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14 Jun 2012 16:14:01
Demba ba has not signed for galatasary nothing has been signed source Hamady ba a relative

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14 Jun 2012 15:04:55
How come nobody is talking about sturidge this yr?? he was the man this time last yr. would no one take 10mil plus him for HBA?

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10 Mil plus Sturridge would be a great bit of business. Last year was hot property because he was on loan at bolton the year before and looked awsome. Chelase play him at an attacking winger, Personally think he has much more to offer as a striker. Would be immense if we got 10 mil plus him for Ben Arfa, Would still however be gutted if Arfa left, he is One Of A Kind and can change a match in seconds like he did at blackburn. Amazing player.

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He's likely to go to Liverpool

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I dont see chelsea offering that to start with as they could sell sturridge for around 10 mil, as well as this sturridge is a horrible character who is just money hungry and his wages will be ridiculously high, also he provides no defensive cover at all so for us no we do not want him and wouldnt want 10 mil plus him for hba, but he is a great player indeed

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NO he aint. Why would he want to join Liverfool, Think any NUFC player should look at Carrol and Enrique and see what they havnt done their this season. Why would he leave for a poor team and a poor manager. Did anyone see swansea last season, Its better watchin paint dry. The most boring football ive ever watched in my life. Rodgers will have the same in liverfool. Pass back then to midfield, pass back then to midfield, pass back then to midfield. SO SO SO SO BORING!

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Hate to say it, but liverpool prob have as much draw as newcastle maybe even more.
they're both in europa as well.
not looked at odds, but i reckon the bookies will tell you there's more chance newcastle getting relegated than liverpool, if only slightly more.

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Who ever said rodgers is poor manager clearly knows nothing about football, swansea were amazing last year and provided some great games, learn football before you post some stupidness they dominated matches with their passing and it was a success for them they comfortably stayed up no1 says watching barcelona is boring it is the same principal just they have better players if he gets liverpool playing that way they will obviously get better

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Watching Barcelona is boring at times the same as watching Spain can be or Swansea. Rodgers did ok just as Lambert and someone like McDermott has at Reading. Both of who I would say play more exciting football

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Clearly you dont watch FOOTBALL. Rodgers is a poor Manager and you will eat your words next season. His style is very boring and I for one did not see one match that Swansea outplayed any team last season. Like I said, Passing the ball between defense and Midfield and getting loads of possession stats for it doesnt actually mean they were dominant. I watch may swansea games last season and YES they were mostly boring to watch. When you look at Reading and Blackpool when they were up there style of play was attractive, Swanseas was boring and was a bad example how to play the game. In future keep your comments to yourself if you think you know about football. Like I Said, You will eat your words when Rodgers makes liverfool look like BORING SWANSEA.

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14 Jun 2012 12:26:34
Demba Ba to Galatasaray.

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Unless they are prepared to double his wages why would he want to move there? Are they a champions league side? even if they are I cant see them pulling up any trees. no chance

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I think we've been here before.... and it's been debunked since then.
They won't pay his asking wages of 70K per week.

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Apparently Sly Italia are reporting that he has signed for 11m Euros. Got to admit it shows him in a bad light if true, much inferior league AND team - just a pay day it it turns out to be accurate.

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Galatasaray are a very rich team that can offer Ba champions league football next season and easily double his wages, also his best mate (Moussa Sow) lives in Istanbul and has given glowing reports about the area which could tempt Demba Ba.

Now I am aware and thankful (as a Geordie) that this news isn't true and he isn't going to them, but all I'm saying is that don't rule it out and certainly don't say 'why would he want to go there?' because it seems a very promising offer to him.

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Would be playing with fellow senagalese striker niang too

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Isnt their any pride in footballers these days. Do you ever her of the likes of Anelka in China or wherever he is NO! the PL is the place to be if your a footballer. Turkey is a poor league as is russia and norway etc, PL, Then Spain then Italy / Germany / France. If you aint playing in one of these then their is no point playin at all.

