Newcastle Rumours Archive September 13 2013


13 Sep 2013 16:43:34
Rumour from those who know HBA is not
signing a new contract until he sees what happens
in the coming weeks Problem 2 he wants same wages
that stopped Trashley signing Gomis


This will happen with 2 or 3 first team players they are not stupid and know that Trashley will only buy when players are sold. In the meantime let's hope they can all step up and Cisse learns how to control the ball & score some goals because that will make a world of difference to this team

I'd be pretty surprised if he did sign a new contract at nufc the way things are! I wouldn't

If they do "step up". the players that perform are putting themselves in the January shop window.
Don't be surprised if 3-4 first team players leave in jan.

It depends how we do, we've got 3 clean sheets in the last 3 games so that's decent and we can build on that against villa.

3 clean sheets- yes but One shot on target against W. HAM, a clean sheet against Morcambe ( who could easily and should have had at least two goals) ands a very defensive Fulham. Take off those Ashley coloured specs Jtoon

Why is anything not overly negative about everything to do with the club immediately seen as defending/supporting Ashley? 'Fans' like that are just as bad for the club as Ashley is. persons.

Well, after the Villa game. Ben Arfa's price just went up.

Well after the Villa game Ashley has his price tag on Ben Arfa, all he is waiting for now is January to sell him!

Every player we have has a price tag on them. and if its met, we will sell. Bit like every other club in the country.
Look at it like this, it could be worse.
We could be Makems.

For gods sake we won today. support the team not the regime.

Hba was unplayable today gave villas back line a torrid time. Its true what one of the people said earlier every player has his pricr if hba was worth 8-10 million before today he now has to be worth 15-20 million now every cloud has a silver lining

15 Sep 2013 23:43:37
what is your guys problems seriously 7 points an excellent win against villa team actually looked really strong and do I come on here seeing praise no I see the same so called fans whining more than a **** on heat half of you if were asked to run the club wouldn't have a clue and no i'm not an ashley fan but hell get behind the team we've got

Last post the fans with this w. , er of an owner are entitled to be sceptical and scathing in their belief of NUFC a few wins does not paper over the crevices never mind the cracks. Get Real think what you want but don't knock those who are still very cautios
after the 5th finish look what happened

For the comment that starts:
"What is your guys problems"
Just so you know that is a terrible use of English!
I love how you go off topic from team to board very quickly.

No one is having a go at the team, the team is sound, but, WE HAVE NO COVER this is OUR ISSUE.
Wooooooopppp we are climbing up the table, but when we get cards, injuries etc we are F***ED! As we were last year.

And as for running the club, which one of us said we could do that better then Cashley?
As running the club goes he hasn't done a bad job. As for making the team stronger and getting us to move forward he has done a terrible job!

Two summers and only 1 signing Anita, this is rather ridiculous!

Come down off your high horse mate. Stop thinking your the wheels and the cog of all fans Newcastle United.




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