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14 Jan 2013 22:34:44
Think i speak for the majority when is say even if Remy still comes to St James', he has lost most of the respect he would have received due turning us down at the last minute for an approx wage of 90,000 a week and contemplating harry's offer.

True footballers play for a club they want to work for and will be a proud player whether they win a league/trophy or not. Money should't have a say when you are already earning thousands a week.

I hope the lad moves to QPR and goes down with them. Newcastle won't go down, its just a case of where they will finish.

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Funny that as i never used to hear any Newcastle fan complain about players choosing money when you too pay ridiculous wages and transfer fees a few years back. I say that your getting a taste of your own medicine.

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I ll think you ll find it 99% of fans saying it. It has a knock on effect on for fans with ticket prices and such like. Look what it costs to go to Arsenal these days. Only going to get worse.

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Funny how other fans would come in a newcastle website just to read our posts get a life
and as for wanting remy to not come to us just so he can get relegated you completely contradicted yourself, you don't want him to go qpr for money yet you want him to go to get relegated........
the qpr story is absolute rumours from the press he ahs rejected qpr and when a player accepts a contract from a club another club cannot then bid for that player, or that's what im told is true, he has already rejected 80k a week from qpr why would the extra 30k(making it 110k) make any difference to the guy, hasnt signed and people are already moaning at the boy

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Most pro footballers have a ten year shelf life. I don't blame any of them for trying to feather their nest, cash wise, while they can. Whilst we feel a passion for NUFC, most players do not and when deciding to come to the EPL will more than likely look at a) wages b) ability to win things c) location - of which we can currently offer none.

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Remy is French, why would he want to sign for one English club over another when 20k or more per week is on the table.

This is what is going to keep on happening in the transfer window, we make derisory offers trying our luck and smaller clubs with more ambition will nab players (nevermind the big clubs).

We got very lucky with Cabaye, it was a complete one off and how long do you think Cabaye is going to stay on his current wages.

Cabaye could easily demand 100k a week from another club, he is probably only on about 40k at the moment, watch what happens when contract talks come up, he will be gone.

Do not blame the player if our club will not pay them what they are worth on the market to others.

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14 Jan 2013 16:42:59
Ed, do you think Ben Arfa will be out in the summer after his comments today? If so, what would be a likely estimate of his valuation? {Ed002's Note - He answered a question about his boyhood club - forget it.}

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6 months ago the papers said the same about Demba Ba but you don't see him in a PSG shirt.... no truth in these what so ever

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No but you see him in a chelsea shirt

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14 Jan 2013 20:32:28
Looks like Loic Remy will complete his move to QPR tomorrow. Newcastle will now turn their attentions to either Danny Graham or Modibo Maiga during this window and then sign Andy Carroll in the summer. . Also signing during Jan (if QPR don't want them) will be Moussa Sissoko, Gaeteng Bong and Jores Okore. Colo will be here until at least the summer and rumours about Ben Arfa leaving in the summer are exaggerated, do you know anything else Ed? {Ed013's Note - Not on the transfer front. I understand it is frustrating to miss out on a target and the board are not willing to pay over the odds, but at least you know he has gone for the pay packet and nothing more. Gone are the days where a player wants to play in front of thousands of fans, greed is a big word in football now}

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To be honest if he goes to play at Loftus Road, as appose SJP with 50,000 plus fans then the money has spoken...more Micheal Owen than Peter Beardsley!!

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Would you not go for the money? toon aint big no more ashley has seen to that!!1

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I just hope we have a plan be Aubameyang won't leave St. Etienne. I like Maiga and I think he'd be keen to join. Or maybe we could sign Demba Ba on loan for the remainder of the season ;)

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I love newcastle but if I was offered to do the same job at two different places and get 50% more pay at one over the other I know which I would take. You guys are lying to yourselves if you say you would not!

We are a too poor club to get the big players...

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Danny Graham - yes please.

Maiga - No thanks.

I would be happy with Danny Graham but the odds on him joining Sunderland have been slashed.

Do not give up on the Remy deal quite yet, there are other reasons he may be in london than meeting Redknapp. (Tests on his heart by the best experts in England to complete his medical to us?)

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Yeh stupid by qpr tbh not worth that money just after redknaps said the players are payed far to much he's going to create a good example of that 3 goals in 19 games hardly been prolific this season

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That wouldn't quite tie in with what he's quoted as saying though.
'Harry persuaded me that although Rangers are no bigger a club than Newcastle, the commuting from London to France would be much easier'.

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Ben arfa will be sold for 17mill and pardew will leave watch this space

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Can't believe remy deal is no longer on mind you we still could get him as he's got a release clause in the contract on the cheap when Qpr go down plus I wish Andy carrol would stop putting posts on here we don't want u

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Saw something suggesting QPR are offering him 85k/week and a relegation get out clause in order to convince him and they'll still probably go down. QPR are trying to buy the league like Man City did last season the only difference being that City were better than QPR to begin with.

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If he doesnt want to join us and moves for money - Better off without him and get someone who wants to play for us and will put the effort in

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Its a blessing, at least we have seen that this player is only interested in money before we signed him. He would have been just another demba Ba. good first season then get too big for his boots and want more and more money.

