Newcastle Rumours Archive July 11 2013


11 Jul 2013 20:53:13
Newcastle in talks with zoet to push krul hope we bring the lad in bag of quality already and will only get better


Is this it? Do we need to be chasing a no. 2 when there is other positions ie a forward need addressing

Might be after him because Wenger's apparently interested in Krul after apparently missing out on Cesar

Chasing a number 2? Don't like the sound of that!

Is this the same keeper Sunderland were looking at but decided to give him a wide berth? & is it true that Arsenal are lining up a 3m bid for Krul?

Ive heard 6 mil being pushed around but even wenger knows 3 mil is a bridge too far

Dream on makem 3m for krull

3M have a word with your self

Krul is worth £8m at the minimum and Ashley knows he can get at least £12m.

I would hope that Krul would never be sold for less than £15m at the least.




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