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13 Jan 2013 22:20:30
Alright lads, ive no alligance to your club but thought id just let you know that Loic Remy has arrived in Newcastle in last hour, i know this cause my wife worked on his flight, well for use having 10 mill to spend, i wish my club spent £10, best of luck for rest of Season

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Yes 8 million
and we have been wishing for a long time that our club would spend money, we just hope its not too late

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Fantastic news if true mate!

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25 games 5 goals lol

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"25 games 5 goals? LOL". You think just because that is his goal scoring record that he is useless? He has an amazing assist record and is an impact player, Fast, stronger and energetic. He's a great player. Also he is young which is a great asset to have. He hasn't scored many goals mainly due to being third striker for his former club (hopefully former!) When he does get on the pitch it is due to being a last ten minute spell so the 25 games aren't exactly full games. The lad is a great signing.

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^^ totally agree, remy is a quality player, and for just 8.3m? that's a bargain, he was originally priced at 22m. I say this all the time, form is temporary, class is permanent. A change of leagues will help him and so will 50,000 most passionate fans In England. Soon remy will be a fans favourite, but will people please just stop going on about his form this season, he's a quality player and will show it at newcastle.

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But 19 of those 25 games he only played a total of over 400 mins which is more like 5 games therefore when you look at his goals per minutes on the pitch it's far healthier reading. More like 5 goals in 10 about 1goal every 180 mins not bad for a player apparently out of sorts

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He's going to qpr sadly, bigger wage packet

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He's going to QPR.

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13 Jan 2013 21:22:39
Newcastle to have Remy and Sissoko signed by tuesda
Both could make debuts at weekend.

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A brilliant pair of signings!

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Would be great to get both but apart from Remy what we need is 1-2 CBs but we may be going for sissoko because we might be thinking of selling tiote given how poor he's been recently

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We won't get rid of tiote at all! He picks up cards but he is probably one of the best defensive midfielder in the prem.
He is an asset rather than a liability

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On his day he's an asset but he messes about with the ball on the edge of his box and not making a pass or clearing it, he picks up far too many cards, he gives away stupid fouls, he keeps trying to score from outside the box and hasn't come close since the Arsenal game 2 years ago. Overall he's only really useful when he's at his best, the rest of the time he's too much of a liability to justify keeping him on the off chance that he has a long run in form.

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13 Jan 2013 19:58:38
Just herd Danny graham in talks as well with toon me for one would be happy with remy and graham

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Danny Graham doesn't have a particularly good goal scoring record for any team he has played for and 1 in 3 in the championship is not good just look at AC and Shola's records when we were in the championship, he is also 27 and would cost a fair bit and we don't want to play hoof ball so what would he actually bring to our team, would be a waste of money and wages, rather see a younger player brought in or players like Adam Campbell given the chance over Danny Graham

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Need Danny as back up

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We don't want to play hoof ball? have you watched NUFC lately? we play more "hoof balls" than any other team in the premier

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Since when have Swansea played hoof-ball? Danny would be ideal backup and would provide a different option to cisse & remy

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Danny Graham scored 24 goals in 45 games in his last season in the championship.

That is better than 1 in 2, so please do not try to dress up his goal tally.

He knocked in 12 league goals last season and was not even a regular, that is not many goals shy of what Ba scored last season.

Have you watched Danny Graham play in many games?

I would be willing to bet that Danny Grahams goals to shots ratio is as good as anyone we already have.

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''We don't want to play hoof ball? have you watched NUFC lately? we play more "hoof balls" than any other team in the premier''

Actually no we don't, have you watched the last 5 or 6 games?

We did not play hoofball against Man you or Arsenal, same against Norwich.

Maybe 10 or more games ago we were still considered a hoofball team but that is not our style anymore, it creeps in now and again if we are behind in a game and need a fast goal but we are by no means the biggest hoofball team in the league anymore.

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Look at opta stats, before xmas we'd played more long more balls than any other team in the league it may have altered if you include the last games but we'll still be right up there

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For one, Swansea don't play the 'hoof ball as most of their players in the upper half are quite small and won't win a header! second of all, Graham as a third striker is a great signing. The chances are we will play Ben area, remy and cisse upfront. so for a third striker and probably a Europe starter, him and his goal record are welcome as far as i am concerned.

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We've missed Leon Best desperately, he was a solid striker without being spectacular that was always capable of scoring goals. The same can't be said for Shola...

