Newcastle Rumours Archive June 13 2013


13 Jun 2013 20:29:31
I have heard (despite rumours Swansea are close to signing him) that we have offered Birmingham £2m plus Sammy Ameobi and Shane Ferguson on loan for Nathan Redmond. Great future talent and could contend for a first team spot straight away.


That would be a great bit of business!

Redmond on one wing with Ince on the other, would be a good future with ben arfa pushed up behind Bony or Remy

That's a pretty low valuation if you ask me. Maybe if Ameobi and Ferguson were offered on a permanent basis. Although I don't think Ameobi is good enough for them. They're more likely to want Abeid or Amalfitano

Redmond touted as one of championship up and coming lads and Birmingham would take 2 mill and the loan of 2 average players dream on

Pea, bony and remy in a 4-3-3, selling Cabaye and Cisse to pay for it. Also Colo is staying and Douglas on his way next week. Pea agreed in Jan but st. Etienne wantedto wait until season finished roll on 1 july until its annouced

So why has pea came out last week and said he is talkin to a number of clubs but newcastle wasnt 1 of them?

Really, PEA's agreed a deal? Then why was our only bid for him rejected in January? He's said only 3 clubs have contacted him, we weren't one of them, and has said he's only interested in moving to a club that can offer him Champions League plus Anzhi are willing to offer £25 million. Face it PEA won't happen.

In regards to the low valuation of Nathan Redmond, it is because he only has a year left on his contract I believe. That is why it is a low valuation. Plus the stock of all of England's under 21 players has seriously decreased since their abysmal performances. Still I think he would be a good signing.
Personally I think we should go all out for Will Hughes. Kid is a future start for sure. Him and Bigi as future of our midfield (as the games I have seen him play centrally he is class) would leave me excited for once.
Tom Ince would be good but I think he is heavily over-rated. I think the attention should be turned to the likes of Wijnaldum, young, world class prospect, I know it may be dreaming a bit, but why not dream a bit?

I agree about wijanldrum not seen Hughes play but what about benega and bernat from valencia they need money and could get pair for £13m

Cant afford Remy's wages

The only reason I really said Hughes was because of the British link, I want more homegrown really. Don't get me wrong I like seeing decent foreign players. It adds flair and spice, I mean the two you mentioned could be awesome, but Wij is on another level!




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