Newcastle Rumours Archive June 14 2013


14 Jun 2013 12:18:44
PEA's agent has apparently been in contact regarding our interest in him. We had a £8.5 million pound bid rejected in January with St Etienne valuing him at £2-3 million more. Hopefully this is a good sign but knowing us.


I heard this as well, would be so happy if we could get him as our first signing (as pardew's back from holiday) but i'm not sure he'd come.

Yeah we aren't getting him

Can we match Anzhi's 25m bid

Shouldnt think they have bid that much paper talk

He's not interested in moving to Russia

What 25m bid? that was just thrown out there! his agent said there was interest from a few clubs however no bids have as yet been made. yes we made two petty bids last window but nothing decent, his team said they were holding out for 2-3 more than our best bid last time so if a bid of 25mil had come in they would have packed his bags for him. me thinks.

Sums up our owner really. Gambled on not paying 2 or 3mil more for Pea in January in the hope we stayed up. His potential goalscoring/creating might have made the end of season less of a worry and if we had of gone down cost far more. Worrying our penny pinching attitude sometimes, don't agree with paying way over the odds for a player but sometimes it sends out the wrong signals to us fans, players and players we are chasing. Running our club should not be like a night out at the casino. Oh that's where we got are manager from. Says it all really




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