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12 Aug 2013 21:41:11
So I see we could now be in for Jelle Vossen of KRC Genk. Has anyone saw him play and is he good?


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Yeah not a bad player 17 goals in 21app for genk last season but there league not the greatest only 5"11 so not the tallest but good with his feet has pace and knows where the goal is seen him score a few wonder goal would not be a bad buy for around 8 mil

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Would be a good buy from what I've seen of him

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Hes not the fastest of the bunch but he's what u would call a clinicle finosher or van score sum wonder goals

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Desperation before the kick off
It is a disgrace and this team will flounder

We are 2nd rate and will hold up the Premiership

Good viewing lads my season tickets were give to 4 passionate lads but even they have doubts

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Would only get 5 goals in prem, 8M? would only pay 2M at most

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I'm in no way saying Vossen will be any good if we do get him, but people saying he's only playing in belgium seem to forget both Benteke and Lakaku both come from that very league and where two of the best forwards in the PL last season?

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Im getting fed up with so called Newcastle fans coming on here and slagging the team off!

yes we have only brought in Remy on loan, and it is frustrating, but we have good players at the club already! Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Cisse, Krul, Collocinni, Santon! And there's more! the players from January will be fitter and more prepared for the premier league. we have new backrom staff to work on fitness, one who used to work with the england rugby team. and players are saying they feel fitter and stronger! maybe we should start actually backing the team and showing our support rather than all this doom and gloom about us getting relegated before we have even kicked a ball this season!

Graham Carr and Alan Pardew will have ideas on how to strengthen the team, and will have back ups if some don't work! Joe Kinnear may not be everyones favourite person, but from what I have heard recently from him, he is doing his best, and I have faith that come september the 2nd, we will have added more to our team and be comfortably away from relegation!

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Heard about Vossen but also Alderweireld this morning. The original quote said we were the only prem team looking for his signature. As unbelievable as this is, I think he would be a great signing and one that can cover RB if need be

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8th Post do called because they are critics if the abysmal way the club is run and watching happen exactly what happened last season

Wake up it is people like you make Ashley think he can walk on waterThe fun starts on Monday put you comic books down and read the news about football we are officially 2nd favourites to be relegated

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Are we now? Everywhere I look predicts us mid table, even the betting odds suggest this. Some claim we will be as high as 9th.

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We aren't second favourites actually gwt your facts right

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No we aren't second favorites we are odds on certs

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To the first poster - You might have faith mate but what you really need is a big dose of grown up reality.
Joan of Arc had blind faith and look what happened to her!

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To the 10th post person, call yourself a fan?
i agree with the 8th post person, get behind the team and club.
i'm also frustrated by lack of new players, but i've been supporting ghis club for 35 years, seen some rubbish, had worse chairmen, mckeag, shepherd, oh shepherd who nearly sent us under.
so mr 10th post instead of people like myself and the 8th post person, you want to thank yourself lucky we have a squad with some quality, that will stay up, we will have added a player or two by 2 nd Sept, you support a team in the Premier league, with no debt.
or would you like us to be another Portsmouth or Leeds, now their fans do have something to moan about.
so I suggest YOU put down your comics and YOU wake up to the fact you are a luck boy to support such a wonderfull football club.

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The negativos on here claim to have the only grasp on reality and blame us optimists for arse licking, but there's another reality - that no rich Arab is coming to save us and that their incessant wringing isn't having any positive effect either. We've heard it all many times before - they think they're right, but only results will tell. So give it a rest, moaners, get behind the team and let's all keep our fingers crossed.

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Toonlol and 8th post, thank you, it is refreshing to see someone with realisations of where our club is at.

People say we are badly run, yet we are still one of the biggest grossing clubs in Europe and still achieve top 20 in the Forbes list. We are one of the only self-sustaining clubs and that is homage to just how well run we actually are.

