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14 Jul 2013 18:32:31
I have heard that Cabaye has told newcastle he is interested in returning to france to play for PSG. I think the quicker he goes the better as I don't want newcastle scrambling in the last week when they could activate his release clause. The offer of 15 million plus gameiro will be offered, this will leave newcastle to offer wigan 12million for McCarthy.

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I would rather not bother with McCarthy and bring Vuckic through.

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12M for McCarthy is too much but would take Gameiro plus cash

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Veratti + Gameiro + 10m i'd take

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What release clause

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Gamerio has signed for Sevilla so your story is crap

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Vuckic will be injured again within 3 games.

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What release clause is this. ? This is the first I've heard of one, and if there was one i'm sure they wouldve mentioned it earlier due to the fact psg have unlimited money. I don't want to sell cabaye at any price under 25mil.

Why fans start getting on players and wanting them to leave because the media right rubbish stories is beyond me, he's clearly our best player and would be a travesty to lose him.

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Stop all this vuckic rubbish please Mccarthy is a brilliant player! Have him at toon any day

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Gameiro hasn't signed for sevilla there after him but he still remains a psg player so your infos as you say crap

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''Stop all this vuckic rubbish please Mccarthy is a brilliant player! Have him at toon any day''

Okay, so everyone should stop talking about our most promising young player because 'you' deem it rubbish?

Just because you have little knowledge about Vuckic does not mean we are talking rubbish. I am sorry that when you have little knowledge over something you automatically deem it ''rubbish. ''

Try getting involved in tactical knowledgeable debate, if you can that is.

Talking about a player that had 1 good game against Man City and is highly overrated & over priced is not football knowledge btw. If you had watched our young players more you may have been able to get involved in this conversation.

Just to add, if the only thing you know about Vuckic is that he got a bad injury last season, and you try to pass that off as knowing what you are talking about with Vuckic, please know you are failing.

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I would write an essay like you. Fact is McCarthy is much much better than vuckic. P. s McCarthy is young too. Get a grip

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Bring Vuckic through lol The guy is made of chocolate.

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Just in reply to one of the posts, cabaye does have a release clause that is around 34 million

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"Veratti + Gameiro + 10m i'd take"

Are you for real? Veratti is one of the hottest prospects going right now.

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Veratti is rated at +30m

Get he head screwed on

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That's why he said it obviously.

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If Verratti is as good as Cabeye then why do PSG want Cabeye?

Yes Verratti is great and I have been saying for ages that I would love to see him at Newcastle if only because of his passing ability. He is years younger than Cabeye but doesn't score as many. There is no way he would go for 30mil + unless it was to a team with money to burn (Real Madrid).

I'll say it again its nice to dream about these players but Newcastle just are not even looking at them never mind placing bids. We should be looking at these top players its the only way we will get better and move up the table. Don't know why Ashley can't see that we need to spend so good cash on good players to get back to Europe.

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Because Verratti is what, 20? Manchester United were told they had no chance of signing him so what chance would we ever have?

Implying that Cabaye is worth £10m, plus Verratti who even now is worth upwards of £10m because of how good he already is and how great he will be. and Gameiro who is probably somewhere between £7-10m is ridiculous.

If we got £20m for Cabaye we'd be doing well. People over-value our players so much.

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14 Jul 2013 15:41:42
PSG could be for Newcastle's Yohan Cabaye before the summer transfer window shuts

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Now that's something new that we all didn't know

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Get away!. who would have thought it?. By the way you haven't just awaken from hibernation have you?. only that rumour has been going on for some weeks/months now

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You are not getting any of these players, darren Bent is coming, apparently he is waiting for other clubs to come in for him, he is wanting a move to Fulham

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''McCarthy is much much better than vuckic''

Based on what? 1 good game you seen him in for Wigan. A team full of alleged great players, but yet got sent down?

And why are you mentioning that McCarthy is young, Vuckic is 2 years younger.

Ben Arfa started his career at Newcastle very much like Vuckic.

The person that said ''The guy is made of chocolate. '' Perhaps you could add something in the way of what Vuckic can do when he comes back from injury, instead of stating the obvious while the lad is getting fit again.

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14 Jul 2013 10:50:14
Loic remy and Scott Sinclair will sign this week along with Portuguese defender rolando Darren bent will not come as he has no sell on value Paul Inness aka the drop

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Rolando is 28 nearly so where's the sell on value there?

