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14 Jan 2012 23:12:34
Not reliable I know but wikipedia says erdinc is a Newcastle player. Any truth to this? {Ed007's Note - Yes it's 100% true that Wikipedia is unreliable. Anyone can edit the information on it.}

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Well done

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100% bull

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14 Jan 2012 20:58:43
Maiga, cissoko or erdinc not in their squads tonight. What about gamiero he can't seem to get a game always on the bench

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Agreed, I would happily run with the defenders we have if the entire budget was blown on Gameiro, he is top quality IMO. SpireMag

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Get a grip no point in spending all our money on a striker then to be left weak if a bad injury hit any of the back four no point in been able to score a goal if the other team are going to be able to score more

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And maiga is with his national team for acon

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No truth to Erdinc...wants to be in London, prob qpr

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14 Jan 2012 20:33:56
I think someone needs to learn how to speak French. The French website makes nosuch claims.

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14 Jan 2012 20:33:08
No Erdinc in tonights PSG squad, dunno if he's coming here, but he has been sighted.
So it's either us or someone else.

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14 Jan 2012 19:34:01
Ed, is there any truth in these Cissoko posts? {Ed001's Note - I have no idea, I have not heard anything about him moving to Newcastle, it does seem unlikely though.}

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Well according to Lee Ryder on twitter he has confirmation from Newcastle that we haven't bid for Cissoko. However Pardew did say that they won't be disclosing any transfer news. I highly doubt we're gonna spend money on a LB which would take up most of the budget we have if not all of it

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What budget? Pardew is playing a good game, as long as we do spend like

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Lets get this straight, newcastle don't have a 'waste loads of money' policy like the big spenders of Liverpool and Man city but they are a football club that are self managed by the revenue, and we have a lot of revenue and no debt so the transfer budget is whatever the manager wants it to be within the clubs policy, which is buying young talent!

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14 Jan 2012 19:30:06
Newcastle are after a striker in this transfer window it is just a smoke screen to cover up their target of Bas Dost of SC Heerenveen in the dutch league his is only 22 years old is six foot plus and knows where the goal is. This season alone he has scored 14 goals in 17 games and also has 4 assists to his name aswell. He is good friends with Tim Krul when they have both played at under 21 level he will have a good sell on value and is the perfect age for what they want at the club. He is said to be available for around £7.5m Ajax tried to sign him last year and failed fingers crossed our bid wont.

Ed any news on this and do you rate the player

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Looking at the stats - he should be certainly considered! 6'5", 22 years old, 14 goals from 17 apps... impressive

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If he was that good better clubs would be in for him

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Could have said the same about ba, cabaye, tiote when we signed them. have faith in carr

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Dam right boyo

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14 Jan 2012 18:48:30
It is being reported that nufc is actively chasing luuk de jong and the bid is said to be 14m . . . . or it might be a pardew trick to take everyone's attention off of Erdinc deal

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Or it might be a fat Mike trick to cover up the fact we'll sign no-one?

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As has happened since he owned us! He own us man! We are nothin!

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14 Jan 2012 15:42:37
newcastle united agreed 6.5 million deal for left back ally cissoko personal terms not yet agreed could be are new left back by next weekend

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Keep up to date son will you its on ssn newcastle aren't interested in cissoko seem to be turning their attention to benalouane who they had watched against napoli last week

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A hope so but just been on ssn say tht where opting not to sign him

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SSN have no direct quote from Newcastle denying it just what they think. Also its on the French website. Either way Newcastle aren't going to admit are they.

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Like it how people so easily dismiss rumours wiv their own so called facts.. SSN says toon ain't interested, oh yeah forgot they know everything..

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In all fairness the same paper said Gervinho had signed for us...

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Rather believe ssn than someones mates cousins uncles next door neighbour who works as a litter picker up at the sports direct arena

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Teams release to encourage players to sign and put off agents fees but hey, it ain cricket!

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Dont ever call its the sports direct arena again!

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14 Jan 2012 13:30:03
French website has reported that Lyon left-back Aly Cissokho has traveled to the North East for a medical.

A fee rumoured to be in the region of £8.2 million (€10 million) has been agreed and, according to the website, Cissokho is not a part of the Lyon side playing Montpellier later today.

