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14 Apr 2013 21:44:56
This club needs to get rid of all the sh*te, the hang-a-onas and people with no potential.

Coloccini - doesn't want to he here anymore
Simpson - no contract offer
Williamson - no potential or talent
Anita - way to weak
Gosling - no potential or talent
Amalfitano - no potential
Gutrierrz - past it
Shola ameobi - past it (never had it)
Tiote - liability
Obertan - no potential
Saylor - liability
Harper - past it
Sammy ameobi - way to weak
Shane ferguson - way to weak
Abeid - no potential

May get 40 million tops if lucky plus atleast 20 off ashley to spend. 60 million to save this club from becoming Leeds.


Amalfitano was always going to play in the development squad for a season to get used to the physical side of English football.
Anita wasn't brought in to add strength to the midfield and like many of our players he struggles with the style Pardew sets us up to play.
Ferguson is doing well out on loan and has a few assists also his set pieces are good and Lee Clarke has said he has no chance of signing him permantly because the club value him highly.

I agree, get rid of the dead wood

Anita is a decent technical player but he can bulk up a bit; Shola still has something to offer us I think; Amalfitano's still young and how can you tell he's got no potential when he's barely played; Sammy, Shane and Abeid are all still 20 or less and have been doing well on loan also the Amalfitano argument applies; Harper's retiring at the end of the season anyway. Although Saylor does stupid stuff sometimes he's still decent. As for Williamson, Simpson, Jonas and Tiote I agree, they've got nothing to offer us. If Colo doesn't leave in the summer I'd be happy to play him because he's our best cb by a mile.

Get Rid of S Taylor??

2 bad games all season and an England Call UP! He has had a great season.

It should be R Taylor, the only thing he can do is Cross and is ok in a dead ball situation, He has no talent, pace and is a total liability.

Agree with original post!

Spot on analysis!

Ppl defending Amalfitano. why! If he was up to any standard he'd be around the first team squad, yet from what I hear from reports he barely performs well regularly for the reserves.

Ferguson, too small. too weak! imagine him in the first team? playing valencia or nani one week, hazard or mata the next, bale or lennon. he'd get slaughtered week after week, he's just not premier league standard.

Shola, no good! should have left the club years ago!

Willo no good. simple!

The list is much longer!

Massive changes needed!

I agree with all of those apart from S. Taylor.

Taylor is good enough to be kept even as back up for centreback where we have slim pickings.

I cannot believe one person defended Shola, he should never have been at Newcastle in the first place.

Shola would struggle at a mid-table championship club, so why is he playing at the 3rd biggest Stadium in England & the 20th biggest club in the world via income.

Why is Shola used to so much as a sub? Adam Campbell has been used as a sub 3 times and in each of the those 3 games I watched we went on and won the game after Campbell came on - so why is Shola being opted for as the impact Sub?

Abeid and Amafiltano are still very young and will not be on big wages, so I see no harm in keeping them for another season and developing them. Abeid certainly has talent but it very young and raw.

Yes get rid of Saylor! He plays 50% of one season most times. And Ryan Taylor is what we lack, somone who can actually cross the ball

Agree with most of these as i'm sure most other fans do. Have been feeling all season jonas is an absolute liability and he showed that yesterday doesn't give anything going forward and his defensive qualities are starting to disappear quickly.

A few I don't agree with. yes we all know saylor doesn't play enough games and is too injury prone but he is the heart and soul of this club and is on an extremely low wage for the quality he posses' when fit can be one of the best in the league, just look to last year when him and collo started the first 10 games they conceded only 3 goals. Shane Ferguson and Sammy haven't been given their chances yet and although they might not be the quality to be starting every week both are young and have potential to be decent squad players. Almifitano is hard to judge as no-one has seen the quality he posses' he was never going to get a season this year as he has to adjust from division 2 of the french league to the prem. I also thought tiote had a good game yesterday one of the only players who did and has had one bad season and people are jumping on his back last year he was outstanding and we wouldn't have taken anything less than 30mil for him, he's had such a start stop season and I am more than sure given a good pre season with some good additions he will be back to his best. As for anita I am really not seeing why people are so upset with him, its his first season in the prem and it takes time to adjust especially with his type of physique. He is only 24 years old and is more than versatile and I don't think the club would've bought him for over £6mil if they didn't see quality in him give the lad a chance something he hasn't had this year, he reminds me of lucas from liverpool started off not the best but now is a regular starter for brazil and is one of liverpools most influential players.

Overall I completely agree that a lot of these players aren't up to the quality of starting newcastle players but every team needs some depth behind the first team and you are not going to get players of real quality to sit on the bench. Also you are talking about getting rid of the so many players it would be near impossible to replace them all.
The big problem yesterday was there was a real lack of passion and desire towards the club, getting rid of players who would die for the club, Saylor, Ameobis is not going to solve this problem what so ever.

