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13 May 2012 10:41:04
The only player besides simpson and guthrie that may leave this summer is tiote and that is only for a big big bid. If so there is a direct replacement lined up, but Ba,Cisse,Cabaye,HBA,Collocini,Krul etc are all staying.Fact.


The comment about Ba..? Good effort sunshine, that was all me.

^umm you didnt write the initial comment, I did. Hold a similar view though in that Tiote is obviously an outstanding player and has rare qualities of extreme atheleticism BUT misses about a quarter of the season through injury and another quarter through ACON. Accepting a bid of 20-30 mill would not be a bad thing.

I wasn't suggesting that selling him would be a good thing, I said he would be the least missed of him, Colo, Tiote, Cabaye, Cisse or Krul. Plus if we did sell we could get 2-3 bargains from the 10-15 mil for him. Great player, don't want him to go but wouldn't be the end of the world if he did.

Yes I do remember Sess thrashing round like a wounded seal on more than one occasion this season. SMB.

Tiote...lololol remember Sessegnon? Thrashing about like a wounded seal!!

Tiote soft as ask sess or mikel

Ba aint getting played to his strenghs and really dont know how you could say let him go...we need another striker anyway so if he goes we then need 2...sell best and possibly simpson he he wont sign new offer...release guthrie as he,s on about 40k a week release smith release lovenkrands and big offer for tiote comes in like 25 million or some think sell him to.....

Of all those players I think Ba would be the least missed, his contribution in the first half of the season was fantastic and vital to our performance but he really hasn't come back from the ACoN and sometimes his attitude is not what it was. He has lost his goal scoring touch, I just hope he has 'Torres syndrome' and it'll come back next year. But he is the least vital of all our top players now that we have Cisse who is a better goal scorer but lets hope they all stay.

We said that 10 years ago when batty went....then emre then nolan....

Who can replace tiote man,even his nightmares are scared of him !!

Good offer comes in for tiote think i would take it tbh.....

Hate to agree but i just have that awful feeling one of the 'big' players will go... either Tiote or Ba. mathieu debuchy from Lille (sorry if spelt wrong) is joining us, pardew said we are closing in on a close friend of yohan cabaye...




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