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11 Sep 2014 09:37:20
Good Morning
Could be my sources are correct BUT like some I still have my reservations by virtue of the money Ashley is asking.

I hear that this is a serious attempt to sell the club and that is why from a selling point of view Ashley has allowed spending to replace players and put the training facilty etc in good order. It's a plan let's hope so.

And NO he is not buying Spurs at 1b however you never know it's his boyhood club.

Someone give doubting Thomas. Vic a nudge.

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Ashley has been linked with Rangers FC for some time.

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Yoo hoo, vida, here I am, still doubting. Trouble is, you still don't tell us your sources, and the rumours have been rumbling around for years but never seem to amount to anything. Perhaps he will sell - I hope so - but we've had our hopes built up before. But fingers crossed, your informant may know something. Interesting post on banterpage from a Gers fan, implies that if they go into administration again ashley's contracts with present Rangers club would lapse. Anybody able to confirm? Still think Ashley can get all the advertising opportunities he needs without actually buying the club outright. He's got the naming rights for £1, FFS. And if he loans them afew bob he might get them out of a hole and get other lucrative deals - club shop, etc - for next to no risk.
But ideally for us, he'd sellup here, buy Gers and install P45 as manager. We can dream.

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11 Sep 2014 07:38:33
The Telegraph is reporting that Mike Ashley is poised to sell Newcastle, could be some substance to your rumour vida. They say he's willing to sell at £230million, and is looking for buyers from the United States.
He also gave an interview with the mirror, with nearly every question he answered "no comment"

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If Newcastle are making a profit of 30-40 mill a season then he might get some interest. knowing us we'll get some dictator who lives on a secret island and has some evil plot to rule the world! I guess that's an improvement on MA

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Mike Ashley is willing to listen to offers to sell Newcastle United as he looks to bring an end to a troubled seven-year reign at St James' Park

How strange when someone mentioned this a few days ago he was ridiculed and called a Mackem by someone one on here

Shows some people do actually know what is happening

You heard anything Ed?

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{Ed001's Note - he has never taken the club off the market, this is simply just a reminder being circulated. Nothing new, no offers yet as his asking price is too high.}

Serious attempt to sell I hear so fingers crossed and toes and everything else.

Time for change!!!

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I don't think Ashley is going to sell us anytime soon. dictator that lives on a secret island god desree m8 you read too many cowboy books pmsl

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I read the article and it was the same article from the last time he tried to sell

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I think he would sell us but just won't get the money he wants. £230m is not accurate in my opinion - he spent £135 buying it then there's the £130m loan he has granted the club. that's £265m just to break even. Obviously MA wants a profit, so £275m-£300m is more likely reality.
Randy Lerner can't sell Villa for presumably less, so what chance do we have.
Yes there's been investment in the squad and facilities but the biggest thing for me is the land sale. Not being able to expand the stadium is a big downer for any future buyer. West Ham, Liverpool, Everton, Spurs and others will follow will soon have stadiums equal to or bigger than ours. We will continue to fall behind under Ashley's leadership.

IMO the best thing that could happen is if Ashley DOES start taking money out of the club - to repay the loan he gave the club.

This will make the club more attractive to purchasers.

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Desree so my sources must be wrong then. Never mind give your Kangaroo a hug from me,

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Actually art, I don't know what is happening, but thanks for your kind words. Ashley doesn't confide in me, or in vida either, but maybe he does tell vida's source.

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Vida I am getting a consortium together mate. Alf Ramsey and Harold Bishop are in so far

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Good Lad. just the type we need Give a few people a nudge
Brian Johnson AC/DC Sting Cheryl Cole Brian Ferry Paul Rodgers Mark Knopfler
Eric Burdon and The man who took his money and ran John Hall that would be a good start.

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