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12 Jul 2013 17:28:04
Heard this afternoon looks like Bent will go to NUFC on
season long loan as no transfer fee can be agreed. Bent won't take a wage cut if the deal is a loan. Lambert not happy with losing Benteke and trying to keep him at villa. Lambert won't lose Benteke late in August with no time to replace but ain't bothered about Bent. He's yours for £70 grand a week. Villa won't sell for less than £6 mill.

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Ashley has already said he won't take other clubs players on loan as he doesn't want to increase profit for other clubs. After keegan can anyone think of a player we've had in on loan?

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Stephan Ireland

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2nd post - Stephen Ireland but that didn't exactly increase his value; also van Arnoult but same applies to him.

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Ireland he will not take anyone in on loan unless he can get a cheap but clause after the loan deal is up how we got Ben Arfa and he was also after keegan

Marknufc 3

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Danny Simpson was on loan before we bought him after Keegan left.

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Mr Wonga - now he is some loan! Bing

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12 Jul 2013 13:06:44
Newcastle are signing Jack Colback. How do I know? He's missus let slip to my brother doing work at the colback family home.

This is true so I thought I would share, believe it or not but time will tell.

He's a boyhood geordie and doesn't like Dicanio and he's methods because he gets to see little of he's family and its like a dictatorship etc etc I won't bore you with the rest. He wants to stay in the area.

He won't be expensive, English, Young, loves Nufc, Tidy player, can play in many positions, improving all the time. was brilliant under Dicanio.

Is he a replacement for Cabaye?.

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Good player but not on the same page as Cabaye.

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A good one! This is Newcastle's last resort by the looks.

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Jack doesn't care about nufc he's been at Sunderland since he was 11

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Good utility player sad to see him go but not nearly good enough to fills cabaye's boots

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Recently rejected a new contract at Sunderland and has one year left on his current contract I think, could be true and he'd probably be a replacement for Pech and Gosling. I'd be happy with that good player and even better if he supports us.

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He won't come not really any surprise he supports us, I think there's like 3 other sunderland players who support newcastle! lol! Don't need him though and we won't buy him

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You all were saying he was S### last season now your changing your mind, lol is this because there is no signings coming in for you same as remy you all slated him cause he went to QPR now you all want him make your minds up, he would of fit in well with your other rapist.

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3 others who support newcastle who?, Colback dosnt even support Newcastle not the way he celebrated the 3 nill derby hammering lol. He's from a Newcastle supporting area but has been at Sunderland since he was a kid.

He's also wanting to leave because he's not good enough for Sunderland anymore and knows he won't get in the team.

He's nickname by the mackems is the crab, because he has never once passed the ball forwards.

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He probably does care because if someone said you can become a professional footballer with the team you hate or work in a call centre. I know what I'd choose

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He's not good enough for sunderland? he's probably one of your best players! Also Colback, Johnson and Graham definitely support Newcastle!

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Would be good to have someone english coming in for once and if he loves Nufc then he will probably try hard?!

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Is that the ginger guy that got tilted sent off

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You lot are talking rubbish out of desperation, there's cobwebs on this page, jack colback will stay at sunderland its his club and he's loved by management and fans, never mind these uppitys who think the new lot are better i'm talking the folk with football brains not playstations, having said that he's better than any of your uttility players and has an attitude you could only dream of kebab possesing never hides never feigns injury and never kicks out at opponents a real old fashioned north east sportsman

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True bud and it won't be a call centre sunderland fan here and I can't see Newcastle buying colback he is no better than some of the players you have he has been average at sunderland till pdc gave him a couple of games at right back where he shone

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12 Jul 2013 21:03:12
He is rubbish and is not good enough. We are overloaded with midfield players to strikers and a winger is a must

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Johnson didn't support newcastle when he curled the second goal in, in the 0-3 derby.

He also was a fan of ginola not newcastle and he's family support sunderland, he also liked Manchester United briefly, Liverpool and spurs.

So even if he did like Newcastle, he wasn't a real fan and isn't now.

As for Graham and Colback they don't have a future at Sunderland. Colback isn't good enough for sunderland he will be lucky to be on the bench next season.

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He's not a toon fan?. because he does his job for the club who is paying him. oh, so he's a pro and a toon fan.