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I wouldnt mind playing for Ajax if I was good enough or Porto better still Rangers or celtic. yes you have mentioned the top leagues but dont discredit players in other leagues they have done alot more than you or I in football.

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Aren't the turkish teams banned from playing in Europe ?

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Rangers.......? you not been reading football news

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14 Jun 2012 08:06:28
Reports in this mornings papers suggest Chelsea want HBA for 18 million, We are apparently reluctant to sell.

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Other reports say we are asking for 26 mil..

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I think we will sell 18 mill is to good to turn down. It's good business

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I've heard this as well, as long as we can replace him, is it really that bad to lose him ?

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If we can get more than 20 million for him I say good ridance...dont get me wrong he is a very talented player but his * if a BIG club come in for me * comments I have lost respect for him.

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I don't think we'll sell for 18 million and at that price it's not good business. HBA is an incredible player and he's not even in his prime. I'd say he was worth at least 24 million, especially with 3 years on his contract. I'd hope he'd want to stay with us for at least another season though.

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I'm sorry, replace him? With who? I seriously doubt anyone with the talent levels of HBA being available for less than 15 Million, which we all know Ashley is never gonna pay. We only got him for as cheap as we did because he had a bust-up with people at Marseille and because he was severely injured. Besides, he's only just been able to get back into the french national team and he would throw it all away to sit on Chelsea's bench? Can't see him doing that. Non-starter in my opinion.


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Don't worry about losing him to Chelsea boys they will be unwilling to take the risk on him

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18 million is a joke! He's worth more than that surely?! We're really going to struggle to keep hold of our top players this window :/ MA's "every player has a price policy" is good in that it is good business, but bad in that we'll not move forward if we just keep selling. If Chelsea are interested in Hulk too, then idk where HBA would fit in their team. He won't want to be a bench-warmer. I pray to the man upstairs that he stays.

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Why dont we just sell the whole team. wise up people we finally get a the core of a good team and everyone thinks lets sell them and just buy replacements well its not that easy.

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As much as i would hate to see him go we could bring in two or three quality signings with 26mil. my first choice replacement would be affelay

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They've just signed hazard, they have mata, malouda, ramires and Stuttgart who can play wide. I don't think there's much truth tbh

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Guys get it into your head there are bigger clubs than Newcastle utd. Not many mind you but never the less you cant say we are bigger than Man U or Real M or Barca. We need to start winning something before we can put ourself on that level. No one love the club more than me but be realistic 2 yrs ago we were in the championship. So what some of these players mean is clubs in the champions league who pay big wages. On that front were are miles away.

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If we take Kalou ( spelling ) as a free transfer and get silly money for Hatem I wouldnt be too upset as long as we spend the money wisely. In Carr we trust

Another point and this is just my opinion, Obertan given more game time maybe in the league cup or early doors in the europa leage may improve. Much in the same way as Captain Colo, Jonas even Perch and Guthrie ( i know hes gone ) all showed improvements in the last season or two in the case of the Argies.

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Can't see it , they have Hazard and Mata. HBA will not move to be a benchwarmer.

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I cant believe you guys would let him go. and by bigger team i think he would be talking about Barca or Madrid (wouldnt blame him) but FFS not Chelsea..
I for one would be gutted if he left as i enjoy watching him more than any other member of our team at present. hopefully he stays for a while yet..

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HBA pretty much engineered his move to Newcastle all by himself, So long as the club is moving forward and he is getting what he is worth in wages he should be happy to stay (Stamford bridge is a bit of a Park in Comparison to St.James). I cannot see Chelsea being up to much with Di Matteo in charge either so we could be challenging them for league position next season. Ben Arfa is like Asprilla and you cannot put a price on players like that at St.James. We love them.

That Said if Chelsea want to offer silly money over the 25 million mark you have to consider it considering he has only got into the first team since March and Pardew is still unsure if he trusts him enough to keep him in the starting line up.

Ben Arfa scares his own players and Manager so you can only imagine what its like for the opposition when he runs at players itching onto that left foot.

