful player. He was sessegnons replacement, but sessegnon is staying now.

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H was never going to be a replacement for Sess, he was going to be a squad player but Di Canio decided he could not step up to the EPL.

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Carr gem?
He has been touted everywhere.
Another one that nobody wants.
You might even stand a chance if you pay over the top wages, but don't hold your breath.

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Couldnt make the step up to the prem? He has already played in the prem and impressed during his time so di canio must have little to no knowledge left in his fascist brain. With him also spending 8mil on a hull reject who managed 1 goal in 28 premiership appearances. this has absolutely no sense to it.

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15 Aug 2013 09:04:17
Played golf with Joe yesterday in a Charity Event - no major deals happening - may let 1 go if a daft offer comes in which may trigger a couple coming in but unlikely as they feel we have enough to compete at the highest level. Stu

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Well if this is correct he is deluded and a hypocrite. It was only a few weeks ago he said squad was threadbare.

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Really? No more signings? Is that why both Kinnear and Pardew have both said we need at least one more striker? Also which charity golf match is this? I've seen absolutely nothing to suggest that Kinnear has done anything of the sort. I'd have a hard time believing you if you said you met him on the street never mind this rubbish. Here's another thing while I'm at it. Why in god's name do you expect us to believe that Kinnear shares information on transfers with RANDOM PEOPLE HE HAS NEVER MET BEFORE AND WHO ARE NOT PART OF THE CLUB? And don't say "because he's an person, Ashley's regime's running us into the ground" that's not a sensible or reason.

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What the golf courses like in Belguim?

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Yep no more signings, top target bent off to fulham today, gomis stayin in france. no links or rumors to any1, looks grim don't it, well u all say uve got a top 4 team so u don't need any players right. enjoy the season lol

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Bent's going to Fulham? Then why are his representatives making claims he wants to join Newcastle? No links? Care to explain what these strange connections the media have been making between us and both Batshuayi and Vossen or Sinclair and Ince? Gomis deal dead? Then why is Lyon's president openly saying he's confident a deal will still happen? Us saying we've got a top 4 squad, have you actually read any of the posts on this site or did you just click the comment button and smack your face on the keyboard? Because that's the only way you could have come up with such utter crap.

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And you believed what Joe said? Did you lap up all his other twaddle as well. Manager of the season three times, signed Tim Krul and he invented the helicopter.

Presumably this was on the same golf course that Kim Jong Il went round in 36.

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Looks grim. that's all I seem to hear off anyone!

How about looking a bit optimistic, we don't have europe, by this time last year our season had kicked off!

The training and fitness levels of the players has been addressed and they say it is not sorted.

And the only player we have lost since then is Ba.
And we have added the likes of Mbiwa, Sissoko, Remy, and Guffran.

GK - Krul, Elliot
RB - R. Taylor, Debuchy
CB - Coloccini, Williamson, Mbiwa, S. Taylor
LB - Santon, Haidara
RM - Ben Arfa, Obertan
CM - Cabaye, Sissoko, Anita, Gosling, Biggie, Tiote,
LM - Jonas, Marveaux, S. Ameobi
ST - Cisse, Gouffran, Remy, Shola, Vuckic

WE are far from understaffed, we have the team and the ability.
There is two players to cover every position, Yes I know the likes of Sammy aren't the best players in the world but they will only get better in time.

I would love the signings of the likes De Jong, Gomis, some what others say class.
But do not forget, that we do NOT have the money that Man U, City, Chelsea can spend on wages and bringing these players in would mean other been shown the door!
We aren't that big of a team ANYMORE and we will have to deal with it!

I think its time to turn our eyes to the season ahead, new start, same experienced team (and the french lads should have settled now).

Let's see what the future hold, no point in any of us moaning on and on about us not getting players, if it happens it does, if not so be it!
With them players and our fans there is nothing we shouldn't be able to do this season. (with in reason!)

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All I care about is my club the toon
And all I can see is no players or reinforcements coming in

We need more strength in depth in key areas

And all I see is other clubs getting stronger
And us losing more ground

Please please please get some players in
Before its too late

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Nice to hear someone being positive

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We are a big name team still. We're in the top 20 most profitable clubs and the top ten best supported clubs IN THE WORLD, and many players that we're linked with recognise and acknowledge the fact. The difference between us and the likes of Chelski and City is that their owners are rich enough to spend hundreds of millions of pounds without a second thought whereas our owner in comparison to them is relatively poor. If we were as rich as these clubs we'd be just as good if not better than them.

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Ending your sentence with "Enjoy your season lol" don't make you seem like a mackem at all, no sir. I bet you are a true NUFC fan here to share your love of the club.

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Not arguing, just pointing out that The Joke did, in fact, get three 'manager of the year' awards. No lie.

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15 Aug 2013 08:22:44
Manuel fernandes a 3mil target according to papers I do know anything about him can someone enlighten me

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I read this too. Skilful central midfielder. Replacement for cabaye? With luck he can play on the left and replaces jonas

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Is he as cheap as 3miil


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Was rejected by the mackems early in the window. says it all

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Where did you read this? I've seen nothing about this anywhere.

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In the papers. Don't believe it all.

Actually don't believe any of it, it's the New Papers!

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Look on the newcastle united blog m8 its on there. geordie tom

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Sunderland decided not to sign him 3 weeks ago, he may be OK for newcastle.

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15 Aug 2013 06:48:57
French sources indicating the Gomis deal might still be on!

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Yawn. Bored with this now

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The Lyon president has said he still hopes to sell Gomis but not necessarily to us. Anyway in the end I'm pretty sure that it was agents fees and who would pay the sell on fee that Lyon agreed with Saint Etienne when they bought Gomis that ended up killing the deal.

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No it's not! We pulled out, more Paper Talk!

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14 Aug 2013 15:31:19
Hey Ed, have you heard any solid rumours for who the toon might be after?

Everything seems to have gone quiet since Gomis, so are we not going to be doing any more business till after the City game at least, if any at all?


Big Dave out {Ed001's Note - I haven't got anything solid on Newcastle at all sorry.}

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Although Carr and Kinnear etc. will hopefully be working hard on getting signings through the door I doubt there will be any completed before Monday that or any players signed won't be used against City because the four days between now and the game is nowhere near enough time to get a new player settled and up to speed, especially considering that a) City are tough opposition and b) any new signings will most likely be foreign knowing us so they not only have to get used to a new team but also a new country and will have to learn a new language as well. However I'm pretty confident that we'll get at least another striker in and hopefully a decent winger too.

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Then your deluded and have obviously bought into the crap the regime are dishing out. good luck with that.
there will be no more players coming to newcastle.

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There's NO one coming in man. That's obvious.

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