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Isn't good enough for 5under1and? Where in the league did you finish last season? And you have the nerve to say a player isn't good enough to get in THAT team.! Bollox.

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The stats say sunderland were better with colback at lb than when rose played

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We finished above you.

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Sunderland fan here and the lad who says colback and graham don't have a career at sunderland is talking b******* di canio doesn't want to let colback go as he is our most versatile player played lb rb and midfield last season thought he was good as defender but can't see Newcastle wanting someone in these positions. also graham although he didn't score his all out performance was very good he holds the ball up as good as anyone in the league and his distribution is excellent also i'm not gloating lads but his movement off the ball especially at Newcastle was brilliant all he needs is a couple of goals this lad can link up with anyone would be disappointed to see us sell him. finally lads I put on here 3 weeks ago that you will get bent and I've been told his wages are the only thing holding up the deal 75k a week at villa Newcastle are looking for a loan with option to buy and villa subsidising wages.

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12 Jul 2013 07:18:13
Bent - 6m
Remond - 3m
Sinclair - 7m
Tompkins - 5m
Fer - 5m
Van aanholt - 3m

Buying those players with a total of 29 million would give us 2 premier leauge standard starting 11's

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I think we're only getting Bent from that list

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Thats never gona happen thought redmond already been signed by another club

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Then only thing is about what you have just said. WE WONT SPEND MONEY!

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Fer has already signed for Norwich

Can Aanholt has already gone back on loan to Holland

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No to bent and tomkins, too late for redmond

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Redmond has joined Norwich so he won't be joining us.

Bent, Sinclair and Tompkins are possibilities, we have been heavily linked with all three.

Fer failed a medical at Everton, don't know much about him, but could be interesting.

Van aanholt is a left back, we already have 2 left backs, why would we need another?

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Redmond signed for norwich last week,
tompkins is rubbish
you won't get fer
Bent is going to wolfsburg
and i'm sure Van aanholt is going on loan to a dutch team

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Redmond has signed for norwich, van aanholt has gone on loan to the dutch club where he spent the previous 2 seasons - name eludes me.

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Fer has already signed for another team

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We will be lucky to spend 2.9m this summer!

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Hasn't Redmond gone to Norwich?

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Redmond already been signed by Norwich, Fer is also intersting Norwich and bids have been made and NO, just NO to Van aanholt, we already have Santon, Hiadara and Mbiwa who can all play LB.

Tompkins NO, can't get in westham side, why would we need him!

Only possible signings are Ben and Sinclair out of the players listed.

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If we can get Tomkins and keep him fit then yes would be a cracking buy.
Redmond has agreed deal at Norwich.
Van Aanholt as previously stated is on loan again.
Bent maybe (I don't particularly want him at Newcastle) but apparently has offers away from PL as well.
Sinclair is out from having a rib removed due to a blood clot so unlikely but he should recover fully by end of |Sept so maybe seen as a season loan more than anything.
Fer I believe has joined another club after failing medical at Everton I believe.
Would add that although Huddlestone has had contact with Sunderland he is unsure whether it is worth going or not so is still available and I for 1 would welcome him coming here.

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Tompkins is a cart horse absolute crap and will be a waste of money will defo go down with him at the back steer clear please.

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Bent - 6m
Remond - 3m
Sinclair - 7m
Tompkins - 5m
Fer - 5m
Van aanholt - 3m

Redmond signed for Norwich, Fer is going to join him.
Sinclair is a good player but £7m seems a bit much about £5m is fair.
Bent fair enough.
Tompkins is worth about £3m and we could do better for sure.
I rather have Santon, R. Taylor and Haidara than Van Aanholt

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Sinclair would be a fantastic buy. he would get 1st team football at Newcastle and would add some much needed pace and flair in attack. + he's English! that would help meet the fair play rules.

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12 Jul 2013 00:01:43
Heard some mutterings that Newcastle are going to take Senegal U-21 striker Pape Sane on trial with a view to a £2m move

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I've literally never heard of him. Is he any good or is this another kid who won't be of any use to the first team for a few years yet

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How you came up with this is unbelievable. He's any young senegalese striker who has 1/1 for the main team but has never scored a club goal in his career going on wiki. So my guess would be no we're not after him and he's useless.
Good rumour though.

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£2mill is a little expensive for an unknown person who has shown no quality up till now so if we did (and I doubt we would) buy him it would be for pennies.

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