Newcastle Rumours Archive April 12 2013


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12 Apr 2013 14:58:54
is cabaye suspended for sunday?

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No he only missed next Europa game, which is history now, well until he plays in Europe again anyway.

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No he picked up a one match suspension in Europa league.

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Doesn't matter for Sunday, we only need Shola on and BANG job done!

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Who would disagree with the above comment

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I'm an estate agent and Iv recently put cabaye house up for sale, hope this doesn't mean he is leaving in summer folks

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If that's true (which I doubt) I would imagine you will be a fired estate agent!

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Biggest half of the season? This game is a must win. I will be appalled with anything less.

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Does he know youve put his house up for sale

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Didnt turn up today. He was very poor

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He had an appointment to show people round his house at 12:30 yesterday

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12 Apr 2013 12:25:42
is it true Cabaye is out for the derby?

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No he was banned from his next European game

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