Newcastle Rumours Archive March 14 2013


14 Mar 2013 11:12:03
A friend of mine recently went to a dinner which Alan Pardew attended, he was a guest speaker and was speaking about the club etc as you would expect being a speaker. He was talking about re signing Carroll and how this would be a strong possibility in the future as he believes he was one of the hardest working players for the team he has ever had. He also went on to say how he thought that they should have sold Ba in the summer rather that January and made a point that Ba did not have an assist to his name this season.

It appears that Alan has big man love for big Andy, and I know that this has been discussed on here many many many times, but would it be a bad thing to have big Andy as a third choice striker? I mean when we play certain teams ie Stoke, West Ham, the Makems. you know the sort of teams I mean, the thug teams. it is always handy to have a battering ram against their big defenders.

I know people go on about hoofball etc, but I don’t remember anyone moaning when we beat Sunderland etc the season when the big man was in the squad. I also think that our team now ie after the January transfer window, is less likely to play the hoofball associated with AC. If would also mean we might actually score some corners.

As I said, third choice striker, returning on 30k a week. I rekon he would jump at that myself, the only issue for me would be a transfer fee. I for one would only pay 7 – 9 mil for Andy and no more. No swap deal unless it is Gabby Obertan. The thing is, Liverpool will want at least 12 maybe 15 mil for him and that is only because we are the club asking for him. As I said it would be worth a consideration, but only if the price is right and if he is sober.



We desperately need to move from this injury prone, non - scoring hoof ball magnate.

Pace and Skill will outdo the Stokes of this world. Why try playing them at their own game?

P. E. A or another fast, mobile skilful striker is what we need, not a dinosaur target man.

We can get carroll for nothing as liverpool still owe us 10mill just wright that off he is coming here in summer!

It would be nice for us to have someone who can get on the end of a cross etc but he's not worth the 15m asking price

WE can get Carroll for nothing Liverpool still owe us 10million.


A friend of mines dog, once chased Alan pardews cat and Pardew ran out into the garden and instead of shouting shoo he told the dog we are going to sign Andy Carroll. Truth

So that's a 10M write off then!!

The Carroll money was all up front, that's what mike and dekka where bragging about as soon as he was sold. If that didn't happen then the deal wouldn't have happened

Alan pardew has banned the players from singinwaysway in a manger" at the Christmas parties as he is infatuated with only one Carroll.

Think Pardew will bring Carroll back this summer if possible. Carroll offers something different. Pardew is very bright and I think he realises that we've become too predictable. Carroll will offer greater options. Its as much a tactical signing as anything else.




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