One player i'd like to be brought in is Danny Rose, yes I know he has played for s*nderland, but he was absolutely outstanding yesterday and really stopped not only hatem when he came on, but marveux and debuchy through out the match have been more than impressed with him this season and can play anywhere on the left side of the pitch and can certainly score a spectacular goal (that volley for spurs) just a thought

Get rid of saylor?!?!?! ARE YOU MAD?!

he is the only player on our team that wants to play for the fans and for the club! we all know players are fickle and will abandon us if a better offer comes along but I doubt saylor would, or at least he'd take time to think about it but that lad bleeds black and white! and that's what we need, someone who loves the shirt! if we had more like him we would have a better team unit as then everyone would share the one goal - success for newcastle united. not just success for their bank balance.

i agree with getting rid of the likes of obertan and jonas but i'd give the likes of ferguson and abeid time as they may or may not improve into quality - only time will tell! and clearly pardew believes that as he has given them loan spells. loan spells to clubs that will give them first team chances, not teams that will make them sit on the bench, so clearly pardew believes they will improve.

Not get nowhere near 40m

Agree with you apart from fergie, sammy, saylor and anita.

You blame players I blame the manager, playing gutierrez left back negative football same boring tactics week in week out, I like saylor anita tiote and gutierrez also the youngsters have been given contracts so give them time.
saylor wasnt fit on thurs
gutierrez played out of position
anita is weak but give him a chance
tiote wasnt fit on thurs and hadnt played for a while should not have started.
there will be a clear out in the summer which will see seven players leave williamson, harper, obertan, simpson, gosling and unfortunately collocini and ben arfa
. del

Need to rid ourselves of some 'fans' aswell. Disgrace.

All of this is because of the derby
Need to judge the players at the very end
A few weeks ago when Gutierrez scored against Chelsea u wouldn't have dared say anything like that against him

Above Thank you Mr Pardew. We have been fed crumbs instead of cake
Run if the mill no ambition & it will carry On

I do agree with most posts about Gutierrez.

I do also agree that when he scored against Chelsea no one would have said a bad word about him but overall he is a liability.

He is an out and out winger who cannot CROSS or SHOOT! that doesn't seem right at all.

When the team are down Gutierrez never seems to be in the grit of things perking the team and getting them going, he always seems to be right in the middle of the downfall with his sloppy passes and lack of attacking ability.

Dont get me wrong, when we are doing good and the confidence is there he usually does look ok but again he is only an extra man, we don't need that anymore, we need an extra warrior who gets the ball, picks his headup and get the ball forward or just attacks, attacks, attacks like Ben Arfa and Marveaux, these guys rarely pass the ball backwards, this is why they are great players.

For me Gutierrez is getting on a bit considering the age limit we like to keep at Newcastle. So I Shola and he offers next to nothing up front.

Id get rid of both and we would save at least 60K per week as I think Gutierrez is on 50K per week.

We would get around 3 to 4 mil I would think for the pair and I would like to actually see a BASIC 442 with the following team when fit.


Debuchy Taylor Mbwia Santon

Ben Arfa Cabaye Sissoko Marveaux

Cisse Gouffran

I think that midfield is as good as any in the PL.

I also think this is the only option as Pardew really needs to change the formation, to easy to for teams to know what we are doing.

What you guys think??


Debuchy Taylor Mbwia Santon

Ben Arfa Cabaye Sissoko Marveaux

Cisse Gouffran

This is our first team - if we can get it out. all this flirting with 4 3 3 - we play better 4 4 2 and when we play away 4 5 1.

Campbell needs time on the pitch imo. I want to see what he can offer. If we are safe in the next few games maybe he should start against Arsenal?

This group of players has reached its potential under Pardew. He may be an excellent man manager and certainly last season got the best out of his squad, but tactically he is very limited. I'd love to see this group of players (who are a very good squad compared to many other PL squads) under a more technically adept manager and see how we perform.

I agree with the post about Pardew, the evidence is in our lack of scoring from Corners.

We havnt scored from one all season and the balls in seem to be all over the place.

Yoann is just alright, but we need another striker, bony or PEA

In peace.
Some Sunderland fans were saying the same thing. A complete new team required. They got it on Sunday courtesy of PDC.
There lies your solution too, a new manager.
Bit like Warnock, blames everyone else and everything goes against him.
Truth is he is not good enough.
Before the fickle comments start, I was one of the many fans who welcomed MON with open arms and also one of the many pleased to see him go. That is not fickle, it is reallity. If the manager isn't getting the best out of a team that was doing much better at the start of the season, it is the managers fault not the team. This has been proven by the response of the Sunderland players to PDC.
Realistically Pardew will sign a maximum 4 / 5 players if he stays.
It is unrealistic to change the full team.
A new and better manager however, has a potential new team already.

I agree with a Mackem?
Something not right there

It must be you then as for rose signing for you lot no way he wants to stay at sunderland

I actually think spurs will want rose back and start him at left back next season as he has been incredible this season for you.

Read the original post and that is 15 squad players who most probably are not on massive wages. Newcastle need to trim a few from that list but as you have witnessed over the season the squad has not been big enough to compete reducing it by this many then over a season there is only one place Newcastle would end up taken into account the injuries and suspensions this season

40m? dreaming 20-25 if your lucky




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