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Just because we play hoof ball doesnt mean we want to, It is mostly down to williamson playing and not being able to do anything but hoof it 40 yards up the pitch to no one, and picking out one good season doesn't make graham good, before that he was barely managing 1 in 3 in league 1, don't see any difference between him and shola in my opinion and feel the money would be better off spent improving our defence this january

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Graham has not played in league 1 since the 08/09 season.

Come on... you are not going to judge a striker on their goal record from that long ago are you?

Robin Van Persie would still be rubbish by that thinking.

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13 Jan 2013 18:42:49
charles nzogbia would be a perfect signing, good supply for our strikers.Ben arfa in the hole and a reliable mid fielder alongside Cabay, two more centre halves, think Tiote a liability along with Mike willowtree.O and would like to see Darren bent also.

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Willow tree ha ha an actual tree would be more useful, not sure nzogbia we have had him before and he is playing awful for villa, but for a cheap transfer fee and low wages maybe. However Darren bent, never, yes he scores goals but he is the most overated striker to ever pull on an england shirt plus he used to play for scumderland. We do need at least one new cb maybe m'villa and possibly another striker, lets just be pleased it looks like we have remy.

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Darren Bent and Zogbia havnt done Villa a lot of good

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Nzobia didn't work last time and had a poor attitude - haven't seen anything to change my mind since he left and has caused problems at Wigan and villa
He can't even get into the villa team - do we want some one like that

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I've just worked out why we're doing badly on the field at the moment, and the players look sluggish and lack spark. We're not getting the eggs. It's January transfer window and the egg man hasn't given us any tips, which means he's either retired/dead/been sacked/somethings gone wrong, which means no eggs. No eggs means no protein means poorly nourished players, which means rubbish performances. You know it makes sense. Bring back the egg man. Maybe he got lost when they changed it to sports direct arena and hasn't been back since they changed it back.

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As if last year you'd be calling tiote a liability, this year he hasnt been good but far from being a liability, and darren bent haha no thank you, and n'zogbia used to be good but he has a serious attitude problem, rather see marveux get a chance than sign n'zogbia, but defo feel we need another cm sissoko is obviously the first choice, and behind him if money is being spent m'villa, im a big fan of james mccarthy of wigan, should just wait to see if villa get relegated and bid for benteke

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The toon have been rubbish this season coz they all had a rubbish pre season. Either injured or at euros. No distactions this summer though!

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The toon have been rubbish this season cos we didn't invest in the summer failed to buy a striker when 2 left and failed to buy a defender when we have needed at least 2 since pardew took over

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Clearly a post by a Mackem. Why the hell would we want Bent or Nzogbia. Newcastle have a transfer policy of not Buying over the age of 26. Duh!

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Debuchy 27

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26 when interested in the player though

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13 Jan 2013 14:44:03
Marseille President has confirmed they have accepted a bid for Loic Remy. Now he will enter talks, and hopefully the player will be a NUFC player by the end of the week.

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They will have already agreed terms with Remy's reps, otherwise a bid to Marseille is pointless.

I know this is wrong with the official protocols of getting permission, but we all know how the world works!

Hopefully this gets done by the morning, and see at least one more before Reading too!

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By end ov week.should be signed well before weekend....

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He has left the team hotel to travel to newcastle the nite

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It could be done by tomorrow from what I hear

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Med and negs will take a couple of days, I would think.

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If he signs by Thursday he can play in the Reading game

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Don't know why you would disagree about Medical takeing a bit longer as he has a heart condition so test will be more extensive, no.

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By 12 noon fri, would make a player avail sat at 3

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13 Jan 2013 14:41:58
tv has quotes from Marseille president saying deal agreed for Remy.
Hope he is ready for Reading at SJP.

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13 Jan 2013 13:23:33
Tomkins trying to force through his move to Newcastle....Big sam trying to stop him leaving but the chuckle brothers can see the money!

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Didn't Tomkins refuse to come to us when they were relegated? I don't see this one happening

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WH quoted as wanting 10 million for Tomkins..... get real !!!....3 million would be about realistic from what I've seen.

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Tomkins won't join us now that Collins has a torn Hammy, they will need him to cover.

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13 Jan 2013 11:26:47
BREAKING: Newcastle have had a £10m bid accepted by Marseille for Loic Remy. Who is set to sign before the end of this week.

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Where have you heard or read this? I hope it is right. Does anyone think m'villa would be a good signing for us. I just think its a waste of talent if he goes to qpr.

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They said the same last week - believe it when I see it .......and won't be holding my breath

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It seems as Remy is a done deal, but I can't see that one more striker is enough, we need more goal scorers in our team so we should add a second striker or a goal scoring midfielder. We cannot keep on playing with Obertan and Jonas who contributes nothing. I will be happy when I see a Newcastle team that looks like this.

Debuchy - Colo/addition - S. Taylor/addition - Santon

Marveaux/addition - Tiote/Anita - Cabaye

Ben Arfa - Cisse - Remy

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Marseille president has stated he's left the squad ahead of sochaux game and said goodbye to team mates. Now move on to cb which is next priority then start on some backup players with experience we can use to help the squad.

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TV are saying he's flying over to do the medical and finalise everything

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M'villa would be an immense signing for us, would give us extreme quality in depth in centre midfield also gives cabaye a lot more freedom to push forward when he is back, I don't see him going to qpr they are linked with every player under the sun at the moment, and with arsenal still tracking him i don't see him making a backwards move to be relegated

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13 Jan 2013 10:05:26
newcastle looking seriously at port vale 20 goal striker tom pope.

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13 Jan 2013 06:56:12
Reports this morning on Sky and another source that NUFC have had a £10m bid accepted for Remy.
Wants to come and spurred on by the French lot already at the club.
I will believe it when I see it mind.

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Obviously weren't paying attention cos they said 8 million

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13 Jan 2013 01:26:38
Despite all the speculation over Collo - He won't be leaving any time soon. He only signed a four year contract just little less than a year ago and he is 30. Despite all his class, He won't be bought. Especially not by his fathers smaller club, who are the only one's that he will sign for. We would have to sell him for equal to what we payed for him, which was round the 10 mill mark! (better player now than what he was!) Despite the lads wishes, and all fairness to his wife falling ill. The boy should know, you can't just ask to leave in football. Especially not with a 10 mill price tag on your head and especially not to a smaller club for nothing. The lads would have been better keeping his mouth shut!

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What you on about...all fairness to his ill wife but he should know better, he has to stay..have you heard yourself?

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Smaller club? ashley has made us a tiny club that sells best players

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He can leave if he is that desperate he can buy out his contract himself

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Colo will go on strike to force move

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If he wants to leave, hope pards can come to resolution they'll let him leave in summer of suitable bid comes. we need him for these next 4 months.

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His wife is seriously ill which is far more important than football at this time...Show some respect man!

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Wait, wait, wait. he never said that he can't leave because his wife is ill. he is saying that just because he says he wants to leave doest mean he can walk out. the lad was bought for ten million. he can't just be allowed to walk out whenever he wishes. at the very least he has to buy out his contract, so 4 years times his weekly wage = a few million. And i don't think you all need reminding, ashley couldn't give a rubbish, he spent the money and he will intend to get his moneys worth.

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To the top comment -out of what you said, 'have you heard yourself', you made no clear point. the comment is clearly true. He has a contract, which means the club own him for four years. Newcastle will never in a million years let him go for nothing to his dads club nor will they sell him cheap. the most he can do is buy his contract out which will cost the lad millions to do. its fairly obvious that just because he has asked to leave it doesn't mean he will just be aloud to go. and Have some respect? that's why i said 'allfairness to his wife being ill'. My point was that he would have been better speaking to Pardew and ashley 1 to 1 rather than having a public outcry which has sparked nothing but speculation and rumour. If i was in his shoes i would want to return back to my home country too. Surely you are all not naive enough to think just because he asked, he will get it. And strike? sure ye can go on strike, but again that will cost him millions to do. as every day he doesn't train/play he is refusing to secombe to the contract HE SIGNED! At the end of the day don't have a tiff and slag me off for making a a point which is true. Football is business at the end of the day and i would move you all to challenge for Ashelys soft side to let the boy go for free when he cost ten mil

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I agree with the above point that it should have been kept between senior management, I'd hope that pardew and ashley would have been understanding and would have offered to help. He is our club captain and a great centre back, I hope we stand by him and do our best to help our black and white brother. I do feel let down that he or his family went to the press, it has just sparked rumours, which to me seems disrespectful to the club, and the collocinis. I hope sincerely that she gets well soon.

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I wasnt intending to make a point, it was an observation of your statement, which judging by peoples reactions (mine included) was deemed disrespectful. Of course Im sure you considered collo would have to buy himself out if he wanted to leave, Im not disputing that, however that was not what you had you written, it came as if Newcastles current predicament was more important than his wife's health. In any case, Im not here to argue and your last post explains your point and opinion a lot more clearly

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