Lyon’s regional newspaper has also reported that Cissokho had been in talks and is due to arrive in Newcastle within the next 72 hours. Monday appears to be the day when a medical will be completed.

However, reports in Newcastle’s regional media say that Cissokho is genuinely injured which is the reason for his absence from the Lyon side and that no bid has been made by the club.

Newcastle had been looking to sign a fullback following the departure of Jose Enrique to Liverpool in the summer transfer window but, following a string of good performances from stand-in Ryan Taylor and youngster Davide Santon, it was a position that many feel does not need strengthening.

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Its true i seen him at airport this morning iam taxi driver (at least i think it was him?) well 2 do people put him in fancy car

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Sign by monday ! can i smell a little ambition there folks

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Was it me, but did this rumor sound believable till the second post?

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Santon not good enough so would be interested

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14 Jan 2012 12:46:38
Newcastle Benalouane
Approached by the Rangers last summer, Yohan Benalouane may soon discover the British football but ... Newcastle. Reportedly, the former defender of Saint-Etienne was supervised by the Magpies last Thursday in the Italian Cup against Naples. Today at Cesena, the 24-year-old likes a lot to Alan Pardew.

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Are you drunk?

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Uncomprehensible. I dont no if this is a transfer rumour or directions on how to make a lemon flan

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Probably a frenchy or something, we loads of them in team got now.

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Think this is a google translate job.

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Yah well, its not like any of you guys commenting on him are any easier to understand...

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Here here well said its a rumour site and when sOmEone says something people don't like they get all arsey about it get a grip man bunch numpties its TRANSFER RUMOURS

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There's a difference between transfer rumours, and gobbledegoop.

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And when ppl come on posting stuff about signing players that are over 30 after we have the club as came out and sed they will not be signing anyone other of 26 then a think ppl have a right to shoot them

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From who's mouth did this policy come from and where did everyone and their mother hear it?

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On sky sports news and pardew has also sed this and it just show how much of a real fan you are if dont even knows this

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AP hasn always stated this!

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15 Jan 2012 21:51:23
any player arriving in january will be young but talented, pardew said this.

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14 Jan 2012 11:21:03
according to l'equipe newspaper erding will head to rennes once a replacement is found aly cissoko has said he doesnt want to leave roux could be on his way to lille

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On l'Equipe its saying that Yohan Benalouane was watched by Newcastle and he says he would like to come. here is the source

Approached by Glasgow Rangers last summer, Yohan Benalouane could soon discover British football but to... Newcastle. According to our information, the former advocate of Saint-Etienne was overseen by the Magpies Thursday last in Cup of Italy against Naples. Today Cesena, the 24-year player like much to Alan Pardew.

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14 Jan 2012 10:50:37
Newcastle are looking to wrap up a deal for aly cissokho, which will free up Simpsons move to fulham or west brom.

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He's supposed to be having a medical at NUFC on Monday.

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Fantastic if true

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It supposed 2 be 4 8.2mill (10mill euros)

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Shame it isn't true.

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And its not meant to be that there meant to be only wanting 8 mill euros which is around 6.6 million

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Personal terms not agreed yet could be are new left back next weekend 6.5 million deal agreed!

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14 Jan 2012 02:50:49
in Mexico have heard these rumors.

1. newcastle could start talks with FC Volendam goalkeeper, robbin Ruiter, and might offer 300.000 thousand euros.

2. Pardew is interested in signing dirt kuyt for 6 million euros.

3. we are interested in fitz hall.

ed, there is some truth in this?

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I would say no to number one, we have atleast 4 goalkeepers under the club name at the moment. unless we are selling?, unfortunately Kuyt is 31 making it unlikely we would spend 6 mil euros on him. same with fitz hall too old, therefore there is no sell on price and he wouldn't have many seasons left. Adstatooon

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I heard about Ruiter from the Belfast Telegraph but doubt there is any truth to that. If there is one area that does not need any sort of strengthening it is the goalkeeper

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Its been publicly sed that we will not be going in for anyone other the age of 26 so y do ppl keep post stuff about players that are to old

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If this is true - Surely Dirk kuyt wouldn't be transferred in euro's from two english clubs. i thought we still used the British Pounds here!!

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