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13 Jul 2012 21:36:44
Hi Ed, I just saw an article on sayin that we're interested in a swap deal with Roma for Bojan Krkic, with Davide Santon goin the other way. I think this is absolute rubbish as Santon himself recently said that he will not move to Italy just yet as he's only been with us for one year.

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I also read that they paid 13 million euros and would have to pay a further 28 million euros if they wanted to retain the player. Dunno if those figures are accurate but he isn't worth that much like.

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28mill Barce want so thy cn find new striker wen we gt Messi

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13 Jul 2012 21:10:35
Any truth that liverpool have not payed all the money owed for carrol yet they have only payed 20 million and that we would be getting him back as ashley is getting a bit pee'd of that hes not got his money yet and could get him back for nothing any truth in this or just aload if rubbish ?

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Im pretty sure Lambias stated in his drunken rant that the club wouldn't sell Carroll unless they got the money up front.

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Newcastle only work on the basis of fees paid upfront since ashley came in. Both ins and outs. Nd llambias said tht they gt the full cash upfront, but was two weeks late, in his rant

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Yeh Toon charged interest cause they were 2 weeks late paying apparently ,if you believe his drunken rant.

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Newcastle are still owed 10m from the deal and Liverpool have missed their payment date.

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13 Jul 2012 18:39:06
Picture of the team in the new home kit v chemnitzer is on the website!

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I like it .

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It is exactly the same as the new Dortmund kit except theirs is yellow and black

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Don't like it ...the white gap where the virgin logo is looks s**te. why can't we just have black and white stripes all the way around? don't like the big black or white squares on the back where the numbers have been for the last few years. anyone know what the back is like this year?

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The back is from shoulder to shoulder, top to halfway down white. Then the rest stripes from front with the odd spike off the black stripe like the front

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14 Jul 2012 11:44:24
back of the kit. It has the stripes at the bottom, but white where the number and name are placed.

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Another huge square on the back... Why can't they make the numbers either light blue or even the same gold as the puma logo ( like the shirt we had when Shearer was still playing with Northern Rock on the front ) so that there can be old fashion stripes ( not jagged tat ) all the way around.
Hope this will be the last from Puma and we can attract a better sponsor next year.

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13 Jul 2012 18:19:50
team for tonight is
tavernier perch williamson (c) r.taylor
abeid gosling
obertan amalfitano ameobi

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We lost to a third division team in Germany......

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It was a young team. First pre season game and they had played 3/4 before tonight. Pre season is about fitness not results.

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Mancs lost to some Saudi team.. it has no bearing on anything to come. Otherwise city would be relegation contenders

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...with a second choice XI against a team who start their season next weekend.

Hardly a big deal for a first match.

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Plus we didnt play with a PROPER STRIKER, vuckic a cm

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I wouldnt say vuckic was a cm but he does prefer to play off a striker rather as an out and out striker

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13 Jul 2012 14:15:17
Ed what's the latest with Curtis Good? Last we heard the deal was more or less done but then all the talk died down? I know he's young but what do you know about him?
Cheers. {Ed001's Note - I honestly don't know a thing about him. Australian footballers are not something I know a lot about! I would suggest the lack of talk about him is a good thing, usually things leak out when discussions aren't going well. Agents tend to leak out stories to put pressure on clubs to get the deal they want for their player. As nothing has leaked, I would suggest that probably means it is just waiting for a chance to complete it.}

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Curtis is currently on tour with his club, after the tour is completed it is expected he will be released to have a medical and finalise the negotiations on Tyneside

Mac boy

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He's at an international tournament in Indonesia so can't sign until that's done and dusted.

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13 Jul 2012 10:59:33
I have just been up to Blueflame and saw Andy Carroll driving into the Benton traing ground. I have since looked on Sky and the various websites but found nothing....may be worth getting a few quid on the return of Carroll.......wonder what number he will get. Certainly shouldn't be any of the first 14.

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He's on holiday mate lol

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Well must be holidaying in the North East because it was definately him.......holidays don't last forever......

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Hes on hols. But i have been informed by a 2nd source hes in contract negtioations with nufc! Bearin in mind he left for a 30k pay rise!! Early days but west ham link is rubbish. Big sam wud like andycarroll not! I wud take him back but has alot of work to gain respect of fans/players and to gt in our team. But i guess nuf only want a permanant deal!

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There are rumours going round about a swap deal for Carroll involving cash plus Cisse !!! Really hope this is not true. Ed what's your take on that ? thanks. {Ed001's Note - I very much doubt it will happen.}

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A total non starter, especially the Swap deal plus cash for Cisse.

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The swap deal cant be done as cisse has already moved so many times in 1 calendar year so he cant move again till next year.

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Carroll did not leave for a Pay rise, He was sold for a massive pay day by the club.

Big difference.

