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13 Jul 2013 12:55:24
Jordan Ayew to sign this week!

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Yeah that'll be right. a striker that scores a goal every 6-7 games. Just what we need.

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Another week, no signings, another load of bs about players coming in.

Supposed to be making signings next week
I won, t hold my breath

Thought lessons were learnt from last season. Guess I was wrong

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Where did you find this one

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Getting dafter by the minute Norwich and Swansea signing quality players Sunderland signing anybody and everybody

We need CB a Striker & Winger and we will be happy if everyone stays but looks like we will sell to buy and Ashley will hang onto his windfall from T V

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Jordan Ayew can play as striker, winger or in behind striker, only 20 so could have a great future. I would be happy with this signing

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With all other clubs active in the transfer market and us doing absolutely nothing other than talk and say what we need - where any fan of the club could have told them months ago, the future doesn't look too bright

Look at last year and what the inactivity caused during the season
This year we are doing exactly the same. apart from being weaker as a number of squad players have left

What sort of shambles has Newcastle turned into

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It's not even him that has been linked with English clubs it André Ayew his older brother and he a left winger than can play up front so don't think it will be Jordan and I cannot see any off them coming to the club

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Couple of forwards, what's the panic? We signed half a team in jan! We got a good squad, relax, strikers in we be fine

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13 Jul 2013 08:04:54
Four or fives strikers Newcastle are eyeing up… Heard we are looking for strikers who can also play as a winger.
Sinclair (costs 6-8mil)
Moses (costs 7-9mil) competition from Everton/Stoke
Remy (5-7mil)

Also might be looking at British in the championship although Rhodes & Astin are finishers we may as always get priced out.

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I'd try and get Rhodes because he's proved he can score at at every level.

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Moses and Remy have both knocked us back in the past. And Remys on bail till September. Both good players but under the circumstances I'd stay clear of both.

Is kuki still playing/available.

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Austin failed a medical. hear danny graham is avaliable

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Just beause they trned us down once does not mean we shpuld not retry, most peop[le go to who offers more

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Remy not only knocked us back he stood us up and messed us about. I thought Carr and pardew wanted players who had the right frame of mind. Sounds to me like he's only bothered about himself. Do we really need that in the dressing room.

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If your lot stopped going after people who have turned you down in the past, you'd have some VERY quiet transfer windows!


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I'd still have Remy. So what if he messed us about? All footballers are mercenaries. If he came, played well and scored goals he'd be forgiven within 2 weeks.

The only thing I'm dubious about is the rape case. It would be our luck that we sign him and he ends up in jail.

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13 Jul 2013 03:32:43
Just dropped Darren Bent off at Newcastle Training ground from the airport.
- taxi Dave

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Do you know Taxi Terry? apparently he did too

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That'll be right, about our ambition level at the mo, A Cisse clone when you need a playmaker and a winger.

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And the club would always use a taxi for players!

Get real - never heard of agents and cars

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At 3am?

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Cisse and bent not the same type of player for a start Bent knows the offside rule

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You are kidding. He frustrated the life out of everyone when he played for us.
Knows where the back of the net is. But is always getting off side

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He should do as well, he's spent long enough on the bench to learn the FA handbook cover to cover.

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Cisse was offside so much because he was making good runs but the service was too slow

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Yup. Sometimes Cisse being offside was his own fault. Others you could see he was desperate for the pass and it never came. there's only so long a striker can hold his run for.

I still think part of that was down to Cabaye being played too deep.

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