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Danny Graham is not a bad player wrecking ball at corners etc worth a punt local lad would bleed black and white but ffs we need a quality nut and boot center half to work / replace our best player

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If youve been offered 40k a week equaling just under 2 mil a year to play for newcastle and you reject them for more money to play for qpr a team that is getting relegated and with a poor fan base and a worse stadium you do not love the club one bit

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14 Jan 2013 20:11:34
tv reporting remy on way to london for qpr medical. Looks like money talking. Who we gonna go for now?

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I think that's it. Pardew will be told to get on with what he's got.

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2 recognised strikers will be plenty, eh llambias?

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Do you not think he's lost the dressing room ???

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Lets just hope we can get three points on Saturday and results go our way qpr go down and remy goes cheap that's only way we are going to sign him.and we possibly stay up

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I just hope we can get any body now it is starting to get desperate even if its on loan

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I think he's lost the plot never mind the dressing room it proves he was a flash in the pan

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It's showing how little power Pardew has -employed as a yes man

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To the post that says 'lets hope qpr go down and we get Remy on the cheap' if qpr go down which I now hope they do, I wouldn't want us to go for that greedy sod, if he doesn't want to play for a team with the best fans in the country then he can do one! Get someone like graham who would wear the shirt with pride!

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14 Jan 2013 18:09:26
just been on sly sports qpr have made a fresh bid for remy there reporting he will give his answer in 24 to 48 got any info on this ED ? ... geordie tom {Ed013's Note - Its gathering pace}

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Ed what's the crack with this why is ssn saying he is having a medical at qpr tomorrow why them and not us {Ed013's Note - It appears true}

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If he prefers a little club like QPR then they are welcome to him. Greed is the only reason to choose them over us.
I hope we don't get into a wage war where we will pay him far to much than what he is worth
Let's hope we have another striker lined up before the weekend

Sid the sexist

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Everyone QPR sign will have a relegation clause in their contracts because they're almost certainly going to go down. They'll get a huge wage bill for a few months then they'll leave for little to nothing when they go down.

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I for one would be glad if QPR sign him. We need someone in form who can hit the ground running. Remy has been awful this season. QPR will do down either way.

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Heard he's having medical at QPR tomorrow

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QPR, may not be the only ones going down the way i see it.

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They are signing players and we are not. qpr will finish above us for sure

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14 Jan 2013 17:56:40
Ben Arfa quoted in many newspapers and on SSN that he would like a move to PSG, could spell major trouble for us as Ashley will look to cash in...

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It's rubbish all he's done is what most players do when they get interviewed and get asked the question "Who's you're dream club?" and he answered PSG and it's just the papers etc making stuff up because they want to increase readership/viewership.

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14 Jan 2013 17:34:11
Remy agents have met with QPR as well today. QPR set to offer huge wages and relegation release clause.

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If he goes to QPR we're better of without him, only interested in money {Ed013's Note - Well said}

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Lets be honest with our selves here, if someone offers you a wage for your normal job with great facilities or someone else says they can double that wage with abit worse facilities your gona go for the extra money, he's not a mercenary its just the way the world is.

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14 Jan 2013 17:25:42
just been on tv qpr are trying with a late bid for loic remy

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14 Jan 2013 17:19:56
QPR back in for Remy in a bid to hijack the deal, Arry trying to convince him to go to QPR, Player to make a decision on which club. souce SSN

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14 Jan 2013 12:56:25
Newcastle target Diego Fabbrini can leave Udinese this month - but only on loan.

Alan Pardew has watched the attacker in the past and was linked with him last year.

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14 Jan 2013 12:21:21
Sissoko could be on his way to Marseille/ LAatest news

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Arry has not given up on Remy and QPR have made a great offer to him (from Lee Ryder) Remi will decide in the next 24 hrs where he wants to go.

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And Remy will definitely sign tomorrow........for QPR. Joke

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13 Jan 2013 23:26:11
Are we interested in YOAN GOUFFRAN ed? {Ed002's Note - Things are difficult with Bordeaux wanting to sell Gouffran in January but the player wanting to hang on to the summer after looking at possible opportunities in January - when he can sign a pre-contract with a non-French side. I would not expect a mopve to Newcastle.}

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Would you?

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13 Jan 2013 23:18:44
any truth in Sissoko and graham coming to toon what do you think ed {Ed002's Note - Toulouse's Moussa Sissoko has previously attracted interest from Milan, Arsenal, Lyon, Roma, Genoa, Liverpool and probably Napoli. Damien Comolli went as far as letting Sissoko's agent know that Liverpool saw Sissoko as the ideal long-term replacement for Steven Gerrard - but for some reason the club failed to make the final push to buy the player. Sissoko remains available (as he has done for two years) and Juventus, Newcastle, AC Milan, Spartak Moscow and Spurs have enquired - with a tentative agreement initially being reached with Newcastle and Juventus over the price. Juve probably have the edge right now but would much prefer a pre-contract for a summer move whilst Toulouse look to renew his contract. AC Milan may well push for a January cash move. Graham I don't know anything of.}

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Thanks ed

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