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14 Aug 2013 15:31:27
Carry on hearing we are going to bid for Lacina Traoré, can someone tell me if this is true or false?


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I can't see it, anzhi bought him for 15 million so would want atleast 12. Also wages would be upwards of 90,000 and he would have a significant drop to join us.

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I hope it is true, great young striker and a good target man 6ft8!

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It's a possibility anzi wanting rid of there top players he's on 1. 2 to 1.5 million euros a year he's valued at 14 million but if we can get him cheaper there will be a sell on value I know people are gona say he's on to much wages works out at around 100 grand a year so if we were to sign him mabe just mabe Ashley might offer him 80 knowing he could keep his sell on value there's always hope he is built for the premier league

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Why won't you all wake up and smell the coffee we are buying nobody. we might and I mean might bring in another loan signing but that's it.

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He would suit your style of play, hoof it forward and hope for the best, no skill, no quality, long balls to a target man. Direct direct direct. Even kinnear said your going to play like he's old Wimbledon. Your now stoke because stoke will actually play some passing football under Hughes so you will be replacing them.

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It wouldn't surprise me, we seemed I be really interested in him while he played for Cluj

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Ed do you know anything?

NUFC4L1FE {Ed001's Note - not regarding him, sorry.}

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At least we don't play football as bad as Sunderland!

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Don't know why you would want him.

Four solid reason:

One the price they paid for him - Yes Anzhi are stupid and will pay anything for a player as they have the money. But will they want to recoup any of this?

Two his wages are astronomical compared to our wage structure, meaning the player himself will have to to a pay cut - not happening.

Three We are not competing in Europe and he will be next season. Bigger players always want to play in the bigger competitions.

Four Why do we want him for, he will be no use when Cisse goes to the ACON in Jan/Feb time will he.

So you spend all this money on some and lose him for two months as well as your other senior forward. Great bit of business!

WE NEED COVER FOR CISSE! Someone who is there all year round NOT ANOTHER AFRICAN!

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There's no ACON this year though. It's held every 2 years. The only reason there was one this year as well as last year is because they moved. This was because if they stayed on the 2012, 2014, 2016 etc timetable it would be on in the same years as the Euros and the world cup and would be overlooked as a result. Basically it means this year we can buy as many African strikers as we like so long as by the end of the next summer window we sign one or two strikers from countries outside Africa to replace them every other Jan/Feb.

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At least we don't play football as bad as Sunderland?

3-0 think on it

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14 Aug 2013 11:22:35
Newcastle are set to bid 5m for Belgium and Ajax centre back Toby Alderweireld, who the club have been chasing for almost 2 years.

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Not true no bids until After Monday
When damage assessment will take place

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Strange when we really need another striker and creative player

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Might be preparing for if Colo leaves next season because if we did buy him you'd expect him to be a starter with Mbiwa.

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13 Aug 2013 23:25:48
A totally unreliable rag of a newspaper reporting that we are going to revive our interest in Alderwield with a fee supposed to be around £5 million meaning we'll probably end up paying around £7-£8 million for him.

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I'd be we'll happy with that even for 8/9 mil.

Very good young defender.

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Very good player. Hopefully we will get him. Not holding my breath though.

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It's a striker we need.

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And where would he play? Saylor, colo and yanga all in the same position

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We need strikerS

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No players in till new owners only players out

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We need both

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He'll play as right back

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Dont forget if we sign him, chances are colo will then leave to argentina

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Colo's already said he'll stay for this season but he may leave next summer.

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