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14 Aug 2014 23:09:44
Rumours Richards deal arranged let's hope so

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£4.2million is the fee apparently, he'd be a great signing.

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He'll be in toon on Sunday, I guarantee it!

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So a chronic injury record, alleged bad attitude and being a RB more than a CB, not a problem then.
The guy makes Saylor look like a member of Mensa!

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Nickd so let's hope he does not come then and we can all be happy

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Well thought out response there I see.
I would be happy with a good New centre half or 2, that we desperately need, but preferably one whom all the above don't apply to. Well they do say ignorance is bliss.

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Now now children calm down. simple truth of the matter is any new signing comes with a risk. they can be world beaters at one club and useless at another. they can be injury prone one season and ever present the next. you simply never know. but if its straight forward potential that you look at and you base it on a fit, commited Richards then I believe if you get all that right then you will have in theory a very cood CB. there is no doubting he has the ability to be a good defender. this is where the coaching and fitness staff come in. and before you say yes I know we don't have a great record on that front but still.

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Richards started out as a CB

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I would like to see bassong back at the club if we are going for a cb

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Yes Nick my 1 0 level sometimes comes in handy

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We can't afford his wages unless we get rid of HBA, Guiterez or and Saylor.

Our business is done lads unless we sell. expect some deadline day deals.

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15 Aug 2014 22:04:17
Why not take Richards on loan for the season.

Will let us see his fitness/reliability more closely.

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Toonman that us too sensible
Rber we have Charnley
Who is new to the job and has done well But he has no say & Sshley knows nothing about footballers only what they cost

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Obviously the rumour was not true
Ashley won't spend

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I fully expect us to spend again, but only if players leave. If we sign a central defender, it will only be because one of MYM, Saylor, Colo or Willo will have left.
If we sign a winger, only of HBA or Jonas has gone.
Striker - well that's where i'm not sure. I feel we will react if the right player became available at the right price.

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Thanks Mike. Let's see if you open your air proof pockets

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14 Aug 2014 14:09:53
Rumours that we want Liverpool CB Coates on loan. The Spanish press is linking us with a move for 20 year old Malaga midfielder Sergi Darder. Also Clement Grenier wants to leave Lyonshall so maybe something will happen there.

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Why are the all Free Ashleys not interested in spending any of 77m he is sitting on.
Only chance if HBA & Tiote are sold we might buy one player

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