Newcastle Rumours Archive June 11 2012


11 Jun 2012 19:49:31
Rumours that Graham Carr was in Donestk watching Mathieu Debuchy. Sadly for them, Inter were and the whole of European Football too however you dont know with the Cabaye Factor. No Debuchy, expect Newcastle to go back for Aly Cissoko and move Santoon to Rb. If not Clyne. Either ways, looks promising!!


5th, but then look at the international players with so much club success, Frank Lampard has never scored in a international tournament (according to some blind ref) if he could take a fraction of his scoring record for chelsea he would be epic, then you look to the midfield of the future apart from Whiltshire who is good enough to play there?

We are a footballing nation. Jesus we're ranked 5th in the world

Considering Ali cissokho has joined some team in serie a Napoli I think this rumour lies

England a bit like newcastle won nothing for nearly 50 years looks like another 50

Spain will win nowt now they have had there success, Germany has already won the euros and have better players than spain, spain are over rated in my opinion.Tippy tappy passing playing with no strikers i would not like to watch that crap as a fan.

Nothing wrong with defending and hitting teams on the break,England are playing to their strengths.Got outplayed by france but still got the same amount of points so who cares.

Lol England will never be Spain not even with 10,000 training sessions. Its good to see some English people have realised the national team are sh1t. I get fed up hearing about how good they are and what they are going to do. That being said I hope this side does ok and I think judging by the defence last nite Roy got it right.

Should have been done pre-euros? Lille said no, after Euros! God, it's a two way street, why don't people get that?

England were a joke?! You can't become a Spain after 10 training sessions and 2 friendlies. I thought England looked a very solid unit last night, Parker in the middle was outstanding, thought Milner was a good outlet too. Give them time to gel! Debuchy should have been snapped up early, he looked a class act the other night. Embarrassed Cole at times.

A football nation like England? with 1 world cup at home, 1 semifnal of euro at home take that away we've achieved 1 semifinal inItalia 90, we've won just 4 games in the finals of the euros, so waht is this 2football nation like England" it's not the 1930's anymore other nations have equalled and surpassed England.
England have to use the players available in a system to try and win we don't have the talent of the trully big national sides, the sooner people realise that the better.
Hodgson is making the most of the atlent available if they win it wont be pretty like chelsea v barca but i'd rather win ugly than get torn to shreds by superior teams

Nufc missed a trick here, should have done the deal pre-euro's. pardew was quoted saying he hopes the players they watching have bad tournaments. it's backfired with debuchy after this first game. maybe he'll have 2 bad games now to take the attention away.

Why would anyone want to go plaay in Italy? I thought he was first class for France last nite. we should really push to get him in ASAP. And England were a joke, a footballing nation like England resorting to 10 men behind the ball and clearly playing for a draw. they should be ashamed.

I say give Lille 10m now, take it or leave it.




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