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Carrolls back from holiday defo back in england, dont know about the trainign base though........B

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Oh really 30k to 80k a week is quite a head turner wouldn't you say and you say it like 36M profit was a bad thing!

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To the person a few posts above, Yeah the club wanted the money but so did Andy, dont kid yourself.
Carroll is like 90% of all other footballers and is only bothered about his pay cheque.
I personally wouldnt want him back, We're onto bigger and better things now.

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He also got a huge pay rise. Didn'tt have to leave.

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Did cisse actually play for his old club before we signed him? ( calender year ) I thought he was in Africa so he only played for us? Not sure like but sure someone can tell me.

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Carroll on his day is unplayable I'd have him bak for 10 million.

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Not enough days and means you have to play only one way - long ball route 1 all the time and better teams have that sussed, otherwise stoke would be top of the league.

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He supposedly still lives at the appartment flat in the old church at forest hall!

Add that to the rumours since he left it would only be a matter of time until he was back. 11m for De Jong or 10m for Carroll (not to mention the supposed 25% sell on clause we supposedly have)

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I do not see what the Carroll payrise had to do with him leaving, It was pretty simple in that if Newcastle wanted to keep them they just had to say no to Liverpool as he was in a Contract and would have been loyal to the club.

He was sold for a fee that was impossible to turn down, The Fact he got a payrise out of the deal is between Carroll and Liverpool.

I do not blame any player that leaves a club to get more money elsewhere anyway, If a club is as loyal to you as you are to the club then they will pay the going rate other teams will pay.

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13 Jul 2012 10:40:17
Sky Sports sources understand Newcastle United are close to sealing a deal for France international Mathieu Debuchy.

The Magpies targeted the Lille defender ahead of Euro 2012 and, following his impressive showing in Poland and Ukraine, made a bid which was rejected.

Italian giants Inter Milan also saw a bid rejected, and as recently as this week Lille stated they hoped to agree a new deal with the 26-year-old.

However, Newcastle have re-opened talks in the last 48 hours and are now close to coming to an agreement on a deal worth around £7million.

The Magpies are hoping to push through the deal in the coming days as they want Debuchy signed and sealed, so he can join their pre-season tour of Germany.
...geordie tom

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From all that i can find FEE has been now agreed and the player will fly in on the weekend to discuss terms and a medical.. happy days...

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13 Jul 2012 10:15:19
ssnews toon closing in on Debuchy deal ! team looking good, still concerned on left of midfield, need somone with experience and pace. Hoilet on plane to Germany,

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Where in Germany though? To join up with Toon squad or to Hamburg???

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Good chance it's to Hamburg because reports say he still wants 50k/week

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To have talks with borussia.. ssports

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I thought he was havin talks wiv borussia monchengladbach

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13 Jul 2012 10:12:30
according to sky Debuchy deal close to being done for 7 million,toon want deal done in time for pre-season tour !

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13 Jul 2012 08:24:02
I think from pards recent comments the best case scenario would be debuchy, douglas and hoilett in. Maybe a suprise and some more youthal talent (not in a seedy way!). Players like vukic, abeid and sameobi to get more of a chance (hopefully). Still be a good transfer window for us if we pull this off.

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Newcastle will only buy players as replacements for players going out,and will not spend a penny more than they need to.
Looks like simpson gone so will be replaced.If we can bag bargains with re-sale value mabe, but remember it will always be tight with money as long as Ashley is in charge.

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Well SSN reporting we're close to signing Debuchy but also reporting that Hoilett has agreed to join Monchengladbach

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Hoilet is going to monchengladbach

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Any news on this kuwait bloke buying the club? i see its all over the papers in kuwait if you look it up said as early as next week ? we will wait and see!! {Ed026's Note - Think is a non starter as the club have come out and said they've received no contact from any potential buyers.

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What a stupid comment. Ashley has always made money available for the right players (Colo, Cisse, Santon etc etc)
can't believe how much quality we have at the moment

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What stupid comment, all those players you metioned have re sale vallue,how much is Cessi worth now.

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Newcastle will only buy players as replacements for players going out_

Absolute rubbish from another smb. Toon under Ashley and Pardew are finally moving in the right direction. nothing will be done to jeopardise that. expect at least 3 more in than that which depart. We are 1 0f 5 teams competing for 3rd n 4th. expect a great season ahead.


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Everyone is saying that he only replace people that have went out well we have already lost lov guthrie best and smith which regardless of how gd you think they where are stilling going to get replaced and so that will take ashely putting his hand in his pocket

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12 Jul 2012 23:01:47
Deal is now in place for Debuchy to complete by end of next week. Anita to follow shortly after. We are still hoping to conclude a deal for Douglas by tw end of the window and then bring in 3 top youngsters for the development squad.

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Dot think so mate!!

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Looks like ur right. Debuchy on his way!

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Douglas can only officially move to us in august as he has to stay there so he can get a dutch citizenship as he wants to play for the holland national team

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