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Wait a minute did some one just say there are bigger clubs than newcastle but NOT MANY lol i can name around a hundred in europe alone.

big clubs win trophys Newcastle have potencial because of there fanbase a sleeping giant but so do many clubs in England Leeds,Hull city,leicester city,Derby county,Plymouth,West ham,Portsmouth,wolves,sheff wed and united, even your neighbours sunderland.None of them are bigger than newcastle but they all have big fan bases and huge potencial.

Stop being delusional you are not a top club in the epl and your players would leave if a big club come in for them.In English clubs alone your players would leave if any of these clubs bid for them man utd,man city,spurs,arsenal,chelsea,liverpool,sunderland lol joking,

Also since when do Chelsea have stuttgart on the left wing as posted above?

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I think we're getting a bit deluded with prices these days 18 mil for ben arfa is probably enough for us to accept we are making a 13 mil profit in just over a year of buying him, and we can certainly buy another fantastic player with that money we need to stop thinking our players are worth stupid amounts lets be serious, but obviously i dont want hba to go nor does any newcastle fan but i think if chelsea come in with a 18-20 mil bid i believe it will be accepted and wouldnt be that upset at all

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Post above must be a makam as i,m pretty sure when the toon got relegated we had 47,000 watching us in the fizzy pop league and still had the 3rd higest attendence in england week in week out....and imn sure i speak for every MAG on here if we never win anything again we will still turn up and follow the toon its that simple

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A couple of hundred bigger teams? wake up... you'll struggle to find 25teams bigger than us...

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15 Jun 2012 09:22:47
Why do people always confuse big club with top club? Newcastle has a massive fan base hence they are a big club, albeit not a top club because the trophy cabinet is pretty empty of late.

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I dont understand why people still think LIVERFOOL are a Big Club. The ironic thing about football these days is that everyone wants to use the newcastle way in the transfer market. More Fool Liverfool for spending in excess of 40 mil last summer for no return, Massive Credit to the powers at be at newcastle for spending about 10 to 15 mil and getting a better quality side. Newcastle are making all the right choices to go forward. We get rid of dead wood like Barton who at the time we could have got 5 mil for considering his form but no we didnt cash in, We simply said he aint worth the messing around, we will get rid for free. We are one of the best financially run clubs in the PL and at the moment have some very very good players like Cisse, Arfa, Tiote, Krul, Colo & Cabaye which could play at any of the top 4 but they place for us, Not taking anything away from the rest of the players but these do have a special talent hence the reason why the are being linked with every club known to man. The fact remains that personally i dont think any of our top players would leave for the likes of Liverfool at present, I also think that Tottenham are going to be much worser off this season financially because of the lack of CL football, Due to this I can see them cashing in on some of their prized assets. Overall my point is we are one of the top 7 clubs in the PL. These top clubs are, Man City, Man United, Aresnal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle & Liverfool. Personally I think Liverfool will only get worser with Rodgers in charge because I think his football is negative and very boring. All swanses did last season was litrally pass it to the defense, then to midfield and back again and this litrally goes on for entire game which was really boring to watch. If Rodgers doesnt change his tactics liverfool will be left behind. I as a Newcastle Fan am proud of the lads, I think we have all the tools in place to go forward now, Yes Ashley has took his time and 90% of the time we all would have loved him to leave but at the end of the day, His philosophy and the direction he wants this club to go in are slowly making strides which I am all for. NUFC FOR LIFE

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Some person on here was claiming newcastle are a big club because they bid for rooney lol even though they failed to sign him.Idiotic celebrating bidding for a player and bragging about it.

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A couple of hundred he said up to a hundred bigger teams than newcastle and he is right read properly.

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Some interesting comments NUFC 4 LIFE but please try using paragraphs mate cheers.

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I posted about rooney you person and only because some maken clear thought us toon fans had said we where signing messi,ronaldo,rooney and hazard and i clearly pointed out we did bid for rooney that was bragging involved so read the post properly smb

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He had said a while ago that he was committed to newcastle until his contract expires

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NUFC 4 LIFE, Sorry mate. Totally Agree.

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