You people complaining were probably the ones who when we finished 5th were saying that this regime has sorted itself out and things are looking good for Newcastle. We had a ridiculous number of injuries last year and we had a bad year. But look at the squad we can field and it is a bloody good squad.
I would like to see additions too but I am glad we are not buying flops or being held ransom over fees for someone in the last year of their contract. I am glad that the days of signing the likes of Luque, Owen, Woodgate, Boumsong and the likes are over. We seem to be investing well in our team with a mix of experience and youth.
So I would say, for once, things are truly looking up for Newcastle as it seems we have a good regime (who yeah will make a mistake, everyone does) who are taking the club to stability in the background and building a strong team.
Peace out,

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You just contradicted yourself. we don't have a strong squad. That was obvious to see last season when key players were injured there was no back up players good enough to fill the gaps, everyone could see it. why can't you lot obsessed with Ashley see it?
In my opinion we need at least 6-7 more quality players to make sure if players in vital positions are injured if doesn't hurt us too much.
That's not going to happen with this regime, it will be a threadbare squad with "adequate" players for when the first teamers are not playing.
And yes, with the players we have now, we will be fighting relegation again, and I have held a season ticket for 40 years. only difference is, I don't walk round with my head up my arse.

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I'd have a bit more respect for the miserable moaners if they got down off their soap-boxes and actually organised themselves into a credible opposition to Ashley. But instead they trot out the same half-baked theories, usually that Ashley trousers any income from transfers. Believe me, as soon as the accounts show the club to be repaying Ashley's loan we'll all hear about it. You can wish all you like for an Arab sheikh to come to our rescue, like I wish I could win the lottery, but it ain't going to happen. So shut up, get organised and do something instead. Your constant brainless negativity is making us all a laughing-stock. And before the people come on with their insults, I'm no Ashley fan, or apologist, just a loyal supporter of many years who's thoroughly sick of the whingers on here. Vic

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These negatives need to get a big dose of the realism they claim to have and that the rest of us apparently lack and realise that whining on a fan site won't make a blind bit of difference. What we need to do is get behind the team rather than complain about them and make baseless claims about how inadequate they are. Now let the abuse and down votes roll on in.

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12 Aug 2013 13:27:42
Have you seen the picture on twitter of a Toon fan having his picture taking with Kinnear at Ebbsfleet station before he gets the Eurostar to Belgium for tonights Standard Liege game? Seriously- Asked who he was going to watch. Replied- I can't remember his name but I have a picture. What a total clown this man is. Batshuayi is the player and has been watched by big clubs inc Barca. don't let Kinnear near the lad!

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My only thought about this is maybe he doesn't want to let other teams know who we are after, however it is Joe Kinnear, I wouldn't be surprised if he forgot the picture as well!

Uni Dan

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Sorry yesterdays game v Genk

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JFK just like the duty free, he's not going to sign anyone from one of his 'scouting' missions. he hasn't even got a clue who any of these players are! wheres Carr gone?

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To starting the Premiership with the same team as last season is a disgrace and an insult to ALL football in the UK

Newcastle will e screaming after the first4 games whilst the fans can only sit and watch

Mistake after mistake By Ashley he needs hounding out of Newcastle Blob on kegs

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Lots of stories saying pulled out for gomis

We must have a plan b

If not what the hell is going on

We need more than just remy
What if he gets injured or goes to prison worst case

We need more than him surely

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Aubamayeng scored a hat trick on his Dortmund debut, missed out there

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Saw something saying he might be after Jelle Vossen from Genk (which is where Benteke came from, just saying). He's 24 and has played 11 times for the Belgian national side and last season he scored 14 goals in just 21 games which is very impressive.

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Not very impressive, on par with Scottish second division

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Be good for the rangers side we hammered then? Oh wait hold on.

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12 Aug 2013 13:00:43
bafe gomis set to sign in the next few days after agreeing personal term with kinnear in France yesterday

promising signs

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Tv are now reporting that we've pulled back (I read that as not quite out) from the deal for Gomis. again! I can't see this happening now and never really thought we would sign more than one striker anway. Not sure letting 2-3 go and bringing only one in is progress but I have a feeling that's what is going to happen.

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Wouldn't be surprised if it was all a media stunt for Newcastle to say "We'll we tried"

and they basically buy cheap rubbish players.

