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11 May 2014 22:04:34
Apparently we're going to bid 15 million for Delph and Weiman from Villa

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Average players at best in a team that scraped survival. WTF?
First he wants Shelvey now these two, wake up Mr Ashley and get rid now otherwise you will end up sacking him in September after allowing him to waste the transfer kitty.

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I wouldn't believe anything linking us with English players. Ever since Pardew said he wants more English players there have been rumours linking us with anyone who is young English and cheap without any suggestion of truth.
As for Weiman I think he's quite good, nothing special but if we could get him and let's say (if we're lucky) Lacazette since he's the main target for the summer that's not a bad strike force.
Delph's not bad either but if we want to see any progression we need to stay away from players like him

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Weimann "quite good", Delph "not bad", so we spend 15m on players who are no better than we have! Agree with Lcazette though.
Fraser Campbell has a release clause £800k, worth a shout but not at the expense of Armstrong getting his chance.

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I never said they were worth £15 million I'm just saying that I wouldn'tmmind Weimann if we got someone like Lacazette and Delph isn't a step forwards, he isn't even a step backwards he's like a slight hop to one side at best

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Campbell and Armstrong need to play to progress. should have played since January rather than putting out Cisse and Shola. at least we could have said look we know we are not goning to get Europe so we will blood the youngsters. I would not have been bothered if that had been the case.

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11 May 2014 13:34:28
Heard GC told to re look at Stoker from Basel and our long standing interest in Frenchman Cabela. Now there's a thing

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I heard something along those lines.

The selling and hopefully buying begins. Everything from this season will be swept under the carpet. Ashley's next mission is to sell season tickets

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I saw something sqying Cabella is definiteley wanting out of Montpellier. The only problem is their owner hates us for some reason.

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He doesn't hate us, he's just trying to get attention from the larger teams to get more money for his players. His game plan is weird. Ridicule us to make us sound too small a club to go to and trying to make the bigger clubs think "hang on we better take another look at this guy".

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If he carries on he will end up at another French club. not one of the big two either! Or Stoke maybe. at the end of the day most French players see us as a stepping stone to Arsenal or back to France to the aforementioned 'Big 2'

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