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How many players have we actually sold on just for profit.

only Carroll I can think of

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All our summer signings were made in January at a higher cost so we would survive. Don't expect any major signings. Maybe some youngsters

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I reckon if we do go after a CB, it will be a very young one

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We wikl only buy if we sell first, I reckon if hang onto our top players you will see very little business this window

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How many players have we sold on for profit are you joking. If we go back a few years
More recently
5. Given
All players sold for profit, some a few years ago yes, but there is a decent amount of profit there, i'd estimate around 50-60mil which is a decent amount, a lot more than most premiership teams will make

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1:Jenas (Sold because he was deemed notgood enough, which I totally agree with, he was never going to be anything more than a sub)
2:Parker (Would not settle in the north east, sold because he wanted to go - not sold for profit reasons)
3:Woodgate (This happened more than a decade a go, keep up. Just to add though, he was an injury jinx, he was sold and rightly so. Ask yourself how many games he played after he left)
More recently
4:N'zogbia (Wanted to leave and had a bad attidue, also was not a first team regular, not sold for profit)
5. Given (Wanted to leave; therefore sold)
6:Milner (Handed in a transfer request, was not getting many games either)
7:Emre (This is going to back to the jurassic period)
8:Bassong (Sold because we were relegated and could not keep all the players, we decided to cash in on him, this was a season Newcastle spent heavily to come back up, No profiteering was going on whatsoever!)
9:Carroll (Bingo! Sold for profit, and at 35 million even Real Madrid would have sold him for that)
10:Routledge (Was sold for a paltry amount, infact we probably lost money on that deal. Player with plenty of pace but no end product, sold as surplus to requirements, not sold for profit. )
11:Ba (Left because of a contract clause, we only a received a few million overrall for him, NOT SOLD FOR PROFIT)
12:Best (Not good enough for Newcastle, it was him or Ameobi. As Best could bring in a few million & Ameobi is a career man we sold Best. Not sold for profit, sold because he isn't good enough)

Get back to me when you can find a first team player that was happy at Newcastle, and was sold to cash in. (Apart from Carroll)

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I think his point was that all the above players were sold for a value in which the club made a profit which is true, ba was a free so we made a profit.
We didn't sell them to make a profit as the reason however a profit was made when we sold them for whatever reasons we sold them for

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We made 7.5m profit from bassong signed him from metz for 500k and sold him for 8m
routledge signed for 1. 75m sold for 2.5m
n zogbia signed for 250k sold for 6m plus ryan taylor from wigan
given signed for 3m sold for 8m to man city
leon best signed for 800k sold to blackburn for 3m
milner signed for 3.6m sold for 12m
jenas signed for 5m sold for 7m
scott parker bought for 6.5m sold to west ham for 7m
ba free (2m agent fee) sold for 7.5m (2. 5 m went to ba so 3m profit)

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14 Jul 2013 02:22:41
Being linked with Portugal international CB Rolando, 27, from Porto. He's valued at around £5 million.

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JK probably thinking he is trying to sign Ronaldo.

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Thought he was in tunisia on hols not portugal

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Sardinia actually.

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14 Jul 2013 00:20:22
Hooper from xeltic signing in next 3 days 4.2 million

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Saw something saying he's all but signed for qpr which seems unlikely

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Signings? there's not even any friendlys coming up

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Hooper? Nah

More chance of getting super hooper out of retirement

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13 Jul 2013 22:47:38
Reason we are looking at Zoet is Arsenal are in for Krul.
If Ashley owned the ground, he would sell that.

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I doubt it, we only want Zoet as a replacement for harper. Ashley will only sell for stupid money, we don't need the money either especially with that 60m tv deal. And its pointless saying that ashley would sell our stadium.

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It doesn't matter wether we "need" the money or not. It's wether Cashley "wants" the money. don't be so naive.

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Arsenal think kruls only
Y worth 6mil

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Put it this way Ashley has put over 150mil of his own money into the club paying off all there debt etc. that 60mil tv money will go to him as he is trying to sell the club and is trying to get back the money he has spent. So yes the tv deal money will go to him and if selling a player like Krul gets Ashley another 5-10mil back he wouldn't hasitate to sell him. He will bleed the club dry and then sell it on if he can.

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