I can see Newcastle becoming a relegation fighting side every season, the likes of Wigan and West Ham,

- Uni Dan

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Just read on sky sissoko saying gomis is desperate to sign for newcastle
Apparently they are good friends

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If Gomis was so good -why are there no other bids for him?
Probably a good thing we have pulled out

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If he wants to come, then he will come. there is clearly something a miss here. and I can't see it been the player agents as they will want him to move so they can be paid themselves!

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But there were no other bids for cabaye, ben arfa, tiote, cisse, haidara, santon, sissoko, gouffran either. yes other clubs were linked but no one else put their money down.
just because another club doesn't want him it doesn't mean they're no good.

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We have pulled out of negotiations for him

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12 Aug 2013 12:16:07
If Newcastle sell Cabaye it will be for £25m to £35m as Pardew has already stated. that's good money for a layer that was not amazing last season.


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Thought Cabaye had a good season last year considering how start and stop it was due to injuries, how bad the whole team was playing, and how little a partnership was formed with any 2 players. If Cabaye leaves I can imagine a lot of players like Benny will want to do the same. With no ambition being shown by the club why would they want to stay. When the club needed to bring players in they did, just look at january this summer has just been a complete laughing stock from start to present.

Teams like norwich are signing veru good players at low prices, why are we not doing the same. Fixating on crap like Darren Bent, and wasting time on Gomis and many more.

Sort it out and get some players in or this will be another season of pure disappointment.

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Its alright saying we will get that kind of money for him which personally I doubt. The question is would Ashley re-invest into the team? I doubt he would.

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Way over valued. no chance of getting anywhere near that, he's not as good as u think

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To be fair to cabaye he did play a lot of football the year before last
I think fatigue was a major problem with him
I honestly think h will be a much better player this year

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Where did he say that?

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I think Cabaye will go this summer in the last couple of days and it won't be for more than £20M (£15-18M+ add ons I reckon). then we'll get the usual 'oh it happened too late to get anyone in' line and the money will go towards paying the fat mans loan off instead. same old same old.

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I don't remember Pardew putting those figures on him just some waffle about blowing some doors down! we'll not get that much for him anyway and if we do sell it will be too late to get a replacement. (you'd think this has all happend before. oh hang on!)

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Cabs had serious burnout last season. Not Much rest after euros. He has to be better this season

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Give your head a wobble 25 -35 mil for a player that doesn't last more than 70 mins a game and injury prone 8 -10 if you are lucky

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Cabaye was terrible last season, a total deserter against the Mackems, worth the 4M paid.

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That might have something to do with Cabaye doing everything for the team last year. I looked at him after Christmas and thought he looked knackered all the time!
We used him far to much with not having other players fit.

Also we rushed the lad back from injury because we were short staffed, and the training programme was terrible!

We have seen the damage, skill, touch that Cabaye has on the pitch and on the game, let's hope we have the Yohan Cabaye back off 2011-2012 season this year

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12 Aug 2013 10:45:44
Whispers around Benton of Jordan Rhodes at Blackburn, cheap, 23 and can score, not sure why we would want him as they just signed best who I think is a lot better, we will see

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Best better than Jordan Rhodes?

Rhodes is a goal machine.

Leon Best played on his toes like he was Iniesta and shyed away from heading the ball, he seems to be a bit confused about his frame and style of player he is.

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Blackburn paid 8 million for Rhodes and he has been brilliant for them.


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Any word on gomis or Sinclair d.

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You think best is better than Rhodes? Not a chance. I liked best but I'd take Rhodes over him any day and Blackburn haven't just signed best, they signed him last summer

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Jordan Rhodes cheap? Really? You didn't think this through did you, he cost Blackburn £8m why would he be cheap? Pd

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Jordan Rhodes is talent but your making this up

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Jordan Rhodes would cost minimum 8mil so how you think that's cheap is beyond me and most sane people. To then call Best better than Rhodes you clearly must be insane.

Best is 26 and has a goal scoring record of 53 in 228 all competitions.

