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12 Oct 2013 14:22:34
Ed, are you soon going to be blocking posts that aren't registered with a sign off name? I know lots of other pages are

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{Ed007's Note - Yes JT, we will be doing that over the coming week or two. There is nothing sinister about it, it is solely to improve the quality of the sites.}

Are you or not ed?

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{Ed007's Note - This is a prime example of the garbage we intend doing away with.}

JT: it's a sad fact that even if persons (you know who) do sign off with a name it's not necessarily the same name each time, and in any case most of us - honest or otherwise - use a pseudonym. Ed knows who's who, and I'm content to leave it to him (or her) to sift out abuse when it gets out of hand. And we now know that there are far fewer hate-filled negativos than we used to think. Maybe only one! Vic

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Sad reflection on someone trying to be a Newcastle supporter
You need your bumps looking at. Geez

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Ed, why bother posting the questions but not the answer? Surely it would make more sense not to post at all then we wouldn't have to read pointless c%^p. Actually is the position of Newcastle Ed open and we could actually have one that will respond?

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{Ed007's Note - Am I missing something here? What question did I not answer? The clown who posted the second question must be illiterate because his question was answered in the first post. If you struggle to read or comprehend simple English it is hardly our fault is it?}

Some fans are never happy Concentrate on the team with your personic comments good or BAD
They know who I mean

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I'll give him this, Zeus (or whatever he calls himself today) is a determined character - an person and a Mackem - but determined. If I'd posted a rumour that we'd signed Messi on a free I'd get fewer 'unbelievables'. If his posts were blocked Ed would have no need for this new rule! Vic

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{Ed001's Note - the new rule is nothing to do with Zeus, it was going to happen eventually anyway.}

12 Oct 2013 09:08:30

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{Ed002's Note - I explained before that we will be moving to only accepting posts from registered/signed up posters on the Newcastle page. You now have 10 days notice until we pull the plug on unregistered posts entirely.}