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11 Jun 2013 10:42:05
alot of rumours today saying newcastle are very close to signing a striker I am led to believe that the striker will be tom ince good young talent 100% true

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Except he isn't a striker. He plays out wide.

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He is a left Winger!

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Doubt it. Signing a striker would be someone who would compete with cisse up front on their own if cisse were injured or to play with him. Ince is more of a winger than a standalone forward.

Looking at the attempted signing of remi and mentions of aubamyang etc. ability to play up front is the main criteria and then additional being able to play out wide, i. e. left wing as well is a bonus, that way they can play with or instead of cisse with HBA on the other side

Signing a winger who could maybe be converted into a forward later is doubtful.

Havent seen anything online about this rumour, only seen LFC, spurs and now palace mentioned for ince not nufc

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Tom Ince is a winger, not a striker!

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Not a striker so i'm not too sure how you managed to get to that assumption, on another note i'm hearing cardiff have tabled a 2 mil bid for willo, great piece of business to get any money for him what so ever, not matter making a cheeky £1m profit on him.

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Isnt he a winger?

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Its reckoned that the striker is Darren bent from villa big rumour

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I reckon we will sign tom ince, but the striker we are close to signing will probs be either Bony, Carroll, maybe aubameyang

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We have refused Carroll
Aubemeyang is wanting CL, same for Bony

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But is he going to be a Wonga?

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Everyone is hearing about Williamson its on sky

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Carroll and Bent up front next season with Goofy and Campbell as support strikers. fact. sorry that was meant to be in capitals. err FACT

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You can have Bent from us, £80 p/w bench warmer!

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He is a winger not a striker. thought I would say this even though it has already been said.

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Villa still owe us ( safc ) money due to appearances and add one. The fee was initially 18 mil but 24 now based on appearances. So if you lot get bent for 6 mil it goes to villa then straight to us. That's why the fee is rumoured at 6 mil. because that's what they owe Sunderland.

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£80 a week?! Christ! Less than me! Snap him up.

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11 Jun 2013 09:54:13
Newcastle have agreed a deal to sign Douglas on a free transfer. There are reports from Italy suggesting that Newcastle have offered the best deal for the brazillian defender, as there are Lazio, Krasnodar (Spelling) and Anzhi all chasing Douglas.

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This Douglas saga has dragged on long enough, if the lad wants to join us he should say so.

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Keep them coming Lads
We will have a new team at this rate

All I know from the cats friend in Jarrow

3 players being arranged to leave
should bring the doe to buy because Ashley is not spending any of his 60m Off TV money

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Apparently agreed to 28k a week, although with the big money clubs circling maybe this one isn't over yet.

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11 Jun 2013 08:31:21
Tom ince to sign 7m as dad paul reckons he will get mire first time action than at other clubs

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TOm would be a great signing, sadly I do not see it happening. It will be another team who will buy the lad and then leave him on the bench so he will not get any time on the pitch. same as most young asspiring English players.

Then we wonder why the Englad team is so poor compared with everyone else. simple, their young players play in Premier League first teams. our lads do not.

And before anyone says oooh the foreign lads are better more techical etc etc. have a word. The fact is that the big clubs buy the young English players then they do not play them.

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Why would anyone buy a top young English Player and not play them! 1 Answer, Not good enough or not putting a good shift in on the training ground.

Scott Sinclair being the only Example of a player thay was ok but in my opinion not good enough for England neither is Moses or Sturridge with the levels that they are at.

Everyone knows a top player when you see one.

Unfortunately there are not many coming through and Being English through and through If I were a professional footballer I would work my ASS off to ensure I don't lose my place to a foreigner but our own players simply want the wage packet.

Stop brushing the issue aside by blaming foreign players. Its not there fault they are in some ways better than the talent we are producing.

Time some good up and coming players pulled there finger out and earned an honest days graft.

Look at Rooney, from the age of 16 you knew he was going to half decent, same with Lampard, Terry, Cole, Beckham, Scholes ETC, these players stood out and couldn't be replaced. We need more of this breed of players, loyal and talented.

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Liverpool had a 7mill bid turned down with his father saying that if zaha is worth 15 his son is worth more

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Top English talent is so over priced it's unreal. Andy Carroll 35mil Henderson 18mil rodwell 12mil wickham 12mil Jones 18mil the list goes on. Now look at Benteke or michu both under 3mil and now valued over 15mil. That's why there's no britsh talent as clubs can get the same type of player abroad for a fraction of the cost to much money in the EPL is to blame for lack of English talent.

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