Rhodes is 23 and has 127 in 230 in all competitions. Not only that his honours and club and international records are sensational :

Youngest ever scorer of a hattrick

Huddersfield Town:
Fastest ever headed hat trick
Golden boot 2009–10, 2010–11, 2011–12
Successive hat tricks
Joint most goals in a match: 5 goals
Most league goals in a season: 36

Blackburn Rovers:
Equal scoring record for 7 goals in 7 consecutive games

Football League One Player of the Season 2011–12
Football League One Topscorer 2011–12: 36 goals
PFA Team of the Year League One 2011–12
Huddersfield Town Player of the Season 2011–12
Huddersfield Town Young Player of the Year: 2011
Blackburn Rovers Player of the Season 2012-13

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Your ability to copy and past facts its great, however the "cheap" comment that I made is for a young English player, who can score - best will score in 2nd tier no problem, Hence why I think this rumour has legs.

I think we could get him for the 8-10 (which anyone who knows football will asy is cheap fir a young english goalscorer) with the lure of a bigger club in top tier overshadowing the fact Blackburn wouldn't make a huge amount from the deal.

Like I say it's just what I have heard around the grounds


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Apart from the fact that Rhodes isn't a young English striker. He is Scottish.

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Hes scottish not english

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How many has he scored in the prem???? exactly, 0

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Any league that isn't the Premier League isn't worth talking about.

So Roads can knock them in, in the leagues below, ok here's one for you!

Can any remember Shevchenko, knocked them in for fun for AC and Ukraine, but came here couldn't hit a barn door!

Any one remember Diego Forlán for Man U knocked them in for fun in Spain, come in the BPL and nothing!

What I am saying is, it all looks good on paper, but the PL is in a totally different league, its a class above everything else!

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Your point however is ridiculous - Benteke came from Belgian team playing against weaker opponents and bangs them in. By your logic he should be terrible.

Van Basten, Ronaldo, Huntelaar, Van Nistelrooy etc (list in infinite) played in leagues considered lesser than the EPL and were world class strikers. (All these started or got recognised playing in the dutch league)

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How many games has rhodes played in the prem 0, just look at rickie lambert a typical example of a player people said couldn't do it and he shut them up pretty quick. Rhodes is clearly a wonderful talent and his stats show it, every player has to start somewhere and he's just been unlucky with blackburn being so poor.

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If the premiership is all that why don't we completely dominate European football year after year
We believe all the hype from our media
French, German, Italian and Spanish football leagues are just as good as ours,
Afte all this is where our top teams poach their players from

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12 Aug 2013 09:25:09
We're not looking at another striker until January when we will return for Gomis, Remy gives us enough fire power until we can get Gomis through the door for a knock down price, Kinnears in France trying to get Solomon Kalou in and that will be our final piece of business there is ongoing efforts to shift a couple of fringe players out and another few youngsters coming in, the aim for the season is merely stay in the division and leave the squad looking good with good figures on the business side of things keeping us looking attractive to buyers at the end of the season, MA will have his initial outlay back by then and is looking for interested parties to take the club off his hands, hasn't wanted to be here since you lot made it clear you didn't want him when the club were relegated, fair enough I suppose but he's not stupid and wanted his money back before selling up, NUFC has been in his words "a very expensive mistake" Anon

Believable1 Unbelievable8

Tosh. Ashley knows as we all do we are cannon fodder with no chance of avoiding the bottom 3 by January
Poor performances and lack of depth will see to that.

Players not interested in NUFC & Downing is just an example, a relation says he would not consider Newcastle unless last resort after the 6-0 drubbing by Liverpool against the worst defense in the Premiership

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Are you a Newcastle fan original poster? Its just you start with " we " and half way through say " you lot ". JK is also in Belgium not France. The only bit you have got right is Ashley is only after getting his money back and would sell tomorrow if he got the right deal. He has zero interest into making us competitive.

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No I'm not a Newcastle fan but I do have a certain interest/link with the club. JK is not in Belgium, your basing that on a conversation he had with a fan, you think he's going to tell your average fan on the street where were going for our business? Come on, he's got more about him than you give him credit for. Anon

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Are you trying to blame Newcastle fans for HIS F'ing mistake!


If you want to be the best, want to be competitive in the best league in the world, YOU have to spend loads of money.

If that thick git thought it was going to make money and make it fast, bigger fool him!

All the top clubs are in debt, Madrid, Man U, Barca, Chelsea. Even little ones Such as Villa, Fulham and Valencia.

He should have done his homework!

If he wants to sell the club to someone from Dubai I would more then welcome it xD someone with loads of oil and diamonds would be nice!

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No he had not J F. youall would not know if he was in France or Belguim
as long as his credit card works

Total disaster total waste of time and
amateurs make this club look what it is foolish with no hope

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"Football isn't a money making business" Arsenal not making money then? And that's just one that springs to mind, plenty of football clubs make profit, the difference is how the money gets reinvested.

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Anon - so joe doesn't tell ordinary fan that he's off to Belgium, but he does tell you he's off to France for Kalou? Pull the other one. Vic

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Vic- at which point did I say JK had told me anything? And at which point did I say I was a fan? Remember my first statement for when it all unfolds and becomes truth around you. Anon

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Most clubs say they make a profit! Doesn't mean they actually make money. Most clubs profits are around 35 million. But the club will be in over 100 million pounds worth of debt.

As for Arsenal haven't they just moved into a state of the art stadium which they are still paying off?
They just move it around! - Same as Man U

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How can't you make money if your in debt? Surely you get the debt then make the money to pay off the original loan? :-/ or am I just being simple? Just because you borrow money to pay for something doesn't mean you don't then make money does it? Aaahhhh i'm confused!

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Anon: your first statement is just the usual negative guess; your second statement re Kalou (Salomon, by the way) is interesting but unsubstantiated, and all the rest is anything but original. If you really are ITK I'll eat my hat again.

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Anon. You contradict yourself (typical of gobs**** Mackem) - no striker coming, but Joe's off to sign Kalou. What do you reckon Kalou is - a goalie, perhaps? Vic

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Vic- Kalou is primarily an advanced wide man or part of a front three, not an out and out striker, maybe I should be using simpler terms to keep you in the loop, for which I apologise. Anon

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Anon: you're not quite as clever as you seem to think. Before he came to Chelsea, Kalou was a goal-every-two-games striker with Feyenoord; at Chelsea he had to compete for a place against Drogba, and later Torres, so had to be content with a withdrawn role. Since moving to France, he has again hit the goals trail playing as a striker. But clever you, you think we are after him to play left wing ahead of Pardew's favourite Jonas, or Gouffran. Fess up, man, you just made it up.

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Midnight Saturday and still no mention anywhere else of Joe's interest in Kalou. Where are you Anon - cat got your tongue? Vic. Ps but I did read somewhere that Joe watched Belgium v France - where was that game played?

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JK was in Brussels, ie Belgium, for the BELGIUM v France match.

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11 Aug 2013 22:53:57
I overheard some newcastle officials talking about an English winger who is nearing a deal. Ince or Sinclair is my bet

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Sinclair to WBA

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I doubt Sinclair's going to WBA as they only want to loan him where as City and Sinclair both want a permanent move.

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Could be Stewart Downing!

Agree0 Disagree6

WBA talking signing now not a loan

Bent to CP and Downing to WHam

We look like a load of people led by the Joker

Panic setting in already and it will reach fever height after next Monday

Agree3 Disagree1

Considering we've been linked with 4 this isn't much help lol, think downings going to westham, I wld personally take sinclair got the experience and was never going to get chance at city

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11 Aug 2013 20:53:43
Ed do you have any idea who the "young striker" is that Joe Kinnear is going to see in Belgium very soon?

NUFC4L1FE {Ed001's Note - no sorry, I have no idea who that is.}

Believable1 Unbelievable0

Couple of reports suggesting it might be Michy Batshuayi who plays for Standard Liege. I watched a couple of videos and he looks like a really good prospect with bags of potential and ability already

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Would probably be half the price of gomis

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Wish people would stop scouting players on youtube, youtube could make Titus Bramble look good.

Agree1 Disagree1

Could be a dangerous name giveing JK record of mis pronounciations!

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There not there using football manager and looking at player ratings!

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Scouting players on youtube. DENNIS